Sunday, 24 May 2020

Secretary Staff Side writes to Government on CGHS related issues during Corona!

NCCPA Secretary General consulted the President NCCPA and Secretary Staff Side JCM Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra on CGHS related issues during Corona. The following letter has been written accordingly to Government by the Staff Side Secretary NC JCM:

National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
For Central Government Employees
13C, Feroze Shah Road, New Delhi 110001
Shiva Gopal Mishra

No.NC-JCM-2020/Health                                                                                                                             May,20, 2020
The Secretary,
Government of India,
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Nirman Bhawan,
New Delhi. 110001

Dear Sir,

Sub: health care facilities for the Central Government Employees and pensioners – problems and difficulties  During lock down period – redressal  regarding.

                It has been brought to our notice by various Federations/organizations of Central Government employees and Pensioners that they face serious problems in accessing the health care related facilities during the lockdown period throughout the country.  As you are aware that since 24th March, 2020, the whole country has been placed under lock down to combat the spread of the pandemic COVID.19.  The employees and especially the pensioners are not allowed to stir out of their homes.  In the case of employees, they are allowed to go only to the places where they are assigned specific jobs.  This apart, the CGHS dispensaries themselves had been functioning with little staff and virtually they were open for name- sake only.  Neither the medicines were available nor the doctor.   In the case of those employees, who are entitled for the benefit of CCS(MA) rules, the situation was much more precarious in as much as no private clinic was allowed to be open and the AMAs were not allowed private practice.  The Government hospitals in most of the cases had been declared as exclusive  Covid 19 hospitals  where other treatments are  declared impermissible. 

                Initially everybody thought that the situation would be a passing phase and would improve once the pandemic  spread is arrested.  However, despite the lock down and other measures, the spread of the disease had been on increase in many parts of the country, with the result the lock down had to be extended to the fourth phase.   In the situation in which we are placed, it is difficult to bring about normalcy in the near future.  Perhaps till  the anti virus vaccine is developed or medicine to cure the disease is invented,  the world will have to live with certain restrictions to contain the deadly nature of the disease.  In the circumstances, we are afraid that the Government will have to think in terms of alternative methods of providing the health care facilities for the employees and pensioners keeping the present rules and regulations  under suspension.

                We, therefore, make the following suggestions to have hassle free alternate arrangements till  normalcy is restored or travel restrictions are eased.

When in patient treatment becomes necessary:

(i)CGHS beneficiaries(including pensioners):  may be allowed to undergo treatment any private hospital nearby their residence.  The cost of treatment will be reimbursed by the concerned department in the case of employees and CGHS in the case of pensioners  The Govt. may direct all hospitals to provide treatment to all CGEs and CG pensioners and they might be told that the rates stipulated by AIIMS  Delhi must be the basis of billing. The hospitals may be asked to submit the bills to the concerned department/Addl.Director, CGHS as the case may  be for payment.

(ii)The treatment has to be based on the production of the CGHS card.

Non-CGHS patients:

(i)They may also avail the same facility as the CGHS beneficiaries. any hospitals near their residence. Their admission will be based on the basis of a certificate of identity issued by the department in which he/she is employed.

Out-patient treatment.

(i)Out patient treatment for employees may be provided by the private hospitals  on the basis of a pre determined rate of consultation.

(ii)The employees will submit the bills and get the cost reimbursed

Pensioners. (out patient treatment)

(i)In the case of pensioners who require outpatient treatment, they may be permitted to avail either the CGHS facilities, if it is nearby their residence or in any private hospitals, which is near to their residence.  Those who avail the private hospital facilities may submit their bills to the additional director pension for reimbursement. The private hospitals throughout the country  may be asked to provide the O.P. treatment to CG employees and pensioners on the basis of a predetermined consultation fees and stipulated charges for pathological tests.

We request you to kindly consider these suggestion and issue necessary orders.

Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Solidarity to Confederation Call!

Solidarity of AIPRPA to Central TUs and Confederation call of protest demonstration on 22.05.2020!

The Confederation of CG Employees has endorsed the action of Central TUs and called upon all CG employees to organize protest demonstration in front of all CG offices on 22.05.2020. This protest is against the move of the Central Government to privatize many Government Sector institutions using the restrictions imposed on employees and people. Many State Governments also ordered severe attacks on labour rights. Confederation has called upon to protest by observing covid-19 precautions.

AIPRPA endorses the above call of Confederation. As we are declared "vulnerable section", the senior citizens will protest from remaining in our residences by wearing black badges in our houses. Our solidarity to CG Employees and Workers will be in this form of wearing black badges from houses on 22.05.2020. If in any State or District, it is feasible to join directly in this protest by some pensioners, the same may be resorted to by strictly following all norms on corona. Please report in social media and emails with photos of your protests and black badge wearing!

Let our united protest be the beginning to sustained longer  opposition to anti-worker policies of the Central Government and many BJP ruled State Governments! - KR GS AIPRPA

Thursday, 30 April 2020


May Day – 2020

AIPRPA expresses its revolutionary greetings to all on this revolutionary May Day of 2020. The world is gripped by the dangerous corona and we are all involved in the survival struggle. The economies of almost all countries are under serious crisis. It is assessed that it may take many months for returning to economic stability. The crisis has forced us to continuous lock outs and shut down of all economic activity.
But we look around that the Government of India is busy in extending marginal benefits only so far to the weaker sections of our society. But the tip of the iceberg shows that offers to the affluent corporate houses which had been enjoying larger share of the cake by way of heavy tax concessions in budget after budget will be extended with heavy bailout packages much more than what had been offered to crores of toiling sections. The Government will gag the mouth of workers by forcing them to work for longer working hours instead of implementing the 8 hour per day work as symbolized by the May Day. Several lakhs of migrant workers who have no permanent roof but working for longer hours in almost all States will be exploited to the hilt but there will be no regularization of their labour. Already there are indications that their meager wages will be reduced on par with MNRGEA level! In short almost all the big houses will try to throw the burden on to the shoulders of the workers and people and escape unscathed. Even the CG Workers and Pensioners are not spared; heavy economic burden has been inflicted on them by way of 18 months DA/DR cut!
The future is very hard for us. On one side the attacks on us will be mounted in the name of Corona and economic crisis. The existing trade union rights and labour welfare measures will be confiscated. In addition several democratic rights of people may be trampled under the foot in the name of saving the economy. The work hours will be increased. The salary will be reduced. The job loss will be thrust. But the Corporate Houses will only be marginally affected or totally out of any scratch due to bailout packages extended bt the Government. Already big organizations of Corporates like FICCI and CII have placed demands for bail outs for millions! It will be a real surprise if the Government not yields to the organizations of Corporates!
But let us not undermine our strength of unity. Only through the unity and dogged battles we the working class and Pensioners class can save the day. Let us pledge on this year May Day that we shall not lower our guard but remain vigilant and fight to preserve our interests in the near future.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Confederation of CG Employees circular opposing DA/DR Freezing! 

No.Confd.DA-Covid 19/2020                                     Dated: 24.04.2020



Central Government's decision to freeze three instalments of Dearness Allowance (DA) of Central Government Employees and Dearness Relief (DR) of Pensioners from 01.01.2020  to 30.06.2021 is a severe and unexpected blow to the Central Government Employees and Pensioners. Already most of the Central Government employees and Pensioners have contributed one day's salary and Pension to PM CARES Fund.

       Confederation strongly oppose and protest the unilateral decision of the Central Government. We demand the Government to review the decision immediately and withdraw the DA & DR freezing orders.

      Confederation CHQ is in touch with National Council (JCM) Staff Side Secretary and other leaders. Efforts are being made to arrive at a united stand and convey the same to Government through Secretary, JCM Staff Side. Detailed statement of Confederation will be issued shortly.
                                                    R.N.PARASHAR                       Secretary General
AIRF strongly opposes freezing of Dearness Allowance

The General Secretary of All Indian Railway Men’s Federation and Secretary of NC/JCM (Staff side) Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra expresses his views on the arbitrary decision taken by the Central Government for freezing the dearness Allowance of Central Government Employees upto June 2021 shall not be paid is improper as the decision would demotivate the Central Government employees who are working with full commitment and honesty during the crisis (COVID-19) 24×7 days.
He told that deferment of Dearness Relief to the Central Government Pensioners for such a long period and denial
of payment upto July 2021 is amounting to treating senior citizens very unreasonably and harshly.

General Secretary Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra said that All Railway employees who are working 24×7 days during this
crisis and facing several adverse conditions and having the corona virus infection risk, and running freight trains,
parcels Trains and other special trains uninterruptedly while maintain railway assists. He told that All Railway
employees and all central Government staff already contributed his one day salary in Prime Minister National relief

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra said that I have already written a letter to Cabinet Secretary and DOPT Secretary for reviewing the decision because deferment of DA will seriously affect for financially to serving and retired Central Government employees , and I have told him that this kind of arbitrary order will demotivate the railway employees as well as central Government employees in general. DOPT Secretary assured that after lockdown period he will arrange the meeting on this issue to review and discuss in the fruitful way.
Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary AIRF and Secretary NC/JCM (Staff side) appeals to the Prime Minister of India to kindly review the matter for ensuring the payment of DA and Dearness relief along with arrears to the all Railway employees and central Government staff and pensioners when pandemic is contained.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

DA/DR Impounding! Stand of AIPRPA on DA/DR Impounding! 

Government has ordered for withholding of future DA/DR due from 1.1.2020; 1.7.2020; and 1.1.2021. DA/DR may be restored with effect from 1.7.2021 but no arrears for the period from 1.1.2020 to 30.06.2021 will be paid. 

While we cannot totally oppose the delayed release of DR to us due to financial crunch, whether it should extend for 3 installments and as to whether the arrears to be non returnable are being discussed within NCCPA. 

All are requested to please wait for the stand of NCCPA and Staff Side JCM soon. 

Government has ordered for withholding of future DA/DR due from 1.1.2020; 1.7.2020; and 1.1.2021. DA/DR may be restored with effect from 1.7.2021 but no arrears for the period from 1.1.2020 to 30.06.2021 will be paid.

While we cannot totally oppose the delayed release of DR to us due to financial crunch, whether it should extend for 3 installments and as to whether the arrears to be non returnable are being discussed within NCCPA.

All are requested to please wait for the stand of NCCPA and Staff Side JCM soon.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Corona Fight Donations to PM and CM Relief Funds by AIPRPA! 

CHQ requests all States and Districts/Divisions to inform to CHQ the quantum of donation sent to PMNRF or CMRFs of respective States to fight Corona.

The information may be sent to CHQ in WhatsApp AIPRPA CHQ or AIPRPA groups or to my phone by SMS (9444919295) or in email to

Those who have not yet reacted are once again requested to act fast!