Friday, 19 May 2017

A Table for Pension Fixation to Pre-2006!


The model table showing the pension refixation as per 12th May, 2016 Order as worked out by Comrade R.Subramanian District President Erode AIPRPA (TN) is given below for the benefit of our members. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Model Calculation!

Model calculation for a Pre-2006 HSG-II Pensioner retired in 30.06.2004: 

1) Basic pay on date of retirement on 30.06.2004: 7850/-
2) Notional pay fixed on 1.1.2006: 7850 x 1.86 = 14610/-
3) Adding appropriate GP: 14610 + 4200 = 18810/-
4) Notional pay fixed on 1.1.2016: 18810 x 2.57 = 48341.70
5) Notional pay as per Pay Matrix of 7th CPC at Level 6: 49000/-
6) Revised pension from 1.1.2016: 24500/-
7) Basic Pension originally fixed under Option 2 from 1.1.2016: 22581/-
8) Difference in Pension (between column 6 - 7): 1919/-
9) Arrears due from 1.1.2016 to 30.04.2017 for 16 months:
1919 x 16 = 30704/- + DR due from 1.7.2016 (228/-) and 1.1.2017 (462/-) = 690/-;
So total arrears = 30704 + 690 = 31304/-.
Calculate to know the increase in basic pension! 

Comrades it is difficult to prepare any common table on this order. Actually the table recommended by 5th CPC should be first referred to fix the wages as on 1.1.1996 to pre-1996 pensioners; thereupon for them as well as to other retirees between 1.1.96 and 31.12.2005 their basic pay is to be multiplied by fitment factor 1.86 and appropriate grade pay to the replacement scale to be added; finally this quantum is to be multiplied by 2.57; the arrived sum to be compared with the Pay Matrix table of 7th CPC and the equal or a step higher stage amount in the 'Level' (Grade Pay based) appropriate to the replacement scale to be selected; then finally 50% of this sum to be the new refixation basic pension w.e.f  1.1.2016. Substract your present basic pension to know the increase in basic pension if any from 1.1.2016 and multiply the difference by 17 to arrive the actual arrears as on May,2017 - KR GS AIPRPA

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Gains and to be gained!

12th May Pension Fixation order: 

There are some important points to be borne in mind:

1) It is not our contention that 12th May order is bad. This order brings improvement generally to Pre-2006 Pensioners because the calculations is made on 6th CPC Pay Scale that includes Grade Pay element (which was absent in earlier calculations for Pre-2006 fixation).

2) The benefit will be nil or mere marginal to post-2006 pensioners because the element of grade pay was already stand included for them.

3) Our contention is that this fixation allowed in replacement scales only instead of upgraded pay scales keeps the Pre-2006 Pensioners at a reduced gain. The ongoing struggle of Pre-2006 remains not sorted out.

4) We welcomed Option 3 in addition to Option 1. We actually demanded Option 1 or option 2 or Option 3 whichever is more advantageous.

5) The rejection of Option 1 will deny the benefit to one section of pensioners for whom increment method will be more beneficial.

6) For earlier retirees (Pre-2006) of HSG-1, Postman including TBOP / BCRPostman, IPOs/ASPOs, there will be definitely financial relief under 12th May Orders. But the benefit will be reduced by denial of fixation in the upgraded pay scales granted to serving employees.

7) The gains through 12th May orders are due to Staff Side resistance against rejection of Option 1 and the protest voice of Pensioners Associations.

8) Lastly, let us reap the benefits out of 12th May orders and fight for fixation in pay scales of post or cadre instead of replacement scales. We also continue our fight for option 1 to those sections which will gain more by option 1.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

2nd AIC at Vijayawada!

2nd All India Conference of AIPRPA in Vijayawada (Andhra) on               17-18 Sep, 2017!

M.Basavapunnaiah Vignana Kendram

AIPRPA Andhra State CWC met at Mangalagiri HPO yesterday forenoon under the presidentship  of State President Com.P.Peraiah. Comrade K.Ragavendran GS AIPRPA attended the CWC. The CWC unanimously resolved to host the 2nd AIC of our Association. The CWC unanimously approved Comrade Y.Nagabhushanam AP State Secretary as the General Convenor and K.Masthanrao State Treasurer as theTreasurer of the Reception Committee.

After discussions and visiting possible venues, the venue of " Makineni Basavapunnaiah Vignana Kendram
Opp to Ragavaiah Park
Vijayawada 520002 (AP)" has been fixed for the AIC venue. The AIC dates are 17th and 18th September, 2017. The CHQ's CWC meeting will be in the afternoon of 16.09.2017. Formal Notice will be issued shortly. All CHQ office bearers and State General Secretaries / State General Convenors are requested to book their journey tickets to reach Vijayawada before 3.00 P.M on 16.09.2017. All District and Divisional Secretaries are requested to book tickets for delegates / visitors to reach before 17th morning. The AIC will be completed by 4.00 P.M on 18.09.2017 to enable all comrades to catch their return journey trains etc.

Detailed Circular of CHQ will be issued shortly. Reception Committee to be enlarged immediately will also issue its circulars.

The success of our AIC in your hands. All States and Districts / Divisions shall strive hard to make the 2nd AIC a memorable success. CHQ circular will exhibit the high hopes pinned on all of you!


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Games are deceiving only but players to defeat the deceipts!

Games of Deceipt! 

The government and the top bureaucracy are playing a game of Deceipt! The Cabinet Secretary played a game by blaming the Pension Secretary for blocking option 1. Cabinet played its game on 30th June, 2016 as though it accepted option 1 and 2 but with a strong rider of 'if found feasibile'! The government played another game by appointing the same Pension Secretary as Chairman of High Level Committee to enquire 'feasibility' of option 1! Pension Secretary played a game by offering 5th CPC formula as option 3 in lieu of option 1. But he twisted his recommendations by altering the 5th CPC recommendation by deleting 'pay scale of the post/cadre' and substituting with 'replacement pay scale of the pensioner' to continue to deny even any prospective justice to Pre-2006 retirees! Cabinet played a publicity game in its press release on 3rd May, 2017 by stating it approved a better beneficial formula than option 1 to pensioners! Officers played the whole game because their 'class' will not get any major benefit by option 1 of 7th CPC because their promotional ladder is so fine that they never stagnate! Overall the government and bureaucracy combine is playing a fine game of Deceipt by denying any modification if 7th CPC report is beneficial to government; and by twisting the report by arguing on feasibility if the 7th CPC had offered any benefit to pensioners and employees! A game of Deceipt indeed; but we are not brainless to lose sight of the intentions of government! But the question is are we optimistic enough to force the government to stop its nasty game by real struggles! Staff Side to step up its battle cry; pensioners organisations to feel the urgent need to unite and resort to street as like veterans fought for OROP! Ball is in our hands! - KR GS AIPRPA

Friday, 12 May 2017

Orders on Option 3 distorted by Government!

Order available at: www.pensioners

It was highly publicised that as per the High Level Committee's recommendations, the Cabinet has accepted option 3 in lieu of option 1, which will be more beneficial! The publicity has turned out as a stunt to befool pensioners and people! The orders released by Department of Pension on 12.05.2017 has distorted the 5th CPC recommendations (option 3) to suit its retrograde position on Pre-2006 pensioners!

As per the latest orders, notional fixation of pension will be done only on the equivalent replacement scales of the retired and not on the actual pay scales implemented for serving employees! What a shame! Even this new order denies fixation of pension on pay scales of the post/cadre from which the pensioner had retired! This method can never be more beneficial to many than the Option 1 as recommended by 7th CPC!

One thing is clear! Whatever recommendations of 7th CPC suits government's benefit will be implemented as they are; whichever recommendation is to the benefit of employees or pensioners, they will be rejected on so called feasibility! Shameful act of Government!

All pensioners organisations should shed their differences at least now!
All should join hands in challenging this retrograde step of Government in all possible ways!
AIPRPA will play its role for striving such a total unity!