Thursday, 30 January 2020

Again drawal of Pension & Pay by HPOs from January 2020!

The Department has reversed its stand and from January 2020 once again status quo ante position is restored. The Pay to serving employ and Pension to pensioners will be drawn in respective SB accounts by the HPOs themselves. DPAs are not going to draw as was introduced recently.

This is indeed appears to be due to the problems faced by employees, pensioners and DPAs. Earlier the Department was telling that once this new system has been introduced, we cannot revert back to old system on the face of problems! But practice has taught some lessons and old decentralised pattern is considered as better to centralised drawal at DPAs. We welcome this change of mind.

However, a problem is brought to our notice. As in the case of employees, there is no facility to draw off-cycle payment to pensioners. Therefore the pensioners who submit their life certificate during middle of a month will be able to get their pension credited only on the last working day of that month. This means the pensioners submitting their life certificates late will also get their pension at the end of the month only. This is because there is no facility to grant off-cycle pension payment in the software.

The CHQ AIPRPA is addressing this issue to Secretary DoP.

CHQ Writes to Secretary (P)

-K.R - General Secretary AIPRPA -

No. AIPRPA/Orders/2020/1         Dated 30th January, 2020. 
                    The Secretary
                    Department of Posts
                    Dak Bhawan
                    New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Request for causing employment of retired officials in DPA offices for early  implementation of DoP Orders – regarding.
This All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is constrained to bring to your kind notice that there is inordinate delay in implementation of certain orders of the Department of Posts. The orders on upgradation of pay scale of Postmen/Mail Guards from 1.1.1996 vide orders dated 23.05.2018; and the grant of 4600 Grade Pay to pre-2006 Pensioners retired in 5th CPC pay scale of 6500-10500 vide orders dated 04.01.2019 of DoP&PW etc are being implemented in a very slow pace.

It is ascertained that the cases settled so far on these issues are very few against the large number of cases to be disposed of. If the pace in which these cases are being dealt with at the DPA offices continues, settlement of all the cases may not  be  in  near sight. The main reason attributed for the above delay is the shortage experienced in the offices of DPA. Therefore, this Association requests for speeding up of the process and settlement of the pending cases and, in this regard, to clear the accumulated cases, we suggest consideration of employing retired officials with accounts knowledge like those worked in Pension Branches of Head Post Offices and DPA Offices as ‘Consultants’ The basis of payment to them may be at the rate of their last pay drawn minus their pension. We heard that the other experience of employing such persons on honorarium basis has failed in DPA offices like Chennai. Incidentally,  the Telecom Accounts are employing retired personnel in the name of ‘Consultants’ to look after their enormous work there. As we are coming under the same Ministry, it is suggested that we can also try to follow the same procedure to clear the pending work of implementation of all orders of the Department within a time frame.

This Association is hopeful that the Secretary will consider our proposal as otherwise the implementation may take many more months leading to further intensification of agony and discontent among the Pensioners.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary 

Monday, 27 January 2020

Pensioners Post 5th Birth Day! 

Pensioners Post born on January 2016 has just entered in its 5th year! Yes, the January 2020 issue stands despatched to all subscribers. The articles on 'State of Pension in Spain'; the article by High Court Advocate Arun; Struggle against Pension reforms in France; Urgency to go on another round of struggles by Postal Pensioners are among the important items. The pictures of arrests on picketing in Tamilnadu and demonstrations under the call of NCCPA on 7.1.2020 adorn the cover pages. Front wrapper depicts the danger posed by Government policies to pension!

Once again subscribers are requested that issue will be sent only up to that month as per calculations under new rate of subscription for 2020. Hence urgently all are requested to remit till December 2020 @ 200/- per year. Subscribers can call editor (9444919295) and find out the exact amount to be remitted for the period up to December 2020! Cooperation of all is extremely requested in strengthening the CHQ monthly journal - KR GS AIPRPA

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Another Round of Struggles inevitable!

AIPRPA Calls for Programme of Action

 The orders of Department of Posts are not speedily implemented.

 Postman/Mail Guards higher pay scale from 1.1.1996; Treating the induction training for TBOP/BCR; Grant of 4600 GP for Pre-2006 HSG-1 etc are inordinately delayed despite orders issued much earlier.

 Many agitations and submission of Memorandums to Prime Minister and through Members of Parliament are ignored by the Department.

 The resentment and frustration is growing among the Postal Pensioners.

AIPRPA CHQ therefore calls upon all to observe the following programme of action:

1. Two days Relay Dharna either in February or in March, 2020 in front of DPA Offices / Chief PMG Offices (One Day Dharna if States feel according to local conditions) on these three issues. Pensioners may be mobilized from all Districts / Divisions to State Headquarters. If it is a relay dharna for two days then districts / divisions to attend 1st or 2nd day be informed to them in advance.

2. If any State Association decides in its managing body like the Conference or CWC, it can go for higher form of action like picketing of Chief PMG Office / DPA Office in the month of March, 2020. They are free to observe both Relay Dharna and Picketing.

3. Denial of Permission to hold Dharna may be resorted to by the Postal Administration. But the Pensioners have to show their protest braving such denials. We cannot be expected to sit idle for years despite orders of the Department exist but local authorities do not want to implement it on flimsy grounds or delay its implementation without any time limit.

4. Second phase of programme will be in New Delhi in front of Postal Directorate. Decision for it and the date of the programme will be decided by the CHQ in consultation among office bearers of CHQ after the conduct of 1st Phase of Programme in all Circles / States.

Friday, 3 January 2020

  1. Pension fixation case of all Pre-2006 Pensioners in upgraded scales of cadre/post - update in case position! 

The court case filed by AIPRPA CHQ before Chennai Bench CAT for grant of benefit of fixation of pension to pre-2006 pensioners in the upgraded pay scales of the same cadre instead of just on replacement scales has come up for hearing today (3.1.2020).

The reply statement of the Postal Department to our petition has been filed today by the Government Advocate. Our Advocate expressed his readiness to argue the case and therefore the next hearing is fixed on 13.02.2020. We are ready to argue our case on that day.

There is no new point or argument raised in the reply statement of the Department apart from known arguments being raised by Government side to the issue. Let us hope that on 13th February, we will be placing our justification fully before the honourable bench. - KR GS AIPRPA -

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Happy New Year to All! 

All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association wish all a happy new year. Looking back the year that is over, we find the negative attitude of the Government on general as well as pensioners & family pensioners issues. Even the Apex Court judgments are denied to thousands of other pensioners and employees like 30th June retired pensioners increment, MACP,  Pre 2006 pensioners , Compulsorily retired pensioners etc. Many GOs issued by Government are being implemented at snail's pace and no authority is serious and sincere to realize the seriousness of advancing age of pensioners / family pensioners for early implementation. Orders like 12.05.2017 for Pre 2006 pensioners / family pensioners; 2016 order for treating the induction training period for TBOP/BCR; 23.05.2018 order for grant of higher pay scale to Postman / Mail guards; 2019 orders for grant of 4600 GP to HSG1 retirees; are some examples of administration's apathy!

Many struggles by pensioners and employees were ignored. The year 2019 had been a year of worse attack on several rights  of working people and general people. The abrogation of Article 370; the Citixenship Amendment Act etc were the direct attacks on people based on religion! The democratic opposition by people led by students and youth is widespread and strong against the ill-moves of Government. But still the Government is not ready to back drag its feet.

The new year 2020 has born. The new year is born with an impending great strike by working class on 8th January! Let us resolve to move ahead through unity of all sections of people as established for generations as a great nation built on the principle of unity in diversity!

Friday, 27 December 2019

Pensioners Post December issue released yesterday!

December issue stands despatched yesterday. It covers usual features as well as an article on judgment In rem. All are requested to kindly note that subscription lapsed for almost all with this issue. New rate of subscription starts from January 2020 at the rate of 200/- per year. Requested to complete collection of new subscribers and remit the money in account with list in MS Word format in typed form to before 10.01.2020.

Pl remember that individual subscriber shall send only by EMO.

Kindly cooperate and encourage us on our stepping in 5th year!

- K.Ragavendran Editor PP