Saturday, 27 August 2016

Appeal for Special Donation from 7th CPC Arrears


The Central Working Committee just concluded after two days session has resolved to call upon the membership to strengthen the finances of District / Divisional Associations and State and CHQ organisations in addition to the Monthly Organ "Pensioners Post".

The District and Divisional organisations are hereby called upon to appeal to members to donate a sum of Rs.500/- only from the 7th CPC arrears. The donation so collected shall be distributed in the following manner:

District / Divisional Association: 200/-
State Association: 100/-
CHQ: 100/-
Pensioners Post: 100/-

The strengthening of the finances is very important as without strong funds it is impossible to establish faster growth of our AIPRPA at the all India level. 

Rise up to the occasion!
Appeal for funds from basic members!
Send the donation to all levels as decided by the CWC!


Postal Pensioners Programme of Action on Common and Sectional Demands of Pensioners!

Both Common & Postal Sectional!

The CWC of AIPRPA held at Chennai has resolved to organise a nationwide Programme of Action by the Postal & RMS Pensioners to highlight the important issues of Pensioners as well as peculiar major issues of Postal Pensioners before the Central Government. The Charter of Demands and the Programme of Action finalized by the Central Working Committee is as follows:
Postal Pensioners Sectional Charter
 AIPRPA shall undertake an All India Programme of Action to highlight the basic common issues of Pensioners and important sectional issues of Postal Pensioners viz.,
(a)    Grant of Universal pension of minimum 3000/- to all Senior Citizens of India irrespective of the fact that they had worked in private sector or unorganized sectors as being demanded by the Central TUs.
(b)   Scrap NPS to all CG Employees recruited from 1.1.2004 and bring them all under Defined Pension Scheme.
(c)    Grant of Full Parity in Pension between the past, present and future pensioners akin to OROP granted to Pensioners of Armed Forces.
(d)   Accept the recommendation of Option Number 1 given by the 7th CPC for pension Refixation by notionally adding the number of increments earned by the pensioner in the pre-revised scale of pay from which he/she had retired as the same is feasible by records either directly or by reconstruction.
(e)   Correct the recommendation by changing the “nearest level” to “next level” in fixing the stages after each annual increment in the Pay Matrix for the employees (like 6th CPC formula) and Link the pension re-fixation under Option Number 2 with the Matrix to the next level on par with the employees.
(f)     Grant of Refixation of Pension on the basis of the scale of pay of the cadre / post from which the Pre-2016 Pensioners had retired instead of only on the basis of the replacement scales to end the injustice being done to the retirees belonging to the cadres of Postman, IPOs, ASPOs etc in the Department of Posts.
(g)    Ending the injustice perpetrated to HSG-1 Pre-2006 Pensioners by granting the benefit of 4600 GP as granted to serving employees from 1.1.2006 by accepting that the scale is only a replacement scale in the backdrop of feeder cadre is allotted the 4200 GP scale by 6th CPC.
(h)    Issue of orders as agreed by the Department and also as ordered by the Supreme Court for the grant of pension re-fixation for all Post-1.1.1996 Pensioners of Postman cadre with two advance increments.
(i)      Grant of minimum pension by delinking the condition of 33 years of qualifying service to compulsorily retired employees also w.e.f 1.1.2006 as envisaged by the original orders of the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare.
(j)     Enhance the Fixed Medical Allowance to 2000/- per month.
(k)    Accept and implement the positive recommendations of 7th CPC without delay on extension of medical benefits to all Pensioners including the Postal Pensioners by (1) removing the unjust condition of Health Ministry to allow all Postal Pensioners into the CGHS without any discrimination; (2) granting reimbursement facilities of in-patient treatment to all Pensioners in non-CGHS areas on par with the serving employees of that area; (3) Merger of existing P&T dispensaries with CGHS without conditions; (4) Finalization of Medical-insurance schemes covering all non-CGHS pensioners to get cashless and hassle free medical treatment; and (5) Merger of different systems like CGHS, Railway and Defence Hospitals to create a centralized health system for better Medicare to all employees and pensioners.
(l)      Revise the Pension by applying the orders for treating the training period as eligible service to get TBOP/BCR upgradations.
(m) Allot rent-free BSNL / MTNL land-line phone to all erstwhile P&T Pensioners without any condition on length of service as ordered by courts.
(n)   Allot vacant Postal Staff Quarters not preferred by serving employees to willing Postal Pensioners on seniority basis instead of keeping the quarters vacant for long time.

Nationwide Programme of Action

(i)                 AIPRPA CHQ will write to the Chairman of the High Level Committee; Health Minister; and Finance Minister focusing the Charter of Demands immediately.
(ii)               Demonstrations shall be held at all places by the AIPRPA on 19th September, 2016 and Memorandum will be forwarded to Health and Finance Ministers. (Draft Memorandum will be circulated to all through CHQ website)
(iii)             Mass Dharna by Postal & RMS Pensioners on 21st October, 2016 to demand implementation of the Charter of Demands.
(iv)              ‘Chalo Delhi’ by Postal & RMS Pensioners to conduct a ‘Mass Demonstration’ in front of Parliament on 21st February (Date will be subject to finalisation in consultation with NCCPA to synchronize with the National Convention against NPS proposed by NCCPA) and to submit the Memorandum to the Prime Minster of India.

We call  upon our rank & file Districts and Divisions to take the call seriously and start hectic preparations for all the Programmes including “Chalo Delhi” Parliament Dharna! Without our active protest like the Pensioners of Armed Forces who got their OROP through struggles, no advancement can be expected from the Government.


2nd Septermber Strike - Show total Solidarity by Pensioners!


The two-day session of our AIPRPA CHQ held at Chennai has resolved to organise Mass Demonstrations of Pensioners along with other Pensioners Organizations in NCCPA and also with other organizations in solidarity to the 2nd September Nationwide Strike by Working Class.

All over India, our States and Districts should take the initiative to organise the Postal Pensioners and join with other Pensioners Organisations to hold the Demonstrations on 2nd September. The struggle against the neo-liberal policies must be further strengthened in order to protect the Social Security and Pensionary rights. The neo-liberal policies have already created a massive Central Government and State Government employees and PSU workers as non-entities to Statutory Pension. The NPS is a serious attack on the right to defined pension under CCS Pension Rules, 1972. 

The recent announcement of the Government to pay Gratuity to NPS Retirees though advancement is not restoring the full right to Pension to Government Employees. Even this advancement of Gratuity to NPS has come about on the face of the impending 2nd September Strike and the opposition of NJCA to the NPS scheme itself!



Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Updated Software received at HPOs!
Pension refixation & Arrears to Pre-2016 ensured this month!

Dear Comrades!

The updated software for 7th CPC implementation for pensioners has been received! Though CHQ not received any reply to its letter to DoP, the DoP has promptly acted in this matter! Now, it is up to the leaders of Districts / Divisions to see all get their fixation with arrears. But dont forget that this is only temporary. Full and final settlement depends on struggle preparation of employees and our solidarity to them! - KR GS AIPRPA

Friday, 19 August 2016

Along with NFPE Federal Council AIPRPA Assam 1st State Conference!

Building AIPRPA!

1st  State Conference of Assam has been notified to be held on 9th September by comrade B.R.Lakhar State General Convenor. The conference will be held in the Recreation Club of Meghdoot Bhawan, Guwahati. Comrades may remember the formation of different District Committees and State Steering Committee were formed during March-April, 2016. Now, the 1st State Conference is being convened by the State Steering Committee. AIPRPA CHQ congratulates the speedy organisational action by Assam leaders! - KR GS AIPRPA

Welcome to Open Session!

AIPRPA CHQ CWC Open Session!

The All India CWC of AIPRPA CHQ will be held on 25-26 August, 2016 at Chennai. The venue for subjects committee and accommodation for CWC members is "DJ Ninaivagam, Old No.177, Singanna Chetty Street, Chintadripet, Chennai 600002".

The open session in which Chennai District basic Members as well as Tamilnadu State Office Bearers also will join will be held at 4.00 P.M on 25th, at SRMU Hall, Nakkeeran Arangam, Near Egmore Railway Station, Chennai 600008. All are welcome to open session.

The wall posters for open session are despatched today to all our District / Divisional Secretaries in Tamilnadu! 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pension Ministry says No need for Department Authorisation - But without Department endorsement Mysore PTC may not make changes in the software!


                                   ALL INDIA POSTAL & RMS PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION
(Regd. 83/2015 under Societies Act of TamilnaduSocieties Registration Act, 1975)
2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007 (Chennai HQ)
First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001 (Delhi HQ)

No.AIPRPA/CPC/2016 Dated 18.08.2016
The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi -110001

Sub: Immediate endorsement of DOP&PW orders on implementation of 7th CPC recommendations to Pre-2016 Pensioners – regarding.
Ref: OM No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A)(ii) of DoP&PW dated 4.8.2016.

The Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare had already issued orders for implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations to refix the pension of all Pre-2016 Pensioners vides OM referred to above. Though it has been categorically stated in Para 9 of the above OM that “All Pension Disbursing Authorities including Public Sector Banks handling disbursement of pension to the Central Government Pensioners are hereby authorized to pay pension / family pension to existing pensioners / family pensioners at the revised rates in terms of para 4.1 and 5 above without any further authorization from the concerned Accounts Officers / Head of Office etc.

The following problems are encountered by the Pensioners in getting the Refixation of pension immediately as envisaged by the OM of Pension Ministry:
1.       Many HPOs are taking the position that usual endorsement from the Department has not come;
2.       It is stated by some DDOs that they require necessary modifications in the Accountant PBS Software for effective the revision of pension;
3.       The necessary modifications in the Accountant PBS software will be made by Mysore PTC only after the receipt of endorsement orders from the Postal Directorate;
4.       In the absence of endorsement from DoP, the Refixation of pension to Pre-2016 pensioners cannot be made even though the OM of Department of Pension authorizes payment on Refixation without waiting for any other authorization from respective Heads of Department etc.
It is therefore urged that immediate action may be initiated for effective necessary endorsement orders as otherwise the pensioners may not be in a position to draw revised pension on 31.08.2016.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary 
General Secretary AIPRPA