Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Make the Programme on Pensioners 10 Point Charter a Grand Success


Dear Comrades - The Secretary General NCCPA has issued a latest circular on the finalized Programme of Action on 10 Point Charter of Demands. As an affiliate, AIPRPA has to  play its due role for the success of all phases of the Programme of Action. The District / Divisional Secretaries are requested to immediately convene their AGM / Working Committee to plan the programmes meticulously. A Circular from the AIPRPA CHQ is also under issue.

1. The Post Card campaign shall be organized with full vigour and all members should be approached for their participation in the post card campaign to the Honourable Prime Minister.

2. Full mobilization of Postal & RMS Pensioners from all Districts / Divisions in large number to be ensured at the State level Dharna at 11 Centers on various centres.

3. Start enrolling volunteers for the New Delhi Token Fast on 15.03.2018 and start making up and down reservations now itself. Every District / Division shall represent in the Delhi Programme. Detailed instructions are provided in the CHQ Circular.

- K.Ragavendran General Secretary AIPRPA

13-C  Feroze Shah Road,
New Delhi.110 001

President:                           Shiv Gopal Misra:             Ph: 9717647594
Secretary General:          K.K.N. Kutty                       Ph: 9811048303

Dated: 12th November, 2018.
All affiliates and State Units.

Dear Comrades,
As you are aware, the NCCPA National Executive meeting held at Chennai on 5th August, 2018 had resolved to organize  Programmes of Actions on 10 Point Charter of Demands of CG Pensioners. Mainly the following Programmes were finalized.

Post Card Campaign to Hon’ble Prime Minister:

A Post Card Campaign has been finalized to be organized amongst the entire rank and file membership of NCCPA. The Campaign may be undertaken from 1.12.2018  and 31.12.2018 the Post Cards may be organized to be sent to the Prime Minister between 1.01.209 and 15.01.2019. All Pensioners may be approached to write the following sentences in the Post Card and the same may be posted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister:

I solicit the kind attention of the Honourable Prime Minister to the memorandum dated 15.11.2018 submitted by the National Co-ordination Committee of pensioners in which I am a member  on certain pension related issue.  I seek the intervention of the Honourable Prime Minister to ensure settlement thereof. 
_____________________________________ (Signature)
________________________________________ (Name)
______________________ (Pensioner’s of Department)
___________________________________PPO Number

1.       Mass Dharna Programme in 11 Centres:

As reported earlier, the meeting had decided to hold mass dharnas by the CG Pensioners in the following 12 Centres. The Dharna Programme is to focus attention on our 10 Point Charter of Demands. In our earlier circular letter we had indicated that which of the states will deploy comrades to the Dharna Centres.  Kindly take note of the same and advise the comrades to reach the dharna venue on the appointed date.

States to participate
Proposed OB name
Proposed Date.
Chandigarh orAmbala
J&K,HP,Punjab, Haryana Chandigarh UT.
H.S. Sidhu, Treasurer and S.K.Sharma of Jaipur
11.12.2018. The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
U.P & UK
VAN Namboodiri
11.12.2018. The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
Assam and NE regions
11.12.2018. The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
Maharashtra excluding Vidharba and including Gujarat
K. Ragavendran.
11.12.2018. The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
Madhya Pradesh
11.12.2018. The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
12.12.2018.  The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
West Bengal, Odisa & Bihar
Com.Rehman and Pavitra Chakraborty
13.12.2018. Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
Rajasthan, & Delhi
Com I.S. Dabas.
13.12.2018. Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
A.P and Telengana.
Co m. K.G. Jayaraj
19.12.2018.  The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
Tamilnadu & Karnataka
20.12.2018.  The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.
KKN. Kutty
20..12.2018.  The Sectt members of  the States mentioned inCol.3 will attend the Dharna at the Centre.

2.      NCCPA leaders organizational tour to meet the members:

NCCPA Office Bearers will be attending these Mass Dharna Programme in 11 centres by dividing these centres in such a manner that the Office Bearers of Home States will be attending these Centres and also one extra centre nearest to their States as indicated in the above chart.   On successful completion of the first phase of the programme, the National Sectt. of NCCPA will meet at Delhi to finalize the campaign programme to be mounted in the month of February, 2019.( The date of meeting at Delhi will be finalised in consultation with Com.President and will be communicated later.) The  National Sectt. will also discuss the ways and means to strengthen the finance of the NCCPA to carry out the programme. The idea behind the second phase of the programme is not only to campaign over the demands but also to widen the base of NCCPA. Besides, the State Capitals, the presence of office bearers may be utilized for campaign in other important centres of the respective States.

3.      Hunger fast Programme  at New Delhi:

In  culmination of all the above programmes, there shall be a hunger fast from 11.00 A.M to 3.00 P.M on 15.03.2018 at  New Delhi. We expect to mobilize more than 2000 comrades in the said programme. Quota for each affiliate and State Centre is as under:

AIBDPA: 800 (including Delhi), AIPRPA: 800 (including Delhi), ITPF=100, Autonomous body Associations: 50, Other affiliate: 10 each.

State Centres:   Jaipur CGPA: 200, Nagpur CGPA: 50, Hyderabad CGPA: 50, Kolkata CGPA: 50, Kerala CGPA: 50, MP=50, UP=50 ,Odissa=25, Tamilnadu=20, and Karnataka=20.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
KKN Kutty
Secretary General.

As finalized at the Chennai NE meeting
On 05.08.2018

1.       Implement Option No. 1 as  a pension fitment formula as recommended by the 7th CPC and Grant MACP benefit w.e.f 1.01.206 as per the Supreme Court  judgment.

2.    Revise the Pension of BSNL absorbed retirees immediately with 15% fitment, recommended by the 3rd PRC and approved by the government from 01-01-2017, delinking the wage revision in BSNL.

3.    Revise  pension of Central Autonomous Body pensioners.

4.    (a) Provide notional fixation of pension under Option No. 3 on the basis of the pay scale/pay level of the cadre or grade from which the pensioner retired. (b) Provide fixation of pension in the case of all pre 2006 pensioners on the basis of the grade pay/pay level or pay scale of the post or cadre from which one has retired as per the judgments of Courts.

5.    Extend the benefit of CS(MA) Rules  to all pensioners who are not covered by CGHS.

6.    Increase the FMA to Rs. 2000 as has been granted to PF Pensioners and introduce the health insurance scheme as suggested by the 7thCPC.

7.    Raise the minimum pension to 60% of the Minimum wage. i.e. Rs. 10,800 p.m.

8.    Restore the commutation portion of pension after 10 years.

9.    Provide increased rates of pension on attainment of 70 years onwards.

10. Scrap the New Contributory pension scheme and restore the defined benefit pension   to all CGEs irrespective of their date of entry into the Government service. 

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Veteran leader Sen passed away!

Comrade S.S.Sen Amar Rahe! 

It is our irreparable loss! Comrade Sen had active interaction with our members through his write ups in Pensioners Post recently! We share the grief and dip our flag in his honour! - KR GS AIPRPA

“That was the 6th day of November, 1975. Dark days of emergency imposed by Mrs Indira Gandhi were looming large over democratic movements of our country. One Police Inspector keeping his force outside entered into the then Sub Record Office at Guwahati under RMS ‘GH’ Division and took the chair in front of a young man working there and asked curiously “Are you Mr. ----?” With militant posture and uncompromising determination, the man just crossed his forty, instantly replied, “Yes, I am Mr Sudhendu Sekhar Sen whom you are searching for.”  The inspector with his regretful expression contended Com S S Sen (popularly known as Sudha Sen) that it was the order from the high echelons of power that he was bound to carry out and for that reason he should not be misunderstood. After completion of all formalities including permission from the Senior Superintendent, Com S S Sen was arrested and taken away to the Guwahati Central Jail. 
In the Central Jail were the galaxy of leaders of the P&T Trade Union movement already taken into custody; Com Bimal Kanti Gupta, CS of E IV, Com Jagadindra Bhattacharjee, CS E III, Com Hareswar Sarma, CS P III, Com Bhuban Chandra Das, CS P IV, Com Sankar Kumar Das, CS E III, Com Bhrigu Ram Lahkar, Asstt. CS P III and Com Prabin Chandra Boro, Secretary P&T LCC Guwahati. There in the Central Jail and elsewhere in Assam they had to wait for 15 to 19 months to get released from jail until the emergency was lifted. After the release from the jail also they were not spared. All of them were transferred to the remotest hilly corners of the North Eastern Region, only to be brought back when the Janata Government came to power in 1977.
Perhaps this is the unmatched chapter of the history of the trade union movement in the central government employees’ front where as many as 8 (Eight) top leaders were put into jail with an intention to crush the democratic trade union movement. Needless to say that second union (FNPTO) in the P&T was formed with the government’s patronage to sabotage the historic 1968 central government employees’ strike. Government tried to form the union in the NE Region also but could not get inroad even after putting the entire top leadership behind the bar. Rock like unity of the workers at the ground level remained intact throughout the emergency regime and all the jailed leaders were re-elected to their respective positions in the union hierarchy as and when the conferences were due and held amidst prevailing situation. These leaders were also amongst the galaxy of leaders of Central including Railways, State, Insurance and Banking sectors who were instrumental in formation of the JOINT COUNCIL OF TRADE UNIONS, ASSAM in 1973 through a massive convention of workers in Guwahati inaugurated by Com KG Bose and also attended by George Fernandez. Com Jagadindra Bhattacharjee along with Com Achyut Deka of LIC took the mantle of this joint forum as first Joint Convenors. Later on the JCTU, Assam withstood the test of time and created many histories in the trade union movement in Assam. That legacy has still been continued.   
In the early 1990s also Regional Co-ordination Committee of P&T Employees Unions (NFPE), North East Region with Comrade S S Sen as Convenor again made history by orgainising the longest ever successful strike of the white colour employees in the history of India demanding Special (Duty) Allowance. The strike started on 15 November, 1991 under the leadership of RCC of P&T Employees Unions, NE Region to end the discrimination by implementing court judgment. The entire RCC leadership including Com SS Sen, Com J Bhttacharjee, Com RP Sarma, Com Sasadhar Deb, Com BC Das, Com SK Das, Com MR Das, Com JN Mishra exhibited the exemplary leadership quality to continue the strike with tactical perfectness and extreme patience. No door of any Post Office and RMS Office was opened for long 38 days up to 22 December, 1991 until an Agreement was signed between NFPE and the Department of Posts in presence of Minister for communications. Subsequently the discrimination was ended and SDA was granted to all CG employees of NE Region irrespective of transfer liabilities.”

Friday, 26 October 2018

Senior leader comrade Thanjai Sadasivam passed away!

Comrade Thanjai Sadasivam our Tamilnadu State Working President of AIPRPA at the age of 95 has breathed his last today (27.10.2018) at  about 5.30 A.M. Comrade Sadasivam was the Circle President of P4 Tamilnadu for long time. A militant trade unionist from the beginning, he led many struggles of postal and telecommunications workers. He was closely associated with leaders comrade AGP, Adi and Prem. He attended our AIPRPA State Conference and one or two Working Committees also. A guide and philosopher for the postal trade union movement even after his retirement is no more. We all suffered an irreparable loss in his departure. His funeral will be on tomorrow morning at Thanjavur. We dip our banner in his honour and memory! Comrade Thanjai Sadasivam amar rahe!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Pensioners Post October issue despatch soon!

Pensioners Post October issue on time! 

The 'October' issue of 'Pensioners Post' is gone for print. On 27th as usual the issue will be despatched. The continuation of article on "State of Pension in European Countries" touching two nations 'Belgium' and 'Bulgaria' is coming up. Other issues relating to '30th June Retirees get ready for a legal fight';  Pensioners Beware of Rights on an important case; AIPRPA addressing PM on CGHS; Unjustified Preclusion of Compulsory retired from all benefits; and some other usual write ups are added in this month issue. The front wrapper is as follows - KR Editor PP

Monday, 22 October 2018

NCCPA Circular

Dear Comrades! Please go through the NCCPA Circular. It is placed for the consumption of our AIPRPA leaders at all levels. They are free to express their opinion by email to CHQ AIPRPA, which will be communicated to NCCPA


Published hereunder Circular Letter of NCCPA addressed to All affiliates and State Units

Dear Comrade,

Kindly refer to the decisions we had at our National Executive meeting held at Chennai on 05.08.2018.. In accordance with the deliberations, we have contacted advocates over the filling petition before CAT Delhi, in the matter of MACP and Option No.1. In so far as MACP is concerned, as per the advise tendered,   we have placed a write up on our website last month. The same is being published the in this bulletin. We request to the effect, comrades to response to that letter immediately.

In respect of Option No.1; there are two possibilities. To file a petition challenging the very decision of the Govt in the rejection of the Pay Commissions Recommendation is one possibility. Another is to file a petition by the aggrieved pensioners, who lost out monetarily due to the stand taken by the Govt.

The CGPA Kerala has given a case of individual comrades, who had lost out in the process. We waited some more identical cases to make a comprehensive petition before the Tribunal.

In the last Central Working Committee meeting has reported earlier to interpretation emerged of what Option No. 1 is. The advice we received from our advocate is to subject the two interpretations to judicial scrutiny when we challenged the order.  What is specifically needed is to provide to examples of pension fixations computed on the bases of the two interpretations.

Kindly favour US with copies of petitions by the affected comrades through email to proceed furthe in the matter.

With greetings.
Yours fraternally
KKN Kutty
Secretary General

Monday, 8 October 2018

Annual Increment for 30th June Retired Pensioners

Honble Madras High Court ordered in favour of notional increment for 30th June Retiree Pensioners.

Hon'ble Supreme Court also dismissed the SLP filed by the Government.

We are eligible for increment of 1st July even though we are retired on 30th June.

The model representation as under may be sent to the respective Divisional Heads by all the eligible Pensioners retired on 30th June after 1.1.2006 without the benefit of increment due on 1st July.

Submit the representation under Speed Post or Registered Post AD and paste the Post Office Receipt on the copy of the application and send a photocopy to AIPRPA CHQ by Post or by scanned copy to the email of CHQ ( 

This is must before we resort of legal battle if necessary






Sub: Revision of my Pension after granting increment falling on 01.07.______
Ref: Orders passed by Hon’ble Madras High Court in W.P.No.15732 of 2017.

I superannuated from the Department of Post as a _________________________I _________ on _____________. I was not given an increment due for my service in Department between 01.07._____ and 30.06.________ as I superannuated on 30.06._________ immediately before the date in which annual increments are credited to Central Government Employees i.e. 01st July. But recently the Hon’ble Madras High Court vide its orders dated 15.09.2017 in W.P No.15732 of 2017 titled “P.Ayyamperumal – Vs – The Registrar CAT Chennai and Others” has directed the Government of India to grant annual increments falling on 01st July of the year to employees who superannuated on 30th June of the relevant year.

Therefore I request your goodself to extend the benefits arising out of the above judgment and grant me my annual increment for the year _________ and consequently re-fix my pension will all attendant benefits.
Yours Faithfully,

(                          )
Encl: A copy of the Orders passed by the Hon’’’ble Madras High Court in W.P No.15732 of 2017.

For downloading Judgment please copy and paste the link below in the address bar:

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Urgent Action Required Please!

Attention - State General Secretaries & District / Divisional Secretaries of AIPRPA!

The AIPRPA CHQ requests the following details urgently:

1) State General Secretaries: Please immediately send the mailing list (postal addresses) of district / divisional secretaries to CHQ by email. ( This is urgent.

2) District / Divisional Secretaries: Please remit quota to CHQ @ 50/- per member; application form of members with 10/- enrollment fee per member. Remit the amount separately by two pay in slips in CHQ SB Account in POSB North Avenue P.O. New Delhi 110001 (SB a/c in joint a/c of  Sankarpal Singh & K.Ragavendran; No: 3175127657) under intimation to CHQ by email or whatsapp .

3) District / Divisional Secretaries: Expedite remittance of 350/- towards News Letter 5 copies by EMO only  to K.Ragavendran 2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai 600007. Kindly do this within a week.