Friday, 20 May 2016

Aadhaar Seeding with Pension Payment Banks

Special Aadhaar Seeding and Registration 

Camp for Pensioners

The Central Government has announced a Special Aadhaar Seeding and Registration Camp for Pensioners in their own bank branches where they draw their pension. It is announced that with the Aadhaar Card registered with the bank, the Pensiones need not physically go to the bank every November for submitting the Life Certificate; It can be done online from home or from the nearest branch of the same bank. This can be done from anywhere in the country or from the world.

AIPRPA is writing to the Pension Ministry to point out the usual omission in the order viz., every time any such order issued the mention of POSB is either inadvertently omitted or left out and the Pensioners drawing pension from the POSB are told that since POSB is not mentioned the same is not applicable to Post Office SB branches! This discrepancy is being addressed.

The announcement of the Government is as follows:

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