Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Gains and to be gained!

12th May Pension Fixation order: 

There are some important points to be borne in mind:

1) It is not our contention that 12th May order is bad. This order brings improvement generally to Pre-2006 Pensioners because the calculations is made on 6th CPC Pay Scale that includes Grade Pay element (which was absent in earlier calculations for Pre-2006 fixation).

2) The benefit will be nil or mere marginal to post-2006 pensioners because the element of grade pay was already stand included for them.

3) Our contention is that this fixation allowed in replacement scales only instead of upgraded pay scales keeps the Pre-2006 Pensioners at a reduced gain. The ongoing struggle of Pre-2006 remains not sorted out.

4) We welcomed Option 3 in addition to Option 1. We actually demanded Option 1 or option 2 or Option 3 whichever is more advantageous.

5) The rejection of Option 1 will deny the benefit to one section of pensioners for whom increment method will be more beneficial.

6) For earlier retirees (Pre-2006) of HSG-1, Postman including TBOP / BCRPostman, IPOs/ASPOs, there will be definitely financial relief under 12th May Orders. But the benefit will be reduced by denial of fixation in the upgraded pay scales granted to serving employees.

7) The gains through 12th May orders are due to Staff Side resistance against rejection of Option 1 and the protest voice of Pensioners Associations.

8) Lastly, let us reap the benefits out of 12th May orders and fight for fixation in pay scales of post or cadre instead of replacement scales. We also continue our fight for option 1 to those sections which will gain more by option 1.

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