Sunday, 3 February 2019

NCCPA Circular! NCCPA Secretariat Meeting on 16th March, 2019!

NCCPA National Secretariat Meeting on 16.03.2019!
NCCPA Programme of Fast at New Delhi on 15.03.2019 as planned!!

NCCPA Circular hereunder!!

13-C  Feroze Shah Road,
New Delhi.110 001

President:                           Shiv Gopal Misra:             Ph: 9717647594
Secretary General:          K.K.N. Kutty                       Ph: 9811048303

Dated: 2nd February, 2019..
Dear Comrade

                As per our programme, the post card campaign should have ended now.  We are yet to receive report from the State Units and the affiliates.  We hope the programme is catching up momentum.  We are receiving queries of the conduct of the mass fast and dharna slated to take place at  Delhi on 15.3.2019, in the background of the national general election.  We may inform our comrades that we do not propose to make any change in the matter.  In the send week of this month we shall be talking to our Delhi comrades, to make arrangements for the programme.  All participants are requested to book their hotel accommodation as no central arrangements are being made 

                We are happy to inform that the 2nd world conference of TUI (P&RP) will be held at Bogota in Columbia.  We could not attend the founding conference.  We attended the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the TUI at Kathmandu (Nepal).  NCCPA sought and obtained the affiliation as per our decision taken at the last conference with the world body.  We have now received the invitation to attend the 2nd world conference.  Apart from the travel expenses, we are to pay the annual subscription for the last three years, which amounts to $600.  For want of PAN we could not make the online payment.  We have now made application for the allotment of PAN which we hope will be received soon. The journey ticket alone will cost about 1.5. lakhs.  The Conference is slated to take place on 27th and 28thFeb.  I do not know whether we will be able to obtain the visa from Columbian embassy.  Any how application has been made.

                As you know our finances is very weak and at the same time we are duty bound to discharge the international obligation.  Representatives from AIPRPA and AIBDPA are attending the conference. As there had been some confusion we did not receive the invitation in the beginning.  It was at the instance of the Deputy General Secretary, Com.K.Ragavendran, we have been able to obtain the same.  We are separately requested ITPF to bear a portion of the expenses. Since both the AIPRPA and AIBDPA are attending the Conference and are bound to bear the expenses, the other affiliates and state units may kindly contribute to make the NCCPA presence possible.

                The next meeting of the National Secretariat will be held at New Delhi (AIRF Library hall) on 16th March at 10.30AM. Formal notice will be issued shortly.  Com. President has kindly consented to have the meeting on that date.  All members may kindly attend the meeting.  Kindly make your travel arrangements accordingly.

                Lastly, it is once again requested that all affiliates may kindly clear their dues for the last three years. We must decide the date for the next conference at the ensuing sect. meeting. 

                With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.

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