Sunday, 17 May 2020

Solidarity to Confederation Call!

Solidarity of AIPRPA to Central TUs and Confederation call of protest demonstration on 22.05.2020!

The Confederation of CG Employees has endorsed the action of Central TUs and called upon all CG employees to organize protest demonstration in front of all CG offices on 22.05.2020. This protest is against the move of the Central Government to privatize many Government Sector institutions using the restrictions imposed on employees and people. Many State Governments also ordered severe attacks on labour rights. Confederation has called upon to protest by observing covid-19 precautions.

AIPRPA endorses the above call of Confederation. As we are declared "vulnerable section", the senior citizens will protest from remaining in our residences by wearing black badges in our houses. Our solidarity to CG Employees and Workers will be in this form of wearing black badges from houses on 22.05.2020. If in any State or District, it is feasible to join directly in this protest by some pensioners, the same may be resorted to by strictly following all norms on corona. Please report in social media and emails with photos of your protests and black badge wearing!

Let our united protest be the beginning to sustained longer  opposition to anti-worker policies of the Central Government and many BJP ruled State Governments! - KR GS AIPRPA

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