Saturday, 9 January 2021

Are the GDS not humans?

 Atrocious! Without Compassion! 

Shame on the Government!

The Central Government has now refused any compensation to the GDS who die due to corona! Earlier, we were happy that at least the same amount of compensation viz., 10 lakhs was declared for GDS also. But now, the Department in the name of refusal by the Department of Expenditure – Ministry of Finance, ordered that no such compensation will be paid to the family to the deceased GDS!

There is no heart the Government! There is no compassion for it too! It wants the services of GDS also during corona times without any distinction; but if they die due to COVID-19, they will be denied this compensation! The Government is not ready to treat the GDS as human beings exposed to the pandemic! Shame!                                        

We hope that the Trade Unions of Postal Department will not sit back and watch this injustice! For us the lives of regular and GDS are same and invaluable!

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