Tuesday, 18 November 2014

All India Central Managing Committee Meeting of AIPRPA

Attention to All Office Bearers of CHQ and State General Secretaries

New Delhi - 17th January, 2015

Dear Comrades / Friends,

The 1st All India Central Managing Committee of AIPRPA CHQ will meet at New Delhi on 17.01.2015. Formal Notice under issue by Post to all Office Bearers of CHQ and State General Secretaries of AIPRPA. Notice will also be sent to some of the Ex-All India Steering Committee Members of those States from where no CHQ Office Bearer was elected in the AIC and no State body was formed so far since the constitution of All India Steering Committee like Gujarat, Maharashtra, J&K, Uttaranchal & Assam. All are requested to book their train reservations immediately before reservation availability is exhausted. The copy of Notice under issue is exhibited below for information of all concerned:

AIPRPA / CWC / 1         Dated 14-11-2014
All CHQ Office Bearers of AIPRPA
All State General Secretaries
It is hereby notified that in accordance with the Article 19 of the Bylaws of Association, a meeting of the Central Managing Committee will be held at Community Centre, P&T Colony, Sector- 6, R.K.Nagar, New Delhi – 110022 under the Presidentship of All India Chairman Comrade D.K.Rahate on 17.01.2015. The one-day meeting shall commence at 10.00 Hrs to transact the following agenda:
  1. Review of developments since our 1st AIC / AGM held at Vellore Tamilnadu.
  2. 7th CPC – Our Memorandum before the Commission – Preliminary interaction with its Chairman by BCPC / NCCPA leadership – Expected Oral evidence and our tasks.
  3. Urgent issues of Postal Pensioners and holding of a nationwide campaign Programme of Action to focus attention.
  4. Organisational Review – All India Organisation – Review of formation of State organisations in several States – Taking initiative to hold Joint State Convention of All Pensioners Organisations as per directive of NCCPA.
  5. Registration of AIPRPA with the Registrar Societies Act.
  6. Nomenclature of the CHQ Monthly or Bi-monthly Organ.
  7. Affiliation of AIPRPA with the TUI Pensioners & Senior Citizens under WFTU.
  8. Financial Review
  9. Any other item with the permission of Chair.
General Secretary
  1.  Please note that accommodation for stay at Delhi will be made for the day of the CMC meeting and also for those comrades who are reaching a day in advance of CMC meeting. Details about the exact accommodation for stay will be intimated later. Arrangements will be made for bed rolls and blankets but however comrades are advised to bring winter clothes like sweater and jackets etc because Delhi might be very cold in January.
  2. All are requested to make reservations for to and fro journey in advance – However it is informed that due to financial conditions of CHQ it will be impossible to bear the TA of Office Bearers except for the CHQ Advisors at present. Their TA should be borne by the respective State Associations or State Steering Committees or locally.
  3. Delhi State Association will be the hosts of the All India CMC Meeting. Comrades are requested to contact the following Comrades for any needs:
1. Com.Rajendra Prasad Verma  (CHQ OGS) – 09873162960
2. Com.Shankar Pal Singh (CHQ Treasurer) – 07838170852
3. Com. Deep Chand (Delhi State GS) – 09711795486 / 08396811621
/General Secretary/

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