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13th February – Last year 13th February only the nature had taken away our legendary leader Comrade Sri Krishna Vyas from us. A leader bestowed with the best knowledge and wisdom about the issues of Central Government Employees and Pensioners in particular and of the Working Class in general is not with us at this crucial hour. Having labored and associated with all the Central Pay Commissions including the 7th CPC, we miss him dearly at this time of our dealing with the retrograde recommendations of the Pay Commission.

His insight into the organizational weaknesses of Pensioners movement was astounding. He diagnosed that the majority of Pensioners in India remain outside organizations and that the only path to organize them all is to found departmental wise Pensioners Organizations that should work united under the platform of the Apex organizations called the NCCPA. He distanced the doubts from the minds of many by clarifying that formation of departmental wise  pensioners organizations will not weaken the CGPA movement but will strengthen the NCCPA as like the Confederation of CG Employees is strengthened by departmental wised individual Federations and Unions! He categorically said that the inability to reach out the multitude of pensioners is possible only through formation of departmental wise pensioners’ forums formed and taken forward by erstwhile retired trade union office bearers as like the AIBDPA and AIPRPA.

He was always clear that only through united struggles, the employees and pensioners can anticipate something better at the hands of the unwilling Government. He was always a fighter for justice and the lone battle he fought against the Government against impounding of workers due in the past. Comrade S,K,Vyas was a Central Government employees leader; a leader of Pensioners movement; a Teacher of any subject to the masses; an ardent writer with knowledge in defense of workers at trouble; an orator who can reach out to the hearts of audience as well as appeal to the intellect of the masses; a man of compassion towards other human beings under suffering; a fearless leader to lead the mass of employees in struggles; a scholar in several languages and subjects and above all a man of very simple life and honesty in his whole life.

As per the decision of the NCCPA All India Conference let us observe “S.K.Vyas Memorial Day” every year on 13th February in a befitting manner. Kindly hold meetings and programmes to observe the day and remember the towering legend.

General Secretary AIPRPA

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