Sunday, 7 February 2016

NCCPA Secretariat Today

NCCPA National Secretariat Met Today in the Capital

The National Secretariat of NCCPA has met today at the AIRF Library Hall under the presidentship of its Chairman Comrade Shiv Goplal Mishra. Comrade KKN Kutty the Secretary General and other Office Bearers of NCCPA were present. Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra thanked for electing him as the Chairman of NCCPA and assured that he will do his best in response to the confidence reposed in him by all. Comrade K.Ragavendran (GS AIPRPA & Deputy SG NCCPA); H.L.Sidhu (Treasurer NCCPA); I.S.Dabas (ASG NCCPA & Ex-GS P4 NFPE) participated on behalf of AIPRPA in this Secretariat meeting.

The discussions were around the issues  implementation of decisions of 3rd AIC of NCCPA; strengthening and expanding the base of NCCPA; 7th CPC recommendations and the issues on which the focus shall be placed before the Empowered Committee of Secretaries on Pensioners matters; Improving the financial position of NCCPA; and Improving the circulation of monthly journal “News Letter” etc. The following important decisions were taken:

1.       NCCPA will initiate to hold a National Convention against PFRDA and will consult all Pensioners Organisations to make them participants in the said convention. The expanding the base of NCCPA will be taken along with holding the National Convention and efforts also shall be taken to discuss with Railways, Defense and other Pensioners Organisations.

2.       As far as the positive 7th CPC recommendations for Pensioners are concerned like improving the medical facilities including strengthening the CGHS as well as ending the discrimination towards Postal Pensioners concerned in the matter of CGHS treatment etc, the stand of the Government will be watched first before our formulating a position. As far as the modifications are concerned, the issues already placed before the Government through NJCA will be pursued; the issue of full Parity between the past and present pensioners by improving the recommendation of the pay commission by claiming the benefit of pay scale granted to the cadre or post also in case it is more beneficial than the pre-revised scale in which the pensioner had retired will be given more importance. The question of FMA 2000/- shall also be insisted among other issues.

3.       To improve the finances, it has been decided to insist remittance of quota to NCCPA by the Affiliates. The list of affiliates as well as those organizations who used to donate to NCCPA at the time of Comrade S.K.Vyas will be approached for strengthening the finances of NCCPA.

4.       The monthly journal “News Letter” will be obtained with the Postal Registration number quickly; the subscribers base has to be much improved; all affiliates will be requested to put in their efforts in this regard. The Secretary General will write to all affiliates in this matter.

This meeting is important in the background of the NJCA meeting on the very next day in New Delhi that should take into account the Programmes conducted throughout the country at its call and after reviewing all  developments likely to take suitable organizational measures to clinch the 26 important modifications placed before the Government.


General Secretary AIPRPA

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