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On 10-11-2013 All India Postal & RMS Pensioner's Association has been formed in Gudur Division.

A meeting of Postal Pensioners has been conducted in open auditorium of Mandal Parishad Office, Gudur under the Presidentship of Com.Rubin, Retired Postmaster, Gudur Divsion. The meeting for the formation of Pensioner's Association has been organized by Com.K.Sudhakar, Postmaster, Venkatagiri SO & Asst. Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C, A.P Circle. More than 60 Pensioners including women pensioners  attended the Conference and 100 Postal Pensioners enrolled themselves as members of the Association.

Com.K.Ragavendran, General Convener, AIPRPA invited as Chief Guest. Com.Y.Nagabhushanam, Streering Committee Member, AIPRPA, A.P inaugurated the meeting. Shri Padmanabhaiah, Retd. MDO, Venkatagiri & Leader, Pensioner's Association was also present as Hon'ble Guest. Com.P.Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU GDS (NFPE) also attended and addressed the meeting.

The following set of organizing body elected for the Association, Gudur Division:

Hon'ble Chairman                 : Shri T.V.Chalapathi, Retd. SSPOs, Venkatagiri

Chairman                                 : Shri K.L.N.Reddy, Retd. SPM, Gudur Dn.

Vice Chairman                        : Shri B.Rajagopal, 

Convener                                 : Shri J.Rajaiah, Retd. SPM, Gudur Dn.

Asst. Convener                       : Shri K.Raghavaiah, Retd. SPM, Gudur Dn.

      -do-                                       : Sk. Md. Ali, Retd, SPM, Gudur Dn.

      -do-                                       : Shri A.Gopal reddy, Retd. Postmaster, SHK Range.

      -do-                                       : Shri A. Benerjee, Retd. Postmaster, VK Town 

      -do-                                       : Shri Sk. Masthan, Retd. Postman, Gudur Dn.

Financial Secretary                : Shri K. Martin Luhter, Retd. SPM, Gudur dn.

Advisor                                      : Shri B.Audiseshaiah, Retd. Postman, Gudur HO

      -do-                                       : Shri M.Anantha Rama Krishna, Retd. Postmaster

      -do-                                       : Shri S.Eswaraiah, Retd. Postmaster, Hyd. GPO

      -do-                                       : Shri Penchalaiah, Retd. Postman, Gudur Dn.

      -do-                                       : Shri G.Narasimhulu, Retd. Postman, Gudur dn.

      -do-                                       : Shri Sk.Yazdani Basha, Retd. Postman, Gudur dn.


NFPE, Gudur Division extended its heartfelt congratulations to all the office bearers of the Pensioner's  Association, Gudur Division.
Com.Sudhakar D/S P3 addressing the Conference

A view of members in the Conference
Y.Naghabushanam All India Steering Committee Member inaugurating Conference

K.Ragavendran General Convenor addressing

Gudur SPOs Shri.D.Ramanaiah greets the Conference

P.Pandurangarao GS AIPEU GDS[NFPE] greets the Conference


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