Monday, 18 November 2013



Dear Comrades / Friends / Colleagues,

The call for formation of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association has been  taken very seriously by Andhra Comrades and hectic organisational activities are reported from that State in this regard. Comrade T.Narasimhan Vice Chairman of AIPRPA Headquarters and Comrade Y.Nagabhushanam Member of the All India Steering Committee are from Andhra, where the following formations of AIPRPA and convertions of existing Postal Pensioners into AIPRPA are taken place and the State is moving fastly towards holding the State Convention of AIPRPA in Visakhapatnam during January 2014 for forming the State Organisation of AIPRPA.

1.     AIPRPA of RMS 'Y' Division: A Pensioners Organisation in RMS 'V' Division in Visakhapatnam with Comrade S.Shankar Rao as President and Comrade P.Babuji as the Secretary and Comrade Y.Subba Rao as Treasurer is already in existence and functioning. On 5.11.2013 the Executive Meeting of this Organisation had unanimously resolved to convert their organisation into the AIPRPA Divisional Organisation of RMS 'V' Division. All India Steering Committee Member Comrade Y.Naghabhushanam attended the Executive Meeting and guided. In addition to joining the AIPRPA these Comrades expressed their willingness to host the first State level Convention to found the State Organisation of AIPRPA.

2.     AIPRPA of Visakhapatnam District: Senior retired Comrades C.H.Sastry; Suryanarayana; and S.Das of Visakhapatnam Postal Division are taking all initiative to form the AIPRPA for Visakhapatnam Postal Division in the month of December, 2013. All India Steering Committee Member Comrade Y.Naghabhushanam took the initiative.

3.     AIPRPA of Rajahmundry: An organisation of Postal Pensioners is already functioning in Rajahmundry Division and in a meeting held on 8.11.2013 under the Presidentship of Comrade G.S.N.Murthy it was unanimously resolved to convene a GB Meeting of the existing Organisation and convert it into a Divisional Organisation of AIPRPA . NFPE R3 branch Secretary Comrade K.Satyanarayana and Comrade O.L.Narayana took the initiative for this meeting to form the AIPRPA.

4.     AIPRPA of GUDUR: As already reported in our website with photographs, AIPRPA has been formed in Gudur Division in a well-attended meeting of Postal Pensioners on 10.11.2013 with Comrade T.V.Chalapathi as Honorary Chairman; Comrade K.L.N.Reddy as Chairman; Comrade J.Rajaiah as District Secretary; and K.Martin Luther as Finance Secretary. NFPE leader and Divisional Secretary P3 Comrade Sudhakar took all the initiative for organising the Gudur AIPRPA. Com.P.Pandurangarao GS GDS NFPE also took part in the Conference. Comrade K.Ragavendran General Convenor AIPRPA and Comrade Y.Naghabhushanam All India Steering Committee Member attended.

5.      AIPRPA of Chittoor District: As already reported in our website with photographs, the Executive meeting of the existing Postal Pensioners Organisation in Tirupathi has unanimously resolved to convert it into AIPRPA of Chittore District. A Special GB meeting will be convened shortly to ratify the decision and form the AIPRPA. This decision was taken in a meeting presided over by Comrade Sridhar babu P3 Divisional President. The initiative was taken by the Divisional Union of P3 and R3 under the guidance of Comrade Sridhar Babu. Comrade K.Ragavendran General Convenor AIPRPA; Comrade Y.Naghabhushanam All India Steering Committee Member; and Comrade S.K.Humayun CHQ President of P4 NFPE attended.


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