Sunday 3 April 2016

Building AIPRPA in Nagaland!

We are in the land of Nagas to meet Postal Pensioners!
Kohima HPO

KR with Daniel and Rahman

Kohima city view from WW Cemetry

P3 D/S Daniel Domeh 

KR - Rahman - Debnath 

A view of Cemetery from top and tombstones where heroes buried! 

Comrade KR GS AIPRPA along with S.Rahman (NCCPA VP) and D.K.Debnath (Convenor RCC) entered into Nagaland State and arrived at Kohima the capital. Comrade Daniel Domeh Divisional Secretary P3 Nagaland received us. The meeting is slated today at 1.00 P.M. Yesterday on 3rd Comrade Daniel took us to the historical monument of international fame 'Second World War Cemetery' maintained by Commonwealth. In this cemetery all heroes of British & Indian soldiers died in 1944 in the war with Japanese Army invading India from Burma. The British Indian Army heroically fought and defeated the Japanese at Nagaland in defending the road to Imphal! Thousands of Englishmen and Indians both Musalman and Hindus sacrificed their lives. The World War at that time came to an end with the atom bomb attack by USA on Hiroshima and Nagasagi. In the honour of soldiers died in Nagaland battle, this historic cemetery is built and Commonwealth is maintaining it. A remarkable international tourist attraction:

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