Friday, 29 April 2016

Resolve of May Day

MAY DAY 2016

May Day as usual is the Day of inspiration to all the workers in the world. Though we are not in service anymore but retired from service, the May Day still continue to be a Day of inspiration too. As the international working class and the working class of India resolve to fight back the nefarious policies of Liberalization - Privatisation - Globalization, we the senior citizens and the Pensioners of AIPRPA also take the resolve to join with the working class in all places to oppose the dangerous LPG policies that did not spare the social security and pension also.

This May Day has to be observed to fight the designs of the Central Government to attack the social security including EPF, though on stiff opposition the attack has been deferred by the Finance Ministry. The fight for universal social security and protection of existing pension and social security laws must be intensified. Let us take the resolve that we shall embark on the task to defend the Social Security at any cost.

Let us observe May Day 2016 in all places:

With May Day Greetings:

General Secretary 

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