Wednesday 30 March 2016

AIPRPA in Mizoram

Mizoram State AIPRPA founded!

There was a very good meeting of Postal Pensioners including some senior most comrades in Aizawl HPO premises at 10.30 Hrs on 30.03.2016. The meeting was organized, presided and anchored by comrade P.C.Vanlalchhuang Divisional Secretary P3 Mizoram. GS AIPRPA narrated the developments leading to the formation of AIPRPA and pensioners issues before and after 7th CPC. Comrades D.K.Debnath (RCC Convenor) and S.Rahman (NCCPA VP) also addressed. After interactions to clear all doubts, a State Steering Committee of AIPRPA with Comrades Lalhuliano Hlondo as President; H.Rangthuama as State General Convenor; and a lady comrade C.Thang as Treasurer was unanimously approved. This Steering Committee will enroll members from throughout Mizoram and organize a State Conference. The rapt attention paid by Pensioners and their enthusiasm were highly appreciable. All welcomed our going to Mizoram, one of the farthest corners of North East for formation of our organization for postal pensioners:


Media exposes Post Office's Limitations! I

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» TODAY'S PAPER » TAMIL NADU                                                              CHENNAI, MARCH 30, 2016


For the past few days, customers at many post offices have been waiting in queues for long hours to make deposits in their savings scheme accounts.

But, many of them have had to return disappointed, owing to glitches in the core banking solutions (CBS) network.

More customers opted to invest in postal saving schemes after the Postal Department announced that until March 31, depositors could avail themselves of the existing interest rate even if the rates would be revised in April. However, several post offices in the city did not have the capacity to handle the sudden rush of investors and the CBS system had collapsed in many places.

Many customers visiting the T. Nagar head post office on Tuesday complained that they waited in queues for over two hours, to be informed that transactions could not be carried out as the system was not functional. Some of them alleged that depositors were turned down as postal investments before the month-end would attract higher interest rates.

A resident of Anna Nagar said that those who wanted to withdraw cash or close the accounts after maturity were the worst-affected and long waits often led to frayed tempers among customers.

Deivanai Pandian, a resident of Anna Nagar, said: “Some customers wait for over four hours to check if transactions can be carried out. I visit once in two days to check whether the situation has improved. There are instances when even the staff members begin their day before 10 a.m. but are unable to carry out operations because the CBS system is not working.”

Customers demanded that the technical glitches in the software of the CBS be resolved and the bandwidth be increased to address such issues.

Officials of the Department said more customers chose to invest in senior citizens’ savings scheme, recurring deposits and time deposits.

On Sunday alone, 6,300 accounts were opened in the Chennai city region and deposits were accepted in post offices through manual system as in Anna Nagar. However, withdrawals cannot be made till the problem is set right and customers may have to opt for cash from postal ATMs.

Admitting that there had been a problem in CBS-enabled post offices, Mervin Alexander, Postmaster General (Chennai City Region), said overloading the system due to a large number of transactions in a short span had led to the problem and the technical team was involved in resolving it.

“We have a contingency plan to prevent inconvenience to customers. We have instructed post offices to accept deposits and provide manual receipts so that people need not wait for long hours,” he said. He added that nearly 25,000 saving accounts were opened in the past one week.

Postal staff members had been instructed to accept deposits and make entry online later to help customers get the benefits of higher interest rate.

Tuesday 29 March 2016



The AIPRPA CHQ had on 16th March sent email to Secretary Posts for intervention to cause to order payment of pension manually to all Pensioners in the background of Finacle in POSB will not work on 1.4.2016. Incidentally last year there was a huge delay as the 1st April was followed by two more days of holidays. We learnt that NFPE and some Circle Unions of NFPE have taken up the issue of payment to employees and pensioners. In the meanwhile the Circle Administration as like Tamilnadu Circle has issued orders for payment of salary to employees manually on 1.4.2016. On coming to know of this order of the Chief PMG the AIPRPA CHQ emailed to Secretary P for her intervention once again. The Pensioners who are a larger section are also to be paid their pension on 1.4.2016 through manual process that can be later adjusted with the SB Accounts electronically. Taking the situation into consideration, the AIPRPA CHQ calls upon all its States and District / Divisional Organizations to organize a protest demonstration in front of HPOs / Divisional Offices at a time of their convenience on 1.4.2016 to show our discontent towards the attitude of the Postal Administration that is not taking the issue of Pensioners seriously on the matter of payment of pension along with the Postal Employees.

Hold Protest Demonstrations – Take the support from all Service Unions / Associations – Invite the leaders of Service Unions also to the Demonstrations – Show our strong sentiments to the Postal Administration – Inform the CHQ about the demonstrations held and the situation in their respective places – Inform all Pensioners telephonically to assemble on 1.4.2016 for the demonstration as there is no time to issue any Notices!
Let us protest for Justice!


General Secretary 

Against Discriminatory Treatment to Pensioners!




No.AIPRPA/2/3/2016 Dated 28.03.2016


Sub: Ending the discriminatory treatment towards Pensioners on the matter of payment of pension on 1.4.2016.

Kindly refer to our earlier email dated 16.03.2016 on the issue of payment of pension to pensioners manually due to non-functioning of finacle in POSB on 1st April. It is reported from several divisions of Tamilnadu Circle that manual pay disbursement to serving employees has been ordered by the Chief PMG whereas the Pensioners are not included for manual payment. This Association is not clear as to whether the orders of the Chief PMG Tamilnadu Circle is independently issued by him or at the behest of the Postal Directorate on this issue on an all India basis. However, this Association of Postal and RMS Pensioners is very much disappointed to find that a discriminatory treatment is being shown to pensioners. The Pensioners all over India are very much in distress at the non-inclusion of manual payment of pension to them on 1st April this year also. This Association urges your immediate intervention to cause to set right the matter.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

Immediate Reaction Requested from AIPRPA leaders

Pay and Pension Disbursement:

Tamilnadu Chief PMG issued orders for manual payroll pay disbursement to serving employees on 1.4.2016 as Finacle will not work on that day. Earlier AIPRPA CHQ emailed to Secretary P requesting for such manual pension payment to pensioners. NFPE has written to Directorate for similar payment to both employees and pensioners. However the orders of Tamilnadu Chief PMG is reportedly silent on pensioners. All State General Secretaries and CHQ office bearers are requested to intervene and check the situation in their respective states. CHQ is sending an urgent email to Secretary P now. CHQ wants to know the opinion of CHQ office bearers and State GS as to whether we can organize protest demonstrations in all divisions on 1.4.2016 if pensioners are not covered and discriminated? Please respond immediately! - KR GS AIPRPA

Monday 28 March 2016

Silchar Assam Meeting Successful!

Meeting of Employees & Pensioners at Silchar!

GS AIPRPA along with NCCPA Vice President S.Rahman & RCC Convenor D.K.Debnath arrived in Silchar after 13 hours train journey from Guwahati. Rain started lashing as soon as we arrive there but despite the inclement weather almost all staff on duty in RMS offices and some Pensioners turned up for meeting. Meeting started at 6.00 P.M and continued till 8.30 P.M. Pay Commission situation and Pensioners problems were discussed. After a deep discussion it was unanimously decided that the responsibility to form AIPRPA will be taken by the senior pensioners attended and a larger meeting of pensioners will be convened shortly for this purpose. NFPE Service Unions assured full support in this endeavour.

AIPRPA formed in Guwahati Assam!

AIPRPA formation in Guwahati

In a meeting well attended by Postal Pensioners and employees at Meghdoot Bhawan Recreation Club at 2.00 P.M on 27.03.2016. The meeting was presided jointly by Leader of existing Assam Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association comrade B.R.Lahkar and Convenor of RCC of Assam & NE comrade D.K.Debnath. All Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions also attended and addressed. Various Pensioners leaders including AGS AIBDPA com.M.R.Das addressed. Comrade KR GS AIPRPA and S.Rahman VP NCCPA also addressed. The meeting unanimously adopted a resolution to convert the existing Pensioners Association into AIPRPA Guwahati and function under AIPRPA. A great leap forward in building AIPRPA in this region:

Thursday 24 March 2016

Towards building a stronger AIPRPA

Organisational Tour of Assam & NE!

Looking forward to our programme of building AIPRPA in all North Eastern States. Leaving for Kolkota by morning flight on 26th from Chennai and CGPA conference in North Kolkata in afternoon of 26.03.2016; Next day Morning flight to Guwahati from Kolkata departing  at 6.50 A.M (by Indigo 623) - Starting the campaign at Guwahati in the afternoon of 27th and covering many centres in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland up to 10.04.2016 - Leaders of NFPE and Pensioners movement along with the GS AIPRPA in this programme - AIPRPA CHQ seeks full cooperation from all leaders of postal movement -  regards - KR GS AIPRPA

Friday 18 March 2016

Pensioners Post 'March' Issue!


March issue of CHQ monthly journal under print. Likely to be posted on 23rd March! All CHQ office bearers and State General Secretaries are requested to expedite enrollment of annual subscribers immediately and email the list of addresses. Subscribers amount may be deposited in PNB account. From next issue of April, copies will be sent only to Subscribers. Here is the front wrapper of March issue for information of all:

Wednesday 16 March 2016


(Regd. 83/2015 under Societies Act of TamilnaduSocieties Registration Act, 1975)
2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007 (Chennai HQ)
First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001 (Delhi HQ)

No.AIPRPA/2/3/2016 Dated 16.03.2016

Sub: Problem of non-payment of March month Pension on 1.4.2016 and request for customizing the Finacle software – regarding.

This All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is constrained to draw your kind attention that the in-built problem in the Finacle software of Infosys being used for core banking operations in the Department of Posts is yet to be updated to suit the conditions of the Department. All of us know that the software was tailor made to the banking services but has to be customized to suit our requirements including its function on 1st April every year, which may be a working day to us unlike the Banks which are always closed on 1st April for public transactions. This causes the Postal Employees as well as the Pensioners who draw their pension through the POSB unable to draw on 1st April and sometimes like last year continuously for three days up to April 4th due to following holidays to 1st April.

This Association had taken this issue last year also with the Department for remedy and sought as a special case to disburse pension manually instead of POSB Computers. However, only in two or three circles like Andhra and Karnataka the Chief PMGs facilitated such a facility through manual operations. It was hoped that a permanent solution will be found by the Department by talking to Infosys but it appears the problem continues. This year also we are receiving complaints from our Districts that due to non-functioning of core banking on 1st April though that day is a working day to Post Offices, no withdrawals from POSB will be possible. This will create hardship to thousands of Pensioners and Employees this year also.

While this Association would like to urge a permanent solution by making necessary changes in the software by the Infosys to enable a normal functioning of POSB on 1st April, requests for a temporary solution by ordering payment of pension manually for those pensioners who are in urgent need of it.

Soliciting your kind and favorable action.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

Tuesday 15 March 2016


(Regd. 83/2015 under Societies Act of TamilnaduSocieties Registration Act, 1975)
2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007 (Chennai HQ)
First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001 (Delhi HQ)


Sub: Implementation of pay scale notified in the Schedule of Part C vide orders dated 29.08.2008 to Pre-2006 HSG-1 Pensioners of Postal Department and cancellation of orders of DoP&PW dated 11.02.2009 as per Apex Court verdict - regarding.

This Association of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners is constrained to bring to your kind notice that a grave injustice had been perpetrated to the Pensioners retired in the cadre of HSG-I prior to 1.1.2006 because of the fact that the feeder cadre to HSG-I cadre also bracketed with this cadre for fixation of minimum pension.

The HSG-II is the feeder cadre to HSG-I Postmasters post in the Department of Posts. The HSG-II posts were carrying 5000-8000 pre-revised scale of pay while the promotional cadre of HSG-I was in 6500-11500. The amalgamation of S-9, S-10. S-11 and S-12 pay scales by the 6th CPC resulted in serving employees of HSG-II placed in 4200 GP in PB-2 and consequently the promotional cadre of HSG-I was placed in 4600 GP in PB-2 by the Government vide GOI dated 29.08.2008. The entire Pre-2006 Pensioners of HSG-II were drawn their minimum Pension correctly according to the replacement scale of 4200 GP whereas the pre-2006 pensioners in the Promotional Cadre of HSG-I are still denied the benefit of fixation of minimum pension based on the scale of pay granted to the cadre. The striking down of the erroneous  interpretation contained in the  OM of the GOI dated 11.02.2009 by the Apex Court notwithstanding the situation continues to be unchanged even now.

The general argument that the Government had always taken the replacement scale to the pre-revised scale of pay of the Pensioner only for re-fixation of pension after every pay commission cannot be applied to HSG-I cadre for the basic reason that the amalgamation of four scales of pay resulted in both feeder and promotional cadre fell on the same level and consequently the Government had placed the promotional cadre in the next level. Therefore the scale made available to serving employees from 1.1.2006 shall be treated as the replacement scale of HSG-I only and all the Pre-2006 Pensioners retired in HSG-I cadre should be extended with the right of fixation of minimum pension based on the Pay in the Pay Band applicable to that cadre. The Government’s argument that the GP 4600 in PB-2 is an upgraded scale to the cadre and cannot be applied to pre-2006 retirees is basically unjustified and untenable, as it is not an upgraded scale but a replacement scale only due to amalgamation of four scales below that cadre resulted in the grant of 4600 GP to this cadre to the employees. But the pensioners of both the promotional and feeder cadre are in the same level of 4200 GP!

The GOI dated 29.08.2008 which declared the schedule of new pay scales in lieu of  old pay scales clearly points out that the replacement of scale of HSG-1 in Postal Department in S-13 scale of pay are to be granted 4600/- GP. But the subsequent orders of DoP&PW dated 11.02.2009 denied this step by treating the GP 4600 pay to HSG-1 is an upgradation of pay permitted only to the serving employees w.e.f. 1.1.2006. It is noteworthy that this erroneous order dated 11.02.2009 was struck down by the Courts including Apex Court but even till date the Government has not issued any instructions that the above order stands cancelled, consequently the authorities continue to operate under the orders dated 11.02.2009 on the grounds that the Government has not withdrawn the orders! This is happening despite the Apex Court clearly ruled to scrap the said orders dated 11.2.2009. It can be seen that cancellation of the said 11.2.2009 orders will automatically ensure the grant of GP 4600 pay to pre-2006 pensioners of HSG-1 as per original orders dated 29.08.2008.

Moreover the revised pension on the basis of the pay in the pay band and grade pay thereon corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired should  not be applied mechanically by undermining  the fact that the GP 4600 scale to HSG-I is only the replacement scale of HSG-I  due to amalgamation of several pay scales including the HSG-I and its feeder cadre HSG-2 by the Pay Commission and that resulted in the HSG-I promotional cadre allotted the next scale with GP 4600 by the Government / Ministry.

This Association urges for a judicious decision on this matter by the Government of India despite the fact that the 7th CPC could not apply its mind to this fact and net result is perpetuation of a grave injustice to the pensioners of HSG-I cadre in Department of Posts. This Association hopes for early rectification and issue of orders granting the benefit to Pre-2006 HSG-I retirees.
Yours faithfully,

General Secretary 

Thursday 10 March 2016



13.c  Feroze Shah Road,
 New Delhi. 110 001

President:                           Com. Shiv Gopal Misra.
Secretary General:          Com. K.KN. Kutty.

Dear Comrades,

                The periodical meeting of  JCM National Council,  with the Secretary Pension was held today at the the Conference hall of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Delhi today i.e. 10.3.2016.  On behalf of the Staff Side the following representatives were present:
Com. Shiv Gopal Misra, Com.Guman Singh, Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Com. M.S. Raja and Com. Srikumar.
The official side had the representatives from the Department of Pension, Personnel, Railways, Defence, Expenditure, health, Posts and Telecom. The meeting was presided over by the Secretary Pension.

After the initial comments from the Secretary Pension and the Secretary Staff Side, the items which had been subjected to discussion in the earlier meeting and the action taken statement thereon were taken up. The following were the issues that came up for discussion in the Action Taken Statement.

1.       Abnormal delay in the issue of revised PPO to pre 2006 retirees pensioners/family pensioners.  (as per the minutes of the JCM held on 26.02.20125).
The following information was given at the meeting:

Ministry/Deptt.        Total cases.         Revised authority issued. PPOs yet to be revised.

Civil Ministries           431,172 425599.                                 5573
Railways:                     984260                  984260                                                  nil
Posts.                            159675                  159675                                                  nil
Telecom.                     53126                    52284                                                    272

2.       Cashless treatment to CGHS beneficiaries by empanelled private hospitals. The health Ministry officials stated that since the budgetary provisions are made separately for each Ministry it was not possible to ensure cashless treatment to serving employees.  The concerned Department or Ministry has to enter into agreement with the hospitals.

3.       Finalisation of Family pension cases within a specified period.
It was stated by the official side that the instructions have already been issued.  Regarding the complaint from the M.P. Circle of the Postal Department, the matter has been taken up with the concerned authorities on 6.2.2015.  The representative of the Postal Department said that the complaint has been attended to and the matter has been settled.

Agenda Items for the meeting:

1.       Grant of Gratuity on retirement/death of a Central Govt. NPS subscriber. The representatives of the Pension department said that the Department of Expenditure has given their concurrence for the grant of Gratuity for the NPS subscribers on 8.1.2016.  The requisite amendment to the rules, they added were being processed and the consultation with the Law Ministry and the Labour Ministry have already been made.  They said that they would expedite the issuance of orders in the matter.  

2.       Extension of the benefits of full pension to pre-2006 pensioners who had completed more than 20 years of service but less than 33 years.   The Staff side said that despite series of judgements in favour of the pensioners, the Government has not yet issued the orders.  Recently the Nagpur Tribunal has issued a contempt notice to the Government.  They also alleged that the pensioners are being dragged to litigation.  The Representatives of the Pension Department informed that the Department of Expenditure had not agreed to extend the benefit generally to all which has resulted in filing appeal.  The representative of the Department of Expenditure stated that in the light of the view of the Department of legal affairs, the matter would be re-examined. 

3.       Delay in the finalisation of Family pension cases by the PCDA (Pension) Allahabad.  In response to the complaint the representative of the  Defence Ministry informed that only in a few cases, the finalisation has been delayed due to the documentation difficulties.  They assured to sort out the matter.

4.       Grant of modified parity to all those who retired prior to 1.1.2006 with reference to the upgraded post.  The Staff Side stated that the Department of Pension has taken a very narrow view of the matter and the cases are dragged to the courts of law.  The very spirit of the recommendation of the 5th CPC to bring about atleast modified parity if not full parity has not been appreciated by the Govt.  The issue was discussed at length.  The official side pointed out the decisions of the Court in favour of the position taken by the Government in the case of K.S. Krishnaswany in CANO. 3174/3006, which has been upheld by the Honourable Gujarat High Court.  In reply the Staff Side pointed out that the said decisions quoted by the official side had come about due to the phrase employed while issuing the original order viz. corresponding replacement scale.  After some discussions, the Chairman agreed to look into the matter afresh and revisit the order of the Department of Pension in the matter.

5.       The meeting also discussed the difficulties of Pensioners during the hearing of Pension Adalats.  The Staff Side pointed out the need to engage some knowledgeable person to assistant the complainants.  The official side said that there had been no prohibition in the matter.  The Petitioners are entitled to seek the assistance of another pensioner in presenting his case.  If specific complaint of denial of this facility is brought to their notice, the Pension Department  will issue the necessary instruction in the matter. 

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair
Fraternally yours,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.

Tuesday 8 March 2016




Dear Comrades! Colleagues!


The NJCA has met on 7th March, 2016 and reviewed the developments since 1st March meeting between the Cabinet Secretary led Empowered Group of Secretaries and the Staff Side leaders of National Council JCM. It has come to the decision that due to the impending Elections to five States and the coming into effect of Code of Conduct of Elections and the request of Cabinet Secretary for more time to arrive at conclusions on the Charter of Modifications sought by us in the recommendations of 7th CPC, the proposed indefinite strike by all CG Employees shall be postponed to 11.07.2016 instead of 11.04.2016! The serving of strike notice also shall be deferred from 11.03.2016 to 9th June 2016. The NJCA has informed that a mobilization programme will be finalized in the changed situation and intimated later.

AIPRPA CHQ reiterates  its stand to extend total solidarity to all campaign programmes and struggle programmes including the indefinite strike. It requests our rank and file to forge total unity with the Pensioners organizations in NCCPA in particular and with all other Pensioners Organizations outside to plan for appropriate solidarity programmes to NJCA as well as to highlight all Pensioners exclusive demands before the Government at present.


Due to stiff opposition from all quarters including all Central Trade Unions, the Central Government has taken back its budget proposal of taxing 60% of withdrawals from Employees Provident Fund. Though after the controversy, the Government had announced that the Central Government Employees’ PF will not be taxed, the crores of employees and workers covered by EPF Scheme stoutly opposed the proposal. Even the Central TUS had declared that the proposal is against the protection of Constitution available to the savings of retirement of employees. Amidst total protest the Government has to bow and withdrawn the proposal to tax EPF. A victory to united opposition indeed!


General Secretary AIPRPA