Thursday 16 March 2023

AP State starts functioning from an Office!

 Andhra State Association Office Inaugurated! A very happy occasion! 

Andhra State now will function from an office from Guntur!  The Office is inaugurated by the CHQ President comrade K.Ragavendran in the presence of the Working Committee of AP State. Comrade M.Uma Maheswara Rao (AP State President) presided the simple function organized by AP State Secretary comrade N.Nageswara Rao. Many senior leaders including comrades D.L.Kantharao (Hony President AP State AIPRPA); V.Mohanrao (President of Guntur AIPRPA & Former Circle President P3); Comrade C.H.Vidyasagar CS P4 (NFPE); comrade K.Nageswara Rao (Secretary AIBDPA); and many other leaders and officers.

After inauguration of office, the computer has been inaugurated by senior Comrade D.L.Kantharao and the colour printer inaugurated by comrade C.H.Vidyasagar P4 CS. The first print welcoming all is taken out and exhibited by Comrade K.Ragavendran CHQ President.

Opening of an independent office is another credit to the leaders of AIPRPA at Andhra in general and Comrade N.Nageswararao State Secretary in particular. No doubt the feat will increase manifold the activities of the State. CHQ wishes AP State to grow as a very powerful state in the country!

Monday 13 March 2023

GO of Pension Minister dated 3rd March analysed!


Implication of OM of Government for bringing NPS officials to OPS

Recently the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare (Central Government) on 3.3.2023 had issued an OM on coverage of CG Employees in OPS, if they were recruited for the vacancies advertised or notified for recruitment on or before 22.12.2003. Many queries are being raised about the OM and we want to clarify the issue here.

1.     Earlier the NPS was notified to the effect that all Civilian Employees appointed on or after 1.1.2004 to the posts under Central Government are mandatorily covered by NPS.

2.     The CCS Pension Rules were also amended subsequently through Notification dated 30/12/2003 so that the CCS Pension Rules are applicable to Government Employees appointed after 31.12.2003.

3.     Subsequently, by another OM dated 17/02/2020, one-time option was given to employees, who were declared successful for recruitment on or before 31.12.2003 against vacancies occurred prior to 1.1.2004 to change over from NPS to OPS.

4.     Representations were supposedly received from many by citing Court Orders etc that the benefit should be extended to all who were recruited towards advertised / notified vacancies while there was no NPS in existence.

5.     Accordingly now it has been decided that all CG Employees recruited towards advertised / notified vacancies prior to notification of the OM dated 22.12.2003 and joined in service on or after 1.1.2004 and therefore brought under NPS are given one-time option to switch from NPS to OPS.

6.     This option is to be exercised before 31/08/2023 and the option once exercised is final.

7.     Those employees who do not give their option before 31.08.2023 shall continue to be covered under NPS.

8.     Necessary orders will be issued by the appointing authorities of such officials who give their option from NPS to OPS and actually covered under the above Rules before 31.10.2023.

9.     Once Orders are issued as above, the NPS accounts will be closed with effect from 31.12.2023.

10.  Such Officials shall have to subscribe to the individual’s GPF scheme. The amount in NPS shall be adjusted and credited  in their individual GPF account and up to date interest will also be credited. There is noting mentioned in the OM about any handing over of money to the said officials but all their contribution till date shall be adjusted in their individual GPF account.

11.  The Government contribution to NPS towards such officials and the increased value of subscription on account of appreciation of investments will be credited into Government account.

12.  Though this OM specifically do not mention anything about the Retired Officials who were covered as per the OM of the Department of Pension, our interpretation is that the OM is automatically applies to any retired official also if he was recruited as per the advertisement / notification made by any department before the issue of Notification of NPS on 22.12.2003. If there is any hitch, the NCCPA shall intervene with the Government.


The crux of the OM is as above. Please be clear that the NPS is not taken back by the Central Government for all CG Employees but only to that section of CG Employees who were recruited as  per notification prior to 22.12.2003 when NPS rules were not promulgated. This is also as per Court interventions. All other Officials who were recruited as per advertisements / notifications released on or after the date of NPS notification (i.e., 22.12.2003) will be brought under NPS only. The fight to force the Central Government from total withdrawal of NPS for all employees and workers entered the Government service after the 22.12.2003 Notification continue. – KR Secretary General NCCPA

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Solidarity to N-JCA by NCCPA Resolution


Resolution on solidarity to N-JCA Programme against NPS unanimously adopted in the NE of NCCPA on 06.03.2023

It is a welcome sign that the entire Central, State Government Employees led by Staff Side JCM and All India State Government Employees Federation; Teachers led by Teachers Organizations; All India
Defense Employees Federation; Confederation of Central Government Employees including National Federation of Postal Employees; and many other Employees as well as Pensioners organizations have come together under the banner of National – Joint Council of Action (NJCA) and chalked out a course of Programme against NPS in a National Convention on 21.02.2023 at New Delhi.

The time fully ripe for a consistent struggle against National Pension System (NPS) introduced by the joint effort of UPA and NDA in the Parliament despite clear and stout opposition from the left. The Pensioners retiring under NPS are hardly getting around 1500/- as monthly pension even after 18 long years of its introduction. This exposes the hollow claims of the Central Government that in the long run the NPS will be more beneficial! There is no answer from the Government when we point out their words at the time of inception of NPS that people under NPS will draw either equal or more pension than the old pension scheme!

More and more State Governments are wriggling out of NPS in India. West Bengal, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh (6 State Governments) have now embraced the old pension scheme and abandoned NPS. But the Central Government and other Authorities are threatening these states of dire consequences if they opt out of NPS! Many more State Governments like Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhra are committed to end the NPS and these states joining the other six states will provide fire power to the struggling employees and pensioners. The day is not far off when ending NPS becomes an active political slogan and incorporated in the election manifestos of several Political Parties aspiring central power.

The struggle being launched by the N-JCA throughout the country on every month 21st; and the March to Parliament on 21st July and their decision to sit in the Steering Committee and decide for their ultimate action in September are highly encouraging factors for the fighting forces against NPS.

The National Executive of NCCPA that met virtually on 06.03.2023 under the presidentship of Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra (JCM Staff Side Secretary) has resolved to extend total solidarity and support to all the struggles decided by the National Convention of N-JCA on 21.02.2023 and decides to call upon all its rank and file and affiliated associations and state CGPAs to actively come out in large numbers in support of the struggles at all State level. This NE of NCCPA also calls upon all to join in large numbers in the March to Parliament with our banners and flags and record our serious solidarity support to the serving employees and N-JCA.


Secretary General


Proceedings of NCCPA National Executive Meeting held on 6.3.2023

Proceedings of National Executive Meeting of NCCPA held virtually on 06.03.2023

The Virtual National Executive meeting of NCCPA was held today (06.03.2023 at 15.00 Hrs to 18.00.Hrs) under the chairmanship of President Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra, 18 CMC Members attended including two Advisors of NCCPA.

President initiated the meeting and explained the efforts taken to organize all the Federations and Unions of serving employees of Central Government and State Government including the Teachers and other Pensioners under N-JCA and explained about holding of the programmes successfully so far. He wanted the NCCPA to help in getting all concerned to apply and opt for Old Pension Scheme as per the March 3rd letter of Staff Side JCM for all recruited or vacancies notified or notified on or before 22.12.2003. He then called the Secretary General to initiate on the notified agenda.

Comrade K.Ragavendran Secretary General NCCPA briefed the written report earlier circulated by him covering all the items of agenda. He paid homage to the departed leader of NCCPA comrade K.K.Marotkar of Indore and other working class leaders. He appealed to approve the minutes of the earlier virtual NE Meeting of NCCPA held on 15.01.2023. He explained the decisions of programme as decided by the NJCA Convention and the solidarity extended by the NCCPA including sending a delegation headed by Ishwarsingh Dabas to the above convention. He stated that a separate resolution extending total support to the N-JCA decisions should be adopted by the present NE. Appealed that all States should have a strong State COC of NCCPA and powerful District COC of NCCPA to take the struggles effectively. All quota dues as per our constitution at the rate of 1/- per member per year shall be remitted by all Affiliates since the Jaipur AIC held in 2019 November. He also explained that due quota since Bogota World conference is to be remitted to TUI (P&R) as a comrade is coming to India (Kerala) as per the General Secretary of TUI(P&R). He further stated that the accounts are audited and other documents are sent for physical submission to Registrar of Trade Unions Jaipur through Comrade M.L.Gupta President of PNB Pensioners and Retirees Welfare association and our NCCPA Vice President. The efforts taken by the SG for Bank Pensioners issue with the TUI General Secretary; the efforts of AIBDPA in uniting various pensioners of BSNL behind their demand for pension revision and our role; the need for organizing a separate Programme by NCCPA on the charter of Pensioners etc were explained by the SG in his report. His report covered that the Regional Conference of TUI (P&R) to be held in Kerala in the month of October and the AIC of NCCPA shall also be held shortly. He also appealed for coming forward to opt for holding next NE Meeting physically in the month of May-June. He explained that the model logos and all suggestions by some NE Members are placed in the WhatsApp group of NCCPA and we shall finalize in our meeting today. He also explained that despite the Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association, the Dakshina Railway Pensioners Union wants to affiliate with NCCPA and accordingly DRPU have included it in its constitution also. Another big Railway Pensioners outfit viz.., AIRRF wants liberalized affiliation with NCCPA.  He narrated the wish of Patron Comrade Mathur for amendments to constitution and accordingly a committee of five or six can be constituted to finalize our position and submit in the AIC. He also explained the efforts taken by him in sending emails to BPS and AIFPA regarding revival of BCPC with the idea of organizing pensioners in an bigger way to support the demands of pensioners and to stand solidly with N-JCA. The need for releasing a journal by NCCPA and the hardship faced during the time of corona at Kolkatta that forced us to stop printing News Letter were explained by the Secretary General and suggestions from NE Members sought to revive the organ.

The President before calling all Members of the National Executive stated some points. He opined that the affliation issue can be taken up in the next physical meeting of NE. Regarding AIRRF he felt that the membership may not be that much as claimed by them. Anyway, this issue can be taken up in the next meeting. Secondly, as far uniting with all Pensioners organizations is good for pressing the issues of pensioners also. Therefore I will talk to those organisations like BPS who said negatively earlier and report to you. Thirdly, as far as the Committee for amendments to constitution I will suggest to include the name of C.L.Mathur also as he initiated the issue. The President once again reiterated the importance of joint action planned against NPS and said that NCCPA shall support the activities. Every month 21st the action programme of N-JCA will be observed up to a March to Parliament on 21st July, when further course of action will be decided by the meeting of Steering Committee. Current year September we are likely to go for a massive struggle against NPS, Then he asked the SG to allow each one of the NE Members to talk briefly.

Accordingly the following Advisors and NE Members spoke on the agenda:

1.     K.D.Khera – Advisor NCCPA: I endorse all points narrated by the Secretary General and the President. I will restrain myself only on agenda number 6 pertaining to Bank Pensioners. For the past 25 years the pension of Bank Pensioners was not at all revised despite sufficient funds. We are demanding pension at par with the Reserve bank Pensioners and it is not beyond the scope as sufficient funds are available. Earlier they said that they are calculating in 2015; now they say they are calculating in 2023. Somewhere there is no seriousness and we want the NCCPA to intervene. A draft we have prepared will be sent to NCCPA and if a letter to Prime Minister is written by NCCPA on those lines it would be fine.


2.     A.K.Ghosh Assistant Secretary General NCCPA: We have discussed in West Bengal and decided that besides our senior comrade Pabitra Chakraborty, the General Secretary of WB COC comrade P.Lahiri will speak on all items. I will only stress for early convening of physical NE Meeting as countering any point in virtual meetings will be difficult.



3.     Basawanand ITPF Secretary General: The sudden demise of comrade KKN Kutty had affected our functioning. Now I have been selected as the Secretary General ITPF in his place. We have our presence throughout the country and we will involve in organizing any programme decided by the NCCPA. I also want a physical meeting of NE first where we can discuss all issues and proceed further.


4.     Basudev Sengupta Auditor NCCPA: There are 15 items in the agenda and it will be difficult to cover all items in a virtual meeting. As the items are important, there shall be a physical meeting to discuss all the points.


5.     Pabitra Chakraborty Deputy SG NCCPA: We have discussed all the items in our State COC and decided that the GS of COC comrade P.Lahiri will consolidate all our opinions. I wish to state only on two points. One is the question or revival of BCPC. I feel that the question of reviving BCPC does not arise. Earlier comrade S.K.Vyas tried to unify all the pensioners movement and in the process he became the Secretary General of BCPC. But after his death the BCPC was taken to its death. We cannot dissolve in BPS or any other Pensioners Union because we want to maintain our identity. So, we will close the chapter of BCPC. Regarding a robust organization for NCCPA, small units in states shall join and form State COC of NCCPA at the behest of bigger units. West Bengal COC is organizing successfully all pensioners in all our programmes throughout the state.


6.     P.Lahiri General Secretary WB COC: I will straightaway go into the items. Regarding item Number 2, West Bengal will support all programmes related to N-JCA decisions against NPS. Regarding item number 3, there is no problem with the functioning of our state organization as pointed out by Comrade Pabitra Chakraborty. However, if any amendments are proposed let us consider that at the appropriate time. But to strengthen our NCCPA in all states we should take the help from regular employees’ organizations. Regarding quota to NCCPA since Jaipur AIC the item is important and we shall remit immediately 20,000/- pending final settlement on sending the account particulars. Regarding quota to TUI, we have to be affiliated and the quota amount is big to TUI and therefore collections have to be made from affiliates. Regarding Bank Pensioners issue, NCCPA is trying to mobilize Bank Pensioners. As the service unions in Banks are reluctant to get the pension revision we  have to concentrate on the issue. As far as the BSNL Pensioners are concerned, we have to support them. We also appreciate the formation of BSNL Pensioners United Forum. Regarding number 9 item of agenda viz., NCCPA Programme on Pensioners issues, the item is very important. Unless there is an all India programme organized by NCCPA, the issues of pensioners will not move. There are many important issues in the item. NPS and BSNL Pensioners to be added to the charter and we shall move ahead with our own programme. Regarding TUI Regional Conference, money is the problem but we have to conduct the programme of Conference effectively and efficiently. As far as the NCCPA AIC is concerned, it is our opinion that other than Rajasthan and West Bengal should come forward and host it. The AIC shall be for three days. The Logo issue can be decided by the NCCPA. As far as the affiliation issue is concerned, we can go for affiliation but membership quota as per NCCPA constitution shall be collected. The physical meeting of NE is a welcome step but the meeting shall take place in any venue other than Kolkata. All items can be discussed threadbare only in physical meetings. As far as the any other item, we support the line of Secretary General and state that NCCPA should have a journal of its own and it shall come from Tamilnadu in a new name. BCPC is a dead item and as explained by Comrade Pavitra we should leave the issue forever. We should have our identity but we can go for joint programmes. We should strengthen our NCCPA and forget BCPC.


7.     Sajer Rahman Vice President NCCPA: I am not speaking on all items but only on some points. It is good that some organizations have come forward to seek affiliation with NCCPA. We can discuss in our next physical NE Meeting. Karnataka P&T clashes with AIBDPA and AIPRPA for Telecom and Postal. This is to be clarified. Regarding quota, in a time bound manner of one month all quota dues are to be cleared. Ayushman Bharat development has come and the Additional Director Guwahati is stopping the treatment for beneficiaries who have not linked their CGHS Cards with ABHA. Ultimately the CGHS beneficiaries will be pushed to the government hospitals under ABHA and take treatment along with other general patients only. I also say that a physical NE is necessary and I suggest that along with Delhi March we can have a physical meeting of NE in Delhi either one or two days earlier. As far as LOGO is concerned, it should be simple and easily understood by all. Regarding the AIC of NCCPA, Assam cannot organize it as we have undertaken the responsibility of organizing the AIC of AIPRPA.


8.     D.K.Debnath General Secretary AIPRPA: Quota to NCCPA is important and on proving the account number by the SG, we shall remit the same. The LOGO is kept in our whatsapp group by comrades KR and KG. Our suggestion is some modifications have been suggested by us to Comrade KR’s proposal. The same may be accepted. Before going for our physical NE meeting, today itself we have to decide on some Programme of action on pensioners issues by NCCPA. For Parliament march also we have to fix quota for each affiliate and state to make the programme more successful. Items suggested for inclusion viz.,m NPS and BSNL Pensioners issues in our charter by Comrade Lahiri is supported. As far as affiliation of Railway Unions are concerned, we can wait until the next Meeting as our President belongs to Railways and he needs some time to discuss. Regarding Accounts and renewal of NCCPA we support the line of Secretary General. As far as the BSNL Pensioners issues are concerned, we fully support AIBDPA.


9.     K.B.Krishna Rao GS Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association: Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association was an affiliate of NCCPA since earlier time. Comrade S.K.Vyas was the Secretary General. We have been regularly paying the affiliation fee etc. Actually I could not locate the old records to show our past affiliation by going to our office and I thought it not necessary as an item was introduced in the agenda itself. Regarding quota at the rate of 1/- per member, I want to get clarified that whether it is based on the actual membership or on membership including those died and not renewed. I strongly support the view point that NCCPA should have its separate existence and functioning. I wish NCCPA exhibits all affiliates and the General Secretary’s name in the website so that all can see it and understand the affiliates. Comrades should clarify as to whether the formation of State COC of NCCPA is like the Confederation COC? We will strongly support the BSNL Pensioners. Though our nomenclature is Karnataka P&T Pensioners Associations, we have more members from Railways, Defence and even Judiciary. Finally on CGHS issue, I want to place an issue. Recently an OM was issued for enhancement of Ward Entitlements. There is some confusion prevailing. Whether all Pensioners who retired before 1.1.2006 and pension enhanced under 7th CPC Pay Matrix as per notional fixation are also eligible or not? OM dated 19.01.1917 says the CGHS contributions are based on rates to all as though they have continued in service even after the said date. If I join CGHS and pay as per 7th CPC rates, then why for “wards entitlement” I should not be given the same benefit? So, the date of retirement should not be the criterion for allotment of wards. NCCPA may take up this issue.


10.  Soran Singh Maurya OGS NCCPA: The issue of revision of Pension to BSNL absorbed Penioners was in the charter of NCCPA while in the last AIC. But unfortunately, we are not able to still get it. The issues of Bank Pensioners is also important. Regarding CGHS issues, we want to stress that wellness centers to be opened in all Districts etc. Medicines are not immediately supplied in wellness centers. These issues are to be taken up with higher authorities. Holding of AIC of NCCPA should be in October or November in nearby Delhi.


11.  VAN Namboodiri Patron NCCPA: According to the figures the Central Pensioners are a force to reckon with. I want the travel concession to senior citizens restored in Railways. As far as the NCCPA State units are concerned, we are following the Confederation method. Re-organization of NCCPA state units as per this understanding is needed. Quota to NCCPA as per constitution must be paid by all. Admittance of Comrade Krishna Rao in this NE Meeting is welcome and NCCPA will be further strengthened. A Physical NE Meeting is required and we can discuss both the constitution change and LOGO for NCCPA there. TUI Regional Conference has to be organized by us. Regarding NCCPA Conference and Journal of NCCPA, my suggestion is that if Tamilnadu takes the responsibility it would be proper. Getting the old news letter is difficult so a new name for NCCPA journal should be given and in consultation with TN Comrades, the same may be issued from Tamil Nadu. Similarly if the AIC can be organized in Tamil Nadu, it will be better. Comrade K.G.Jayaraj will narrate the details of BSNL Pension Revision issue but the DOT and Govt are taken a wrong line with regard to the pension revision of BSNL. Regarding NCCPA Pension related programme, it is our experience that the Government do not oblige unless there is some pressure by the movement.


12.  President Shiva Gopal Mishra: The President intervened after the speech of Comrade VAN Namboodiri and stated that the discussion on FMA revision also was taken up by the Staff Side and the discussion has reached crucial stage. The Government Side had agreed for 2000/ FMA per month but we insisted for 3000/- per month. So the issue is again referred to the Department of Expenditure.


13.  K.G.Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA: This is the right time to intensify the struggle against NPS. A sustained struggle is warranted. A monthly journal is must and it is better to release it from Chennai of Tamilnadu, which is the native of Comrade K.Ragavendran and with a new name. Regarding quota, AIBDPA has earlier made over 30,000/- for Court Case to NCCPA which was not utilized at all and that money be used as Quota from AIBDPA. If there is any balance the same will be remitted.


14.  K.Ragavendran Secretary General NCCPA: Intervened and tried to get clarification from Comrade K.G.Jayraj as to the person to whom the said court share of 30,000 was given?


15.  K.G.Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA: (Continued): The money of court case was given to Treasurer of NCCPA. Regarding quota to TUI, the same can be paid to Comrade Carlos deputed by the GS TUI. AIBDPA has conducted several struggles for our pension revision and for medical bills. Within five days of our Delhi March, the DOT cleared medical bills of pensioners. Some talks were also initiated by the DOT for pension revision but they are so far adamant and they are calculating total expenses if 5% or 10% or 15% is given as pension revision. Now we are successful in forming a joint forum of Pensioners Associations with eight organizations (four from BSNL and four from MTNL). The demand of some for extending 7th CPC pension to BSNL Pensioners is not practical and tenable. Next course of action will be decided in the joint forum meeting on 19th. Bank Pension revision is also a serious issue and NCCPA SG has taken some initiative in this issue. AIBDPA proposes a March to Parliament on our issues including the CGHS issues during the next session. As regards the Regional Conference of TUI in Kerala, we will act as soon as the list of foreign delegates are received from TUI leaders. Regarding next AIC we can consider the proposal of comrade Namboodiri and regarding LOGO we can take up in our next physical meeting. There is no problem of affiliating Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association with NCCPA. Regarding DRPU also there is no problem. As far as AIRRF is concerned, we can decide about a maximum like we have a minimum level of quota. We can close the chapter of reviving BCPC as some time past the initiative taken by Comrade VAN Namboodiri to get the BCPC revived was also negatived by Comrade S,C,Maheswari. But for TUI Congress in Kerala I would have welcomed for the physical meeting of NCCPA in Kerala.

16.  M.Suresh General Secretary All Kerala Bank Retirees Forum: We are thankful for taking the issue of Bank Pensioners at the level of TUI and WFTU by the NCCPA. I have already sent a detailed note to the SG NCCPA. The argument that there is no funds are rebutted by us through our RTI application replies during several years including 2022. We are planning a small booklet and will send the booklet in English to NCCPA regarding all the details also. We  have resorted to legal action too in addition to organizational action. The court case is admitted in the Supreme Court last year and notices have gone to GOI and IBA. We will form a detailed Reception Committee of all Pensioners Associations in Kerala to host the TUI Regional Conference. Regarding quota I want to know whether it is for calendar year or financial year.


17.  Jagmohan Thakur General Secretary All India Audit & Accounts Pensioners Association: Kindly decide the date of next physical NE Meeting here itself. We also say that Shimla cannot be the venue for next meeting of NE. Regarding quota to NCCPA, we have to clear the same within the time. As far as the NCCPA programme is concerned, we should have a separate Programme on our issues and extend total support to the serving employees programme also. We should highlight NPS also. In Himachal we could see that the NPS changed the BJP government and congress government is installed in power. So NPS can be an issue of total support to serving employees while we can take up several issues of Pensioners including CGHS, Parliamentary Standing Committee etc. The structure of NCCPA should be like the Confederation COCs. We welcome the entry of Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association as it would strengthen our NCCPA. Bank Pensioners issues are also very important.


18.  Subash Chandra Pandey OGS NCCPA: We have to pressurize through our action and we have many issues like the CGHS etc. So I request all to act so that NCCPA build pressure on the government to settle issues.

K.Ragavendran Secretary General NCCPA: The President will conclude the meeting. But as per the consensus of this meeting, the activity to revive the BCPC is given up. NCCPA existence will be maintained as at present and we will not merge with any other Pensioners Unions or Federations to dissolve our entity. Comrade Rahman pointed out some discrepancies in ABHA proposals in Guwahati, He is requested to read the minutes circulated by the Staff Side Secretary regarding the 8th February Meeting taken by the Health Secretary, wherein it was clearly assured that Ayushman Bharath will not take away any existing rights of the beneficiaries. If any issue is violated in Guwahati by the AD CGHS, kindly bring that matter to the notice of the NCCPA and will be taken up with the Government Authorities for remedy by us and by the President. Again on the advice of the President a Committee has been constituted with six comrades “Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborty; K.G.Jayaraj; C.L.Mathur; Prabhakar Nair; J.P. Dhandre and D.K.Debnath” to go into the constitution amendments of NCCPA on inviting suggestions from members and place a report in the NE Meeting before the AIC for finalization to be presented to the AIC for approval.  As far as LOGO to NCCPA is concerned, the issue will  be discussed in the physical NE Meeting. Regarding affiliation to NCCPA, the issue will be discussed and finalized in our next NE Meeting to be convened physically as pointed out by our President but with the permission of the national executive Comrade K.B.Krishna Rao Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association will be invited to all our meetings. As far as quota to NCCPA is concerned, all affiliates shall remit quota for three years of 2020; 2021; 2022 within one month of this National Executive Meeting. Similarly, the quota due to TUI will be cleared by us as per the arrangement suggested by the GS TUI from the existing funds of NCCPA and any quota due for NCCPA shall be paid by the organization from the quota received from affiliates. As far as the suggestion of comrades that the AIC of NCCPA to be hosted by Tamil Nadu State, the suggestion will be discussed with the NCCPA leaders of Tamil Nadu State and a decision will be taken and communicated in the physical NE Meeting. Similarly, I wish that the venue for the two-days physical National Executive Meeting shall be finalized by the ITPF Secretary General Comrade Basavanand and as explained by Comrade Basavanand the issue will be finalized after consultations within the organization of ITPF and the Secretary General NCCPA. Explorations will be undertaken if NCCPA journal can be released from Tamil Nadu in consultation with the Tamil Nadu Comrades and developments will be reported in the next physical NE Meeting. The next physical NE Meeting will constitute an Editorial Board also for the new journal. We will wait until a decision emerges from 19th Meeting and support any decision taken in that United Forum of BSNL Pensioners. In addition, we will include the demands of BSNL Pensioners prominently in our charter also. The issue of Bank Pensioners revision of pension also will be prominently focused in our NCCPA Charter and we will discuss the developments in the Bank Sector in our physical NE Meeting. Our NCCPA Charter will focus NPS demand also prominently but as pointed out by our National Executive Meeting of NCCPA held in Delhi, the NPS is basically a serving comrades problem but we the Pensioners have to raise it.   By including the NPS, BSNL Pension Revision, Bank Pensioners Revision are to be prominently included with other demands and NCCPA Charter and the proposed Programme of Action by the NCCPA will be emailed to all NE Members for approval. The idea is to dovetail our programme with the Progrmme of N-JCA so that we organize our March to Parliament along with the N-JCA March to Parliament and while strengthening the employees Programme led by N-JCA we will also organize our own programme of action. Now, the President will deliver his concluding speech.

President Shiva Gopal Mishra:  Thanked all Members of NE for their support and deliberations. Though Rajasthan State is observing Holy on this day, majority of North Indian States are observing on 8th March, we have decided to hold our NE Meeting today. Assured that the agitation started by N-JCA will be taken to the level of action in September 2023. Thanked for solidarity extended by the NCCPA.        

The National Executive Meeting ended with the following decisions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

1.     Minutes of the NE Meeting held on 15.01.2023 virtually and circulated to all by the Secretary General was approved unanimously.

2.     A resolution fully supporting the decisions of N-JCA National Convention is adopted by the NE Meeting.

3.     Organizational steps to form State level COC of NCCPA in each State and District COC of NCCPA in all districts shall be elaborately discussed in the next physical NE Meeting.

4.     All will remit quota due as per their active members in their membership rolls (Members alive and actual year wise) for three years for 2020, 2021 and 2022 within one month from the present NE Meeting. The quota due shall be calculated @ 1/- per member per year or 1000/- for organizations below the level of membership of 1000. The quota is for calendar year only as our financial year and calendar year are same.

5.     Remittance of quota to Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) shall be remitted as per the suggestion of General Secretary of TUI.

6.     Comrade M.L.Gupta will assist getting the renewal from the Registrar of Trade Unions, Jaipur before March 31st and the Secretary General is going to Jaipur on 24th March for any assistance if required.

7.     NCCPA Charter of Demands and the Programme of Action by the NCCPA to be dovetailed with the March to parliament Programme of N-JCA will be emailed to all for approval and on approval the same will be publicized. The demands of NPS; the BSNL Pension Revision; the Bank Pensioners Pension Revision etc., will be included prominently in the charter.

8.     The outcome of 19th march meeting of BSNL Pensioners United Forum will be taken into account to extend total support to AIBDPA

9.     The demands of Bank Pensioners for pension revision will be incorporated in our charter of NCCPA. The developments of Bank Pensioners revision will be watched keenly with the developments of our efforts noted with appropriate steps.

10.  The Regional Conference of TUI(P&R) shall be organized at Thiruvananthapuram Kerala in October 1-2 and all efforts shall be made by the organizations of Kerala. Meanwhile, the list of delegates from other countries also should be made available. For details of Indian delegates etc., next Physical NE Meeting will take a final decision.

11.  The venue for the next All India Conference of NCCPA shall be finalized in the physical NE Meeting. As wanted by some NE Members, Tamil Nādu Comrades shall be consulted whether Tamil Nadu can be the next venue.

12.  Comrade Basavanand Sahib SG ITPF will consult and inform the Secretary General NCCPA as to whether the physical NE Meeting of NCCPA can be conducted by that organization in May-June.

13.  LOGO for NCCPA will be finalized in the next physical meeting of NE of NCCPA as more discussions will be needed.

14.  Affiliation to Associations (both Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association & Dakshina Railway Pensioners Union) and the request of AIRRF for liberalized affiliation shall be discussed in the next Physical NE Meeting of NCCPA. All suggestions for affiliation will be discussed in the next physical NE Meeting, however, the Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association will be invited to our meetings as like the present meeting.

15.  A Committee of six members viz., Comrades Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborti; K.G.Jayaraj; C.K.Mathur; Dhandre; Prabakar Nair and D.K.Debnath has been constituted to receive all suggestions regarding amendments to constitution of NCCPA and finalize a report to be placed in our NE Meeting for submitting in the next AIC on behalf of the National Executive.

16.  NCCPA Journal shall be published from Tamil Nadu with a new name and the efforts in this regard and appointment of an Editorial Board for the journal will be taken up in the next Physical NE Meeting.

17.  The issue of reviving BCPC (Bharat Central Pensioners Confederation) is to be dropped as our efforts are not well received.


                                                                                                                Secretary General NCCPA

WFTU Message for International Women Day 2023

 International Working Women’s Day 2023 – Statement of the Working Women Committee, adopted by the WFTU 2023 Precedential Council

07 Mar 2023
WFTU Women demand Equity and Equality – Say no to wars
Now is the time for the spark to ignite again. Just like in the 19th century, when women workers rose up against the exploitation of early industrial capitalism, now again the time has come to take up the cudgels against the most barbaric system that boils in the cauldrons of neoliberalism. Imperialism sacrifices the lives of the workers of the world for the sake of profit. Women workers are enslaved and subjugated within the working class which is already marginalized to the point of deprivation.
The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the gender gap even further as the 100-year estimation needed to close the gender gap has now been reevaluated to 136 years. Gender wage disparity has widened. Women’s work participation rate has plummeted. Capitalist economies shamelessly use the pandemic to deny and snatch away the rights of the workers.
Capitalism, in its greed for more economic and political power, has reached its highest form, that of imperialism. Imperialist rivalries have caused wars driving millions into destitution. Trade wars for economic hegemony spell further doom for the working people. Misery abounds in the world. Poverty, terrorism, racism, refugee crisis, war – all at once – sharply affect women and women workers.

The increase in the unpaid care work of women illustrates the perpetuating patriarchy in the capitalist system. Women’s contribution to the GDP and the unpaid economic activity is not assessed. Gender-sensitive budgets do not see the light of the day. All this and a lot more devastation is the making of the capitalist world order. Capitalism at its core, is anti-women.
The scourge of capitalism intensifies as it encounters its downturn. But the working-class resistance is strongly built against the brutal onslaught across the world. Women workers stand as soldiers on the forefront. They deserve our militant salutations. This is the legacy of the militant class-oriented women who sowed the seeds of rebellion almost a century ago. They took to the streets demanding peace and their rights. We pay our rich tributes to them.
The hope lies on the workers struggles across Europe, USA, India etc. But the doom of capitalism descends with the blessings of political powers. Working class strategy should strengthen. Women workers have a decisive role to play, because the mutually reinforcing dialectical relationship between the capitalist class structure and the hierarchical gender structuring, are the root causes that deny women their rights.
Now is the time to stir up the indignation. Rouse the consciousness of the masses of women. We affirm our demands for the importance of adopting policies, legislation, and laws that ensure the achievement of non-discrimination against women and provide protection for them, especially in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and all areas where women suffer from killing, torture, displacement and lack of security and safety.
On this International Working Women’s Day, the women of WFTU stand up with conviction to say loud and clear: “Working women demand equity and equality. We say No to imperialistic wars. We shall not compromise on our rights”.
The World Federation of Trade Unions and its Working Women Committee, call upon working women, the entire working class, and the class-oriented trade unions all over the world to organize militant initiatives, actions, and activities on March 8th, 2023 under the banners, principles and goals of the World Federation of Trade Unions.
[International Women’s Day Message from WFTU – sent by TUI (P&R)
K.Ragavendran - CHQ President AIPRPA &
Asia Coordinator – TUI (P&R)