Friday 29 April 2016

Resolve of May Day

MAY DAY 2016

May Day as usual is the Day of inspiration to all the workers in the world. Though we are not in service anymore but retired from service, the May Day still continue to be a Day of inspiration too. As the international working class and the working class of India resolve to fight back the nefarious policies of Liberalization - Privatisation - Globalization, we the senior citizens and the Pensioners of AIPRPA also take the resolve to join with the working class in all places to oppose the dangerous LPG policies that did not spare the social security and pension also.

This May Day has to be observed to fight the designs of the Central Government to attack the social security including EPF, though on stiff opposition the attack has been deferred by the Finance Ministry. The fight for universal social security and protection of existing pension and social security laws must be intensified. Let us take the resolve that we shall embark on the task to defend the Social Security at any cost.

Let us observe May Day 2016 in all places:

With May Day Greetings:

General Secretary 

Monday 25 April 2016

CHQ Monthly Journal despatched today!

PP April issue despatched!

Today the April issue of Pensioners Post has been despatched to all subscribers and bulk copies also sent out today! All are requested to be on the look out for the receipt of the same!

All bulk copies receivers are once again reminded that from next 'May Special issue' onwards, Journal will be sent only to those who complete subscribers list and send by email to CHQ along with the deposit in PNB account under intimation.

Friday 22 April 2016

Collect Data of members and email to CHQ

Data base of AIPRPA

AIPRPA CHQ is to prepare its own database. This database will be essential to prove our credential before Government to seek many govermental concessions rights to our organization.

Therefore an electronic database of our membership is essential. This task is the prime responsibility of State GS for States with direct membership / and District or Divisional Secretary in all other States.

 Please take it seriously and start collecting data of our membership in the following two proforma:

Note: This data should be sent in email only to CHQ as attachment by you. Email ID of CHQ is: aiprpachq

Proforma No:1
1.District / Division:
2. State:
3. Name of Member:
4. PPO Number:
5. Mobile Number:
6. Landline Number:
7. Email ID if any:

Proforma No.2:
1. District / Division:
2. State:
3. Name of Secretary:
4. Postal Address:
5. Mobile Number:
6. Landline Number:
7. Email ID:

Thursday 21 April 2016


Pensioners Post April issue under print!

April month issue of PP is getting ready! Already lay out is complete and gone to print. After consultations it has been decided to extend the despatch of April issue also to those areas which is yet to complete enrollment of annual subscribers; but next issue 'May' special issue will go strictly to subscribed comrades only! Hence take efforts to finish the task early!
The front wrapper of April issue, satirically pointing out the style of functioning of SCOVA, is for your view: - KR GS AIPRPA

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Don't touch our Social Security!

Unorganized Workers Teach a Lesson to NDA Government's anti-worker move!

The glorious struggle of the garment workers of Bangalore against the tightening of PF Rules which had forced the central government to roll back. An historic moment in TU annals.  Congratulations and  Revolutionary greetings to the uncompromising workers. A united struggle always pays.

Saturday 16 April 2016

BCPC Meeting for revival of Organisation

BCPC Decided to go for AGM

Participating leaders in BCPC Meeting at New Delhi

BCPC President S.C.Maheswari; NCCPA SG KKN.Kutty; Treasurer BCPC Pooranlal; Sasthri Advisor BCPC; 
and Ramsingh VP BCPC paying homage to departed SG Comrade S.K.Vyas

BCPC (Bharath Central Pensioners Confederation) meeting is held today morning at Gurudwara Singh Sabha New Delhi. Comrade S.C.Maheswari President BCPC presided. House paid tributes to the memory of ex-SG Comrade S.K.Vyas. Comrade KKN Kutty SG NCCPA also participated and addressed. AIPRPA delegation comprising Comrades K.Ragavendran  GS AIPRPA; Sankarpal Singh Treasurer CHQ; H.L.Sidhu (Haryana State General Convenor as well as Treasurer NCCPA); Rajinder Singh Verma (CHQ Organizing Secretary); Deepchand (Delhi State General Secretary) and D.D.Singh (AIPRPA Agra) attended the meeting. Comrades VAN Namboodiri Patron NCCPA and K.G.Jayaraj GS AIBDPA also attended. NCCPA Working Chariman S.S.Roy, Deputy SG Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborti also participated. After debates it was decided that the President will look after the functioning of BCPC for the present and a full fledged GB Meeting will be organized after four months to elect full list of office bearers. It was also resolved to extend total support and solidarity to the indefinite strike action of CG employees in July, 2016. - KR GS AIPRPA 

Thursday 14 April 2016

Membership Application Form

Dear Comrades! The Membership to AIPRPA is to be obtained in the following format of Application Form only. Any other form used earlier should be replaced by the following format and kept in the file of the District / Divisional Association. A copy of the application forms should be photocopied and sent to CHQ for records. The State General Secretaries are requested to guide their District / Divisional Secretaries in this regard. 

Model Membership Application form is as follows:  


( Registered No: 83/2015 under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975)

_______________________________District / Division




1.      Name of the Pensioner           :

2.      Postal Address                         :


3.      Landline & Mobile No             :

4.      E-Mail ID                                 :

5.      Date of Birth                           :

6.      Date of entry in Govt.Service :

7.      Date of Retirement                 :

8.      Post held on retirement          :

9.      Office last worked                  :

10.  Scale of Pay at the time of

Retirement                              :

11.  PPO No. & Issuing Authority   :

12.  POSB or Name of Bank from

Where Pension is drawn         :

13.  Total Service in Department  :

14.  Any other details if any           :




I declare that I am a Postal Pensioner and I wish to join as a basic member of All India Postal & RMS Pensioner Association on payment of annual subscription 200/- / or / Life Membership 2000/-. I understand that this is a voluntary association to work for the welfare of the pensioners and I assure that I shall abide by the bye-law of the Association and I am remitting this annual subscription / or / life membership subscription for the period from January ______ to December ______.



Date:                                                                                                        Signature of the Pensioner

Membership No:


Signature of District / Divisional Secretary:

General Secretary AIPRPA

Model Application Form to be submitted to Divisional Head by the Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service!

Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 Years of Service can get their Pension refixed w.e.f. 1.1.2006 by submitting an application to the Head of Division like SSPOs / SPOs / SSRMs/ SRMs etc!

All Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service for whom pro-rata pension was fixed from 1.1.2006 are now eligible for fixation of full pension as per the orders of DoP&PW dated 6.4.2016. Therefore all such Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service can apply for refixation and get the arrears also from 1.1.2006. 

Model Application Form as  prepared by AIPRPA is given below - Comrades can download it and fill up and submit to respective Divisional Heads. AIPRPA District Secretaries are requested to take up this campaign among our pensioners and help them to submit their application forms: 

Application Model:






The Senior Superintendent of Post Offies / RMS,






Sub: - Request for revision of my pension as per the orders issued by the Department of Pension and Pensioner Welfare.


Ref: - 1. Department of Pension and Pensioner Welfare Notification No. 38/37/08

-P&PW (A) dated 06.04.2016

2. My PPO No.______________________________


            I was retired from service on superannuation / medical invalidation / compulsory retirement while working as__________________ on _______after completing __  years of service. My pension was fixed on pro-rata basis as per orders in force at that time. Department of Pension and Pensioner Welfare has now issued a notification (under reference) in which it has been laid down that "It has now- been decided that the revised consolidated pension of pre-2006 pensioners shall not be lower than 50% of the minimum of the pay in the Pay Band and the grade pay (wherever applicable) corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale as per fitment table without pro-rata reduction of pension even if they had qualifying service of less than 33 years at the time of retirement".


            I request that my pension may please be refixed as per the above notification and arrears paid to me from 01.01.2006.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



/                                   /

General Secretary AIPRPA

Tuesday 12 April 2016

DR 6% to Pensioners! Orders Released!


The Orders of the Ministry of Pension & Pensioners Welfare for grant of 6% DR to CG Pensioners has been issued. Now the Postal Pensioners can be drawn DR Arrears from 1.1.2016 by the respective DDOs after downloading the above orders from the Pensioners Portal. As per the standing instructions from Directorate, no separate endorsement orders by the Department of Posts is necessary for payment of DR to Postal Pensioners. Copy of the DR Orders is as follows:

50% of Last Pay Drawn as Minimum Pension to all Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service also!

A Great Victory to Pre-2006 Pensioners!

After a long legal battle the Government conceeds 
another point to Pre-2006 Pensioners!

After a long battle the pre-2006 pensioners got another issue sorted out with the Government conceding grant of full pension to pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33 years but with 20 years of service as recommended by 6th CPC! This comes after the Govt deciding to extend the judgment given out by Supreme Court in the case of Inasu from Kerala.

Now all those pre-2006 pensioners who got only proportionate pension for want of 33 years qualifying service, will get the refixation from 1.1.2006 and get arrears also.Mostly GDS promoted as regular will be benefited by this order in addition to others with less than 33 years service.
To  order of Ministry of Pension & Pensioners Welfare is given below:

Sunday 10 April 2016

Let us also honour Suryarao Turaga!

AIPRPA Kakinada Secretary scales new height!

Comrade Suryarao Turaga is our District Secretary for Kakinada District in Andhra. His great contribution towards creating a wonder book of record & Genius book of record has been recognized by way of honouring him with the prestigious award! AIPRPA CHQ is proud to have such a comrade of honour in our AIPRPA team! - KR GS AIPRPA

As against nonperforming assets and black money!

News: Empowered Committee of Secretaries is considering to recommend a scheme to deposit 50% of arrears of 7th CPC  in Govt.Bonds by higher Officers:

We have no issue as far as any such schemes are limited to higher ranking officers that too only on willing officials. But see the irony! It is the Government Officials who are to  shoulder financial burden of nationalised banks that have recklessly loaned to people like kingfisher bikini calendar owner Vijay Mallya and accumulated nonperforming assets (shameful it is called still an asset instead of huge liability!). Why not an Act in Parliament to declare such corporates as guilty and anti-national (instead of charging students like kanaiah) and arrest them under non-bailable sections to initiate recovery of more than 3 trillion crores?

Friday 8 April 2016

Meeting of Pensioners of Sibsagar Undivided Division of Assam Held to form AIPRPA


The meeting for formation of AIPRPA at Jorhat was excellent. The P3 Divisional Secretary Comrade Pranab Kumar Barpatra Gohain took all the initiative to organise the meeting at the NFPE Union Office in consultation with the Jorhat Postal Pensioners Association.  Large number of Postal Pensioners was present. The meeting was organised for the undivided Sibsagar Division comprising of three Districts viz., Jorhat, Sibsagar and Golaghat. In fact there is a Postal Pensioners Association functioning at Jorhat as well as at Sibsagar for some years. In Jorhat it is called ‘Postal Pensioners
Association’ and in Sibsagar it is called the ‘Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association’ and a branch of the Assam Postal, RMS and MMS Association,, which has already merged with AIPRPA at Guwahati meeting on 27th March, 2016. There is good relationship between these Associations and NFPE Unions of Sibsagar Division. Therefore at the request of the Jorhat Postal Pensioners Association appealed to all its members to attend.

The meeting was organised in the first floor conference hall of the own building of NFPE Unions. It is really marvelous to see that the union building is a double storied building with ground floor rented to Post Office and the District Chess Association; First floor a conference hall in which nearly 200 comrades can sit in a meeting; the Third floor is divided into rooms for the functioning of NFPE Postal Unions, RMS Unions and BSNLEU. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Gobinda Hazarika, a senior leader.

KR GS AIPRPA; S.Rahman Vice President NCCPA; and M.K.Purakayastha Treasurer of CCCGPA Guwahati & Ex-CHQ Steering Committee Member addressed the session. There was an interaction session on many issues including on formation of AIPRPA organization and merger of their associations. Finally it was decided that the Jorhat Postal Pensioners Association will relieve their BSNL Pensioners with a request to form AIBDPA Association for them and the Postal Pensioners will form AIPRPA. Accordingly a list of Office Bearers led by Comrades Ajit Barua as President; Muzidur Rahman as the District Secretary; and Pares Sen as Treasurer.

As far as the Sibsagar District is concerned, it has been decided that the Pensioners in Sibsagar will meet in their Association’s General Body and decide to merge with AIPRPA and form an Association of AIPRPA for Sibsagar.

Thus Jorhat has formed its AIPRPA by merging and converting an existing Postal Pensioners Organisation with AIPRPA. The Postal Pensioners were happy to merge with AIPRPA as many of them were active Office bearers of NFPE U nions earlier and they have a nice relationship with NFPE Unions in Jorhat. 
Visiting leaders including KR GS AIPRPA on dias

Participating Pensioners

Gobinda Hazarika presided the meeting - and - newly elected AIPRPA President Ajit Barua in picture

Newly elected AIPRPA District Secretary Muzidur Rahman

S.Rahman Vice President NCCPA Addressing

M.K.Purakayastha Treasurer CCCGPA Guwahati addressing

Thursday 7 April 2016

AIPRPA formation in Tinsukia

Assam getting ready towards All Assam State AIPRPA!
Elected office bearers with leaders
President Comrade As him Kumar Dutta

After its capital 'Guwahati' formed its AIPRPA on 27th March, Dibrugarh formed on 6th April, and another District 'Tinsukia' formed its AIPRPA yesterday on 7.4.2016, the Assam State is moving faster towards its State formation. With the initiative of NFPE unions under the guidance of P3 Divisional Secretary comrade Aditya Bhattacharjee. Venue and all help was extended by All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association led by comrades Peasanta Bhattacharjee and C.R.Barthakur. KR GS AIPRPA, S.Rahman VP NCCPA, and M.K.Purakayastha Ex-CHQ Steering committee member addressed. Large number of pensioners from both postal side and RMS side and also some family pensioners attended with keen enthusiasm. The president ship to the meeting was chaired by senior most comrade Ashim  Kumar Dutta. After interactions a list of office bearers led by comrades Ashim  Kumar Dutta as President; D.D.Sonowal as District Secretary; and Pankaj Dhali as Treasurer. Some comrades there itself enrolled as annual subscribers to CHQ monthly journal 'Pensioners Post'. Comrade Mrs.Bakul Dey P3 Divisional President remained throughout the meeting and assured full cooperation.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

One more step in the direction of forming a strong AIPRPA of Assam State!

AIPRPA District formation enthuses Pensioners of Dibrugarh!

Elected office bearers with leaders

President Moheswar Bora 
Mausumi Mazumder P3 DS

NCCPA VP S.Rahman 
Elected District Secretary Arun Uday Bhattacharjee 
M.K.Purakayastha Ex-CHQ Steering committee member 

An excellently organized meeting of Postal & RMS Pensioners at the effort of Comrade Mausumi Mazumder P3 Divisional Secretary today formed the Association of AIPRPA. The meeting was presided over by comrade Moheswar Bora, a seasoned leader of postal movement and a pensioner. KR GS AIPRPA; S.Rahman Vice President NCCPA; and M.K.Purakayastha former AIPRPA CHQ Steering Committee Member addressed. After interactions the meeting unanimously elected a list of office bearers with comrades Moheswar Bora as President; Arun Uday Bhattacharjee as District Secretary; and Subir Mazumdar as Treasurer. Senior most pensioners with a standing comrades Sunil Banerjee and Malbhog Barpartra were named as Patrons. Comrades Mausumi Mazumder and Jaba  Kushum Chandra respectively the Divisional Secretary and President of P3 NFPE Unions are named as Advisors. The venue of the meeting was arranged in a big hall by the P3 Divisional Secretary and under the efficient leadership of both comrades Mausumi and Java Kushum the meeting was a grand success! - KR GS AIPRPA

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Last leg of AIPRPA formation campaign in Assam from today!

Back in Assam!


There is election mode here! KR GS AIPRPA and S.Rahman Vice President NCCPA entered back in Assam from Nagaland today morning after completing our task in surrounding states of Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur and Nagaland. All Assam campaign from today in plains starting from Dibrugarh (6th); Tinsukia (7th); Jorhat (8th) and Tezpur (9th) before arriving once again in Guwahati. AIPRPA formation meetings in all these four centers in Assam are being organized by NFPE leaders without whose help it would be next to impossible for us to undertake the campaign! - KR GS AIPRPA

Mission Nagaland completed!

Dimapur forms AIPRPA

Postal & RMS Pensioners and Employees of Dimapur MDG & RMS assembled at the Mukhya Dak Ghar under the presidentship of comrade L.Imtikumzuk P3 Dimapur Secretary. P3 President comrade Kevikhrielie Kirha and Postmaster comrade V.Angami were also present. KR GS AIPRPA,  S.Rahman NCCPA VP, and D.K.Debnath RCC Convenor addressed. A District Steering Committee consisting of 7 comrades headed by comrades T.K.Dey (President); R.K.Deb (District Convenor) and M.M.Sahu (Treasurer) was unanimously approved for Dimapur District.

In addition a State Steering Committee for Nagaland State with 12 members headed by Comrades Ranjan Kr.Deb (President); A.Besu Mao (State General Convenor); and M.M.Sahu (Treasurer) also was unanimously approved.

All thanks to comrade Imtikumzuk P3 Secretary who took all initiative to successfully hold the meeting at Dimapur. We have completed our mission in Nagaland and proceeding to Dibrugarh of Assam tonight. For the first time a pensioners organization has born in the land of Nagas!

Monday 4 April 2016

AIPRPA in the land of Nagas!

Kohima District AIPRPA!
Participants in Kohima

President P3 Nagaland Kekhrieletso Kelio

Daniel Domeh D/S P3 Nagaland


D.K.Debnath RCC Convenor

With the District Steering Committee
In a meeting organized at the initiative of comrade Daniel Domeh (D/S P3 Nagaland) at the Recreation Club of Kohima HPO today at 1.00 P.M a District Steering Committee with comrade A.Besu Mao as District Convener for Kohima was unanimously approved. The Steering committee will enroll members and conduct District Convention after three months to elect a regular set of office bearers. It is ascertained that our AIPRPA is perhaps the first pensioners organization formed in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland! Together with another District AIPRPA for Dimapur to be formed tomorrow, a state Steering Committee by combining both districts will come about for the State of Nagaland! - KR GS AIPRPA

Sunday 3 April 2016

Building AIPRPA in Nagaland!

We are in the land of Nagas to meet Postal Pensioners!
Kohima HPO

KR with Daniel and Rahman

Kohima city view from WW Cemetry

P3 D/S Daniel Domeh 

KR - Rahman - Debnath 

A view of Cemetery from top and tombstones where heroes buried! 

Comrade KR GS AIPRPA along with S.Rahman (NCCPA VP) and D.K.Debnath (Convenor RCC) entered into Nagaland State and arrived at Kohima the capital. Comrade Daniel Domeh Divisional Secretary P3 Nagaland received us. The meeting is slated today at 1.00 P.M. Yesterday on 3rd Comrade Daniel took us to the historical monument of international fame 'Second World War Cemetery' maintained by Commonwealth. In this cemetery all heroes of British & Indian soldiers died in 1944 in the war with Japanese Army invading India from Burma. The British Indian Army heroically fought and defeated the Japanese at Nagaland in defending the road to Imphal! Thousands of Englishmen and Indians both Musalman and Hindus sacrificed their lives. The World War at that time came to an end with the atom bomb attack by USA on Hiroshima and Nagasagi. In the honour of soldiers died in Nagaland battle, this historic cemetery is built and Commonwealth is maintaining it. A remarkable international tourist attraction:

Saturday 2 April 2016

Another State in North East forms AIPRPA

Manipur State AIPRPA! 

GS AIPRPA reached Imphal the capital of Manipur along with S.Rahman (VP NCCPA) and D.K.Debnath (RCC Convenor) by flight from Guwahati today afternoon at 2.00 P.M. NFPE comrades led by P3 Divisional Secretary com.Naba Chandra Singh took us from airport to Imphal HPO for the postal pensioners meeting at the room of Workplace Training Centre. A good meeting on pensioners issues and 7th CPC issues were the main topic by leaders before the participants. The Pensioners were impressed with the idea of formation of AIPRPA Manipur State. It was resolved unanimously to constitute a 15 member Steering Committee with Comrade R.K.Maipaksana as its General Convenor. It was also resolved that this Steering Committee will conduct an enlarged meeting of more pensioners on 4th April on the pension payment day at Imphal and form a detailed State Steering Committee under the guidance of P3 Divisional Secretary. It was also considered to explore formation of CGPA under NCCPA at Manipur State after forming AIPRPA. Thus the visit to Manipur, which was once under the grip of insurgency, and still with some problems, turned out to be fruitful and an organization for AIPRPA has also been found for another North Eastern State. As most of the pensioners turned out today were divisional secretaries and office bearers of NFPE in their service time, their awareness to form pensioners organization was visibly high!