Friday 30 December 2016

Don't fight postmasters! Expose Government!

Deplorable condition!

No money with the Government! No money with the State Bank of India! No money to the Post Offices! No money to Pension and Pay disbursement! But Government and Ministers often say 'enough money with RBI'! RBI got enough money; but no money with SBI and Banks and Post Offices! What a contradiction? What an apathy? Which is fact? Are the People fools to hear the cock and bull stories? Let the pensioners organise themselves and sit before banks and post offices in protest; let us call the media and expose to them our conditions! Let the media project the facts before the country! Go for protest action everywhere! - KR GS AIPRPA

Pension payment by EMI continues!

AIPRPA CHQ writes to Honourable Prime Minister!

Honourable Prime Ministerji Namaskar. We are constrained to address this letter to you as we found that even after 50 days of implemented demonetization, the pensioners and family pensioners of government of India are not in a position to receive their pension amount today. Today being the pay-cum-pension day (31.12.2016) we are facing acute currency shortage in many post offices from where we draw our pension and family pension. State Bank of India reports 'no cash' beyond the paltry and insufficient level of currencies to post offices. The senior citizens including those aged above 80 and 90 are to get only around 2000 as pension today in many places. The authorities should have known to take sufficient precautionary measures to take care of payment of pension to Pensioners and family pensioners as all know that today is the pension day. We as part of the society were patient at your assuring words that after 50 days things will turn normal. But things have turned worse as at least last month pension day ensured better payment to us. We are pained to see that your assurances have become meaningless. We request that your administration should take instant measures to give relief to pensioners and family pensioners, who toiled for the society their entire service.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Postal Pensioner's onward March!

Pensioners Post December 2016!

One year of Pensioners Post publication is completed with this December issue. With the cooperation of readers, AIPRPA frontrunners and well wishers, we have managed uninterrupted publication of 12 monthly issues. Pensioners Post was started with the motto: "For the cause of Postal and RMS Pensioners"! Yes, it has tried its best to that cause! It stood for highlighting the plight of Postal & RMS Pensioners; it worked for solution of those problems;  it strived to highlight the basic need to strengthen the bond between pensioners and employees movement; it espoused the need for unity of all pensioners at national and international level for a fight-back against neo-liberal onslaught on us; it did not hesitate to voice reasonable criticism against the Government and Authorities; mainly it never compromised on the interests of workers and pensioners! Despite financial constraints as a non-commercial journal, it survived its first year! Now stepping into its 2nd year! We don't say it was perfect in each respect; but we constantly try for more and better perfection every month! We appeal to all of you to come forward to give your helping hand by organising a subscribers campaign. We want you to help crossing the last year level of subscriber base! AIPRPA has come to stay as a class conscious pensioners' organisation; & 'Pensioners Post should come to stay as a mighty weapon to defend the rights of pensioners! All at your hands! All at your hard work!
The front wrapper of December 2016 issue for your notice! - Editor PP 

Sunday 25 December 2016

We waited 50 days! Don't torture for 50 weeks

We Demand our Pension on 31st December!
Hold Protests between 29th and 31st as per local convenience! 

On 31st December we want full payment of our pension without any restrictions. It is our earned money and certainly not "black money"! 50 days patience requested by Prime Minister will be over at the midnight of 28th December! We as and along with other patriotic people maintained patience all these days, silently bearing the tortures all around us! But after the assured 50 days at least we are expecting our monthly pension without any more EMIs! AIPRPA CHQ is writing to DoP in this regard, but calls upon the postal pensioners to raise this demand in one strong voice between 29th to 31st December. We are afraid through the media news that government is announcing that the restrictions to withdraw our own money in banks and through ATMs will continue! What is the restriction through ATMs? No ATM is working anymore! Most of the ATMs stopped working! Things have turned from bad to worse! We, the senior citizens are to be spared from the torture! - KR GS AIPRPA

Saturday 17 December 2016

Pensioners International Conference at Kathmandu!

“Let us unite all the Pensioners and Retired
TUI - International Conference of Pensioners & Retired

“Let us unite all the Pensioners and Retired” – was the slogan of the TUI P&R international conference at Kathmandu! The WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) is a Federation of trade unions functioning at international level for unifying the working class. It is a class oriented trade union organization. There are different Trade Union International wings under WFTU for different sectoral employees. In the year 2014 the WFTU had founded a new TUI body for Pensioners and Retired in an international conference at Barcelona (Spain).  Since then this TUI Pensioners and Retired international organization is organising the pensioners and retired employees of various countries.

The TUI Conference at Barcelona had decided to organise continent wise conferences of pensioners organisations. Accordingly the international conferences of American Continent, African Continent and for Europe Continent were organised recently. Pensioners organizations from 25 countries participated in the Regional Conference of America held at Ecuador in September 2016. 42 countries participated in the Regional Conference for Europe held at Denmark. The African Regional Conference also was a huge success. In the same manner the Regional Conference of TUI Pensioners & Retired has been organised for Asia Pacific Region in Nepal. The Conference was organised in the capital city of Nepal the “Kathmandu” on 3rd December 2016. AIPRPA participated in this international conference as an affiliate of TUI P&R. Comrade K.Ragavendran the General Secretary of AIPRPA had attended and took part in the debate also. NCCPA (National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations) was represented by its Secretary General Comrade KKN.Kutty. Comrade VAN.Namboodiri the Patron of AIBDPA as well as the Technical Committee Member of TUI P&R was part of the presidium of the Conference. Delegates and visitors from SAIL (Steel Authority of India, West Bengal) also participated.

Delegates from Nepal, India, China and Bangladesh attended the Conference. TUI P&R President Comrade Dimos Koumporis from Greece guided the Conference on behalf of the headquarters organization. The inaugural and open session of the Conference was attended by plethora of leaders from various organizations and political leaders. Comrade Bamdev Gautam former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal addressed as the Chief Guest. The Deputy Director of International Labour Research Division of All China Federation of Trade Unions Comrade Zheng Haixin was one of the distinguished guests. Comrade K.C.Mohan Bahadur the Vice President of TUI P&R and many Parliament Members and leaders of Pensioners as well leaders of Confederation of Nepalese Professionals (CONEP) attended and addressed. Comrade VAN.Namboodiri from the presidium also addressed the open session and explained the attacks on pensioners and the resistance developing against the attacks in India.

The Open Session began with the initial presentation of the TUI P&R President Comrade Dimos. Delegates of participating countries addressed on various issues concerning pensioners and retired. NCCPA Secretary General explained the conditions of Civil Pensioners in India and the attack on pension in the shape of NPS. Comrade K.Ragavendran General Secretary AIPRPA explained the need to strengthen the unity and united action of pensioners and retired and suggested various organizational steps to be taken in that direction by the TUI P&R. Comrade VAN.Namboodiri also pointed out the main issues faced by the Pensioners in India. Delegates from SAIL spoke about the condition of retired in the Steel Authority of India, who are not covered under any pension schemes. The summing up speech was again made by the TUI President Comrade Dimos.

The TUI Conference took many important decisions. It was observed that the problems of pensioners and retired are common all over the world. It was decided that a strong organization is a prerequisite to wage a strong fight against the capital, which is attacking the social security under liberalization. As the Capital does not want any rights for the Pensioners and Retired, it has begun to confiscate pension also. The TUI Conference came to the conclusion that the lost rights of pensioners and workers are to be won back through our strong organizations and united movement.

The TUI Conference at Kathmandu elected a Committee including the representatives from India for concentrating the task of strengthening the TUI Pensioners & Retired. There are three members from India in the Committee. Comrade D.Gopalakrishnan the TUI Organising Secretary for Asia; Comrade VAN.Namboodiri Member of the Technical Committee of TUI P&R; and Comrade Swapan Mazumdar (SAIL) are elected as the representatives from India.

The TUI Kathmandu Conference adopted a ‘Kathmandu Declaration” unanimously on the conditions prevailing and the tasks before us. The main speech of the TUI President Comrade Dimos as well as the “Kathmandu Declaration” is printed elsewhere in this issue. The Regional Conference of TUI P&R is an important step in building the organization in the Asian Continent, which is the most populous continent in the world. 

Friday 16 December 2016

Pensioners Day!

17.12.2016 - Pensioners Day! 

It is the Pensioners Day on 17th December. The struggle to win pension and social security to government employees is historical. These struggles started under British Raj! Through long struggles pension was won during British rule. But many improvements are made to pension rules by our consistent battles under independent India. However observing 17th December as Pensioners Day has come about by the milestone judgment given out by Chief Justice Chandrachud in 17.12.1982 in the great legal battle fought by D.S.Nakara! Pensioners should not be divided into separate classes for any discriminate benefits was the crux of the judgment that ensured the pensioners their rights!

Hold special meetings!
Hold Seminars!
Remember the historical struggles of forefathers!
Remember D.S.Nakara!
Hail Kerala Pensioners movement and Inasu!
Take resolve to fight and clinch Option Number 1 recommended by 7th CPC!
Take resolve to build a strong AIPRPA!
Take resolve to strengthen NCCPA, BC PC and united pensioners movement in India and also internationally!

No District or Division should fail in observing Pensioners Day this year! It is our bounden duty to respect comrades who fought for our rights!


Monday 5 December 2016

Tamilnadu Chief Minister Passes Away!

Dr.J.Jayalalitha Chief Minister Tamilnadu Passes Away! 

In spite of 75 days intensive medical treatment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Doctor J.Jayalalitha had breathed her last at 11.30 P.M yesterday night (5.12.2016). Considered as one of the rarest women in history to rise to fame and power from not belonging to any family already connected to high places of power, her demise is indeed causing a wide void in politics of Tamilnadu and her political party. Her innovative improvement of peoples welfare populist measures like free laptop to poor students, free supply of rice to poor through PDS, very cheap food through the now famous 'Amma Unavagam' outlets throughout the State, cheap mineral water sales scheme 'Amma Water' as a restraint to corporate water selling giants etc have made her the darling of millions of tamilians including women. Known as the iron lady of Tamilnadu who faced many obstacles in her public life to be surmounted successfully is no more! AIPRPA deeply mourns the sad demise of Honourable CM Dr.J.Jayalalitha!