Tuesday 23 January 2024

DoP&PW Held meeting with Pensioners Associations including AIPRPA


First Meeting held with DoP&PW Today!

Today at 3.00 P.M the DoP&PW Officer Ms.Ramanjit Kaur held the first Meeting with the newly selected Pensioners Associations to have an interactive session to inform the registration process in Darpan Portal to us. In detail the process was explained and it was agreed to send by email the soft copy of the process so sign up too. AIPRPA was represented by the CHQ President Comrade K.Ragavendran and the General Secretary Comrade D.K.Debnath. Shortly we will submit required forms in Portal as sought for. The Government will sanction grants to the tune of 75,000/-every year to our Association.



Tomorrow there is another meeting to be taken by the Secretary DoP&PW Shri. V.Srinivas with us on the issue of 100% saturation approach for submission of Life Certificate by Pensioners.



AIPRPA is registered now in the Pensioners Portal and therefore the Association is invited by the Department of Pension to these meetings. - KR CHQ President AIPRPA


Saturday 20 January 2024

NCCPA Emails to Prime Minister for grant of Notional Increment!

 NCCPA Writes to Honourable Prime Minister!

After seeing the confusion created by the OM of Comptroller and Auditor General of India, who normally consulted before issuing any OM by the GOI, the NCCPA decides to write to the Honourable Prime Minister of India personally and to the PMO for intervention in this urgent matter. In addition to seeking the intervention of JCM Staff Side Secretary to write to the Government on this issue, NCCPA is writing directly seeking the intervention of the Honourable Prime Minister too.
Letter was addressed to the Honourable Prime Minister seeking his personal intervention early to put a full stop to the confusion caused. The letter addressed to the Prime Minister and sent by email are placed for the information of our members – KR SG NCCPA
National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations
(Registered under TU Act)
NCCPA / Notional Increment Dated 20.01.2024
Honourable Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi – 110001
Respected Sir,
Sub: Request to issue OM by DOPT for granting notional increment for all eligible Pensioners retired on 30th June and 31st December and vacating the confusion created by Comptroller and Auditor General in his OM – reg.
The National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations (NCCPA) would humbly request you to study the following and grant the notional increment to all retired on 30th June since 1.1.2006 and on 31st December since 1.1.2016.
The Government’s stand point was not acceptable to the Supreme Court of India and also to many High Courts of the country and they have all ruled to grant the increment notionally and refix the pensionary benefits for the litigants of 30th June and 31st December retirees. Kindly refer to the judgments of the Supreme Court delivered on 11.04.2023 (Civil Appeal No 2471 of 2023), This judgment of the Supreme Court was delivered after taking various High Court Judgments into consideration. The Supreme Court was categorical in its judgment that it would amount to arbitrariness if the notional increment is denied to Government Servants retired after one year of unblemished service and also would be like punishing the Government Servants for no fault of them. Thus, the Supreme Court was in complete agreement with the verdicts of Karnataka, Madras, Delhi. Allahabad, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat High Courts. The Government can note that all the intervening applications were allowed and the benefit was conferred by Courts.
Kindly refer to the reply given out to JCM Staff Side Secretary by the Official Side that the issue is receiving attention in the background of different Court Judgments. All of us are eagerly waiting for the favourable stand of the Central Government to be released in the OM of DOPT. But to our shock and disbelief the OM issued by the Comptroller and Auditor General vide its OM on 18.01.2024 stated that the notional increment will be granted only to those who retired on or after 11.04.2023 or 30.06.2023 onwards! The belief that normally all Orders are consulted with the Comptroller and Auditor General by the Government is adding to the confusion.
This NCCPA requests your personal intervention and cause to issue the OM by the DOPT to clear all confusion early and also to grant the notional increment to all including the Audit & Accounts Employees covered by Comptroller and Auditor General by correcting the mistake in that OM.
Thanking you Sir,
Yours faithfully,
Secretary General
Encl: MS Word and PDF format of the letters.


Friday 5 January 2024

Let us wait and act!

 30th June Notional Increment!

Comrades! First please understand as to why in Comrade T.Mani & others judgement in Madras High Court is not appealed by Government through SLP in Supreme Court? Why many judgments in various courts were honoured by Government? 

Reason is it is contemplating issue of general OM allowing notional increment to all eligible officials. This is the main reason for the behaviour of Government. Otherwise, we know better, that the attitude of Govt is to drag every one till the last level of all courts. 

Secondly, the letter of Official Side to JCM Staff Side Secretary that the issue is under active consideration of Govt is to be cited. Why such a letter? If the government rejects an issue, it will reject like DA/DP arrears or Other issues. So, let us wait for the final action of govt. 

Please wait! NCCPA will guide you properly at the appropriate time! - KR SG NCCPA-

Tuesday 2 January 2024

NCCPA gives total support to NJCA!

 JFROPS (NJCA) Call - NCCPA's Solidarity! 

Confederation of CG Employees has reminded once again that the JFROPS has decided to organize relay hunger fast (24 hours relay) from 8th to 11th January, 2024 in front of Offices in order to mobilize the Employees for the Indefinite Strike for which they have voted earlier in all places. 

The NCCPA calls upon all Affiliates to extend total cooperation by sitting in Dharna enmasse from 10.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M on the days of Fast by JFROPS. Take the banner and flags of NCCPA and Affiliates to the program and extend solid support to the struggling employees against scrapping of NPS and PFRDA. 

NPS should end! OPS should replace!