Friday 5 January 2024

Let us wait and act!

 30th June Notional Increment!

Comrades! First please understand as to why in Comrade T.Mani & others judgement in Madras High Court is not appealed by Government through SLP in Supreme Court? Why many judgments in various courts were honoured by Government? 

Reason is it is contemplating issue of general OM allowing notional increment to all eligible officials. This is the main reason for the behaviour of Government. Otherwise, we know better, that the attitude of Govt is to drag every one till the last level of all courts. 

Secondly, the letter of Official Side to JCM Staff Side Secretary that the issue is under active consideration of Govt is to be cited. Why such a letter? If the government rejects an issue, it will reject like DA/DP arrears or Other issues. So, let us wait for the final action of govt. 

Please wait! NCCPA will guide you properly at the appropriate time! - KR SG NCCPA-

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