Monday 31 July 2023

Reception Committee to TUI (P&R) 2nd Asia Regional Conference formed today!

 Reception Committee formed for TUI (P&R) Asia Regional Conference!

Broad Based Reception Committee for hosting the TUI(P&R) 2nd Asia Regional Conference at Thiruvananthapuram City is elected today (31.07.2023)

A Broad based Reception Committee with Comrades V.Joy Member of the Legislative Assembly Kerala as Chairman and K.G.Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA as the General Secretary was unanimously elected today (31.07.2023) in a meeting of leaders representing all organzations of Kerala in the P&T House. Various Public figures like the Kerala State Education Minister Honourable Comrade V.Sivankutty; A.A.Rahim Member of Parliament; M.A.Baby; Kadakksmpally Surendran M.L.A.,; V.K.Prasanth M.L.A.,; Arya Rajendran Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram City; Ananthalavattam Anandan leader of CITU; VAN.Namboodiri Patron of NCCPA will be the Patrons of the Reception Committee. 

Comrade P.K.Muraleedharan State President of Confederation of CG Employees and Workers and also the Convenor of State NFPE Kerala presided over the meeting. Comrade K.Ragavendran TUI (P&R) Asia Coordinator inaugurated the meeting and explained the importance and the background of 2nd TUI Asia Conference in Thiruvananthapuram City of Kerala.

Comrades M.Vijayakumar Circle Secretary BSNLEU; T.N.Venkatiswaran General Secretary of Kerala CGPA; M.C.Nair Patron of AIPRPA Kerala; Amaravilla Ramakrishnan General Secretary of Senior Citizen Forum Kerala; Radhakrishnan leader of DRPU; Sundaresan All Bank Retirees Welfare Forum; Guruprasad General Secretary of Kerala State AIBDPA; K.Kamalasanan leader of Audit & Accounts Pensioners Association; C.N.Dhanapalan ISRO Pensioners; Mohammed Maheen Confederation of CG Employees Kerala State Secretary; and many other leaders addressed assured fullest cooperation for the successful conduct of the TUI Conference. At last Comrade V.A.Mohanan State Secretary of Kerala AIPRPA addressed and placed the Reception Committee list covering all Organizations of Kerala and the formation of various Committees in connection with the TUI Conference and the list was unanimously adopted. 

Comrade K.G.Jayaraj the General Secretary of the 2nd TUI (P&R) Regional Conference Reception Committee then placed the budget estimates of the TUI(P&R) Conference and the same was approved by the Meeting. 

Kerala and Thiruvananthapuram is thus preparing to host the Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) 2nd Regional Conference in a most spectacular way. - KR SG NCCPA

Sunday 30 July 2023

GS P4 NFPE Superannuation Today! Greetings!

 Comrade Mohanty Retiring today from Service!

An illustrious career of General Secretary P4 is coming to an end through his superannuation. As per the famous say, all good things in life has to end some day. But his career will be always remembered for the historic task of standing with GDS masses in their indefinite strike. Comrade Mohanty's career will be remembered for the OM of upgrading the Postman scale from 1.1.1996 notionally but payment of heavy arrears to all during his time. His career will be remembered for highlighting all sectional issues and also all common issues. Ofcourse, NFPE and P3 will also prove that they are made up of iron to bear any heavy wind with his full support. Trust after his superannuation today, his guidance to P4 will be there. Also trust that Comrade Mohanty's association with AIPRPA and NCCPA will immensely strengthen the pensioners movement. Happy retirement life and continued public life comrade D.B.Mohanty! - KR CHQ President AIPRPA

Sunday 23 July 2023

Thanks for making the NCCPA March to.Parliament most successful!

NCCPA CHQ greets all participants attended in our March to Parliament rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. We specially thank comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra for his presence and address; comrade K.N.Umesh All India CITU Secretary for inaguration; comrade John Brittas M.P of Kerala for his addressing; comrades S.B.Yadav SG Confederation and Janardan Mazumdar SG NFPE for addressing our rally.  All speakers from different affiliates, guest organisations and State CGPAs mention our special appreciation. Despite problems encountered in change of permitted timings and last minute change of location in Jantar Mantar, all attended and that was the real success! Thanks to all once again! - K.Ragavendran SG NCCPA

Friday 21 July 2023

Successful NCCPA programme!

 Historic March to Parliament & Rally by NCCPA on 21.07.2023!

NCCPA program of Rally at Jantar Mantar, despite problem of shifting the venue of rally by Delhi Police at the last minute, was held successfully. More than 2500 pensioners coming from all parts of the country cparticipated in the Rally and March.

Comrade K.Ragavendran, SG NCCPA, welcomed all and explained the Charter of Demands to be presented to Prime Minister. Comrade V.A. N. Namboodiri addressed and conducted the proceedings. Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra, President NCCPA, addressed the gathering. Comrade K. N.Umesh, All India Secretary, CITU,  inaugurated the Rally. Comrade John Brittas,  Member of Parliament, addressed and supported the demands of the pensioners. Comrades S.B.Yadav SG Confederation; Janardhan Mazumdar,  SG NFPE, S.P.Singh,  AIRF,  S.Sreedhar President AIRRF,  K.G.Jayaraj,  GS AIBDPA,  D..K.Debnath GS AIPRPA,  Subash Chandra Pandey Audit & Accounts Pensioners Assn,  A.K.Ghosh WB COC; T.N.Venkateswaran GS CGPA Kerala, Suresh GS All Bank Retirees Forum of Kerala and many other leaders addressed.

A book on the Bank Pensioners' issue published by AKBRF was released by Com. John Brittas, M. P.   by handing over to Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, President NCCPA.

At the end of the Rally,  tens of thousands of signatures obtained on the 15 Points Charter of Demands were submitted to the Honourable Prime Minister by Comrades K.Ragavendran and V.A.N Namboodiri who were escorted by the Delhi Police in their Van from Jantar Mantar venue to Prime Minister's where the designated official  accepted the memorandum on behalf of the Prime Minister.

NCCPA congratulates and expresss its appreciation to all comrades, who made the Rally and March successful.


NCCPA holds March to Parliament Rally!

 NCCPA held successful.March to Parliament Rally on 21.07.2023!

NCCPA program of Rally at Jantar Mantar, despite problem of shifting the venue of rally by Delhi Police at the last minute, held successfully. Comrade K.Ragavendran SG NCCPA initiated and concluded after all speakers. Comrade VAN Namboodiri anchored the programme. Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra President NCCPA addressed the gathering and comrade Umesh CITU All India Secretary inaugurated. Comrade John Brittas Member of Parliament addressed.  Comrades S.B.Yadav SG Confederation; Janardhan Mazumdar SG NFPE; S.P.Singh Leader from AIRF; S.Sreedhar President AIRRF; K.G.Jayaraj GS AIBDPA; D..K.Debnath GS AIPRPA; Subash Chandra Pandey Audit & Accounts Pensioners Assn; A.K.Ghosh WB COC; T.N.Venkatiswaran GS CGPA Kerala; Suresh GS All Bank Retirees Forum of Kerala; and many other leaders addressed. More than 1500 pensioners attended and demonstrated at the call of NCCPA. At the end of Rally the signature campaign materials and memorandums were submitted to the Honourable Prime Minister by Comrades K.Ragavendran and VAN Namboodiri taken by the Police Van from Jantar Mantar venue to Parliament Staff who accepted the memorandum on behalf of the Prime Minister - KR SG NCCPA

Thursday 20 July 2023

AIPRPA Holds its Central Managing Committee Meeting in the National Capital


AT NEW DELHI ON 20/07/2023

The CMC of AIPRPA was held at Dr.Ambedkar Bhawan New Delhi on 20.07.2023 under the presidentship of Comrade K.Ragavendran chm President. Comrade Janardan Mazumdar Secretary General NFPE inaugurated the CMC.

Comrade D.K.Debnath P4 General Secretary and Comrade Abdul Mataleb General Secretary of Admn Union attended and addressed. Due Notice was already given for the CMC by the General Secretary Comrade D.K.Debnath and he presented a detailed work report covering all the items of the Agenda to the CMC. Comrade D.K.Rahate forner President CHQ and the present Advisor to the CHQ graced the occasion and delivered his speech also. The

33 CMC Members attended the CMC and the hall was jampacked with the pensioners of Delhi State at the behest of the REception Committee headed by Comrade Deep Chand the Delhi State Secretary. A team of leaders of Delhi including Comrades Ishwar Singh Dabas (President Delhi): K.C.Verma (Deputy Secretary Delhi) and K,K,Sharma (Treasurer Delhi) looked after the arrangements of the CMC Members and Comrades attending the Rally of NCCPA on 21.07.2023. 

Many decisions were taken unanimously including the adoption of Work Report placed by the General Secretary and the audited accounts for the year 2022-23 placed by the CHQ Treasurer Comrade C.Sekar. Important decisions taken by the CMC will be shortly conveyed to all. - D.K.Debnath GS AIPRPA

Tuesday 18 July 2023

AIPRPA Foundation Day on 19th July - Celebrate in all Places!


July-19th – AIPRPA Foundation Day

It was in the year 2014 on the same day that our foundation All India Conference at Vellore Tamil Nadu State gave birth to the AIPRPA organization as a pan-Indian Pensioners Association of Postal Pensioners and Family Pensioners. Now, we are completing 9 years of our existence and entering into 10th year.  In the words of Comrade D.Gnaniah the former Secretary General of NFPTE in his advanced age of 90+ stated in Coimbatore that the effort to organize the Postal Pensioners at an all-India level was the correct step and nobody thought of it until then and he was proud to join AIPRPA as a basic member.

Formation of Departmental wise Pensioners Associations;

 Our forefathers of the P&T Trade Union movement of NFPTE never thought to form a separate pan-Indian Association because it never occurred to them to form an organization like this and moreover, they were looking after the needs of Pensioners also in their capacity as the leaders of NFPTE and NFPE. But time has come to form our organization in the background that we could not function in the service associations and Federations. Leaders of Confederation and Pensioners like Comrade S.K.Vyas also suggested that the formation of departmental wise all-India pensioners associations to be led by the erstwhile union leaders is the right step to strengthen the pensioners movement at all-India level.

Implementation of calls:

The suggestion of leaders like Comrade S.K.Vyas, who is considered as the Pitamah of our movement, encouraged the birth of many all-India Associations of Pensioners and in turn the calls of NCCPA are actually being implemented in many States of India. Nowadays, the NCCPA calls or the calls of Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) to which our NCCPA, AIPRPA, AIBDPA are affiliated, are seen implemented in several places with banners and enthusiasm. The calls of TUI (P&R) are seen implemented in many places with associations not affiliated with the TUI also during the month of October when the International Pensioners Day is being implemented and the demands of Pensioners & Retirees are propagated world wide. The Pensioners at their advancing age started to feel the importance of mobilization and agitations to focus attention of the powers on their justified demands. The powers cannot ignore the calls of the Senior Citizens!

10 became thousands:

It is to be remembered that the efforts with a handful of Pensioners at the residence of Comrade VAN Namboodiri at New Delhi and in the presence of leaders like Comrades VAN Namboodiri; M.Krishnan; K.Ragavendran; D.K.Rahate; and others, the AIPRPA CHQ All India Steering Committee was formed. There were only around 10 Comrades present at that time in the formation meeting of AIPRPA Steering Committee and today we are a stronger association with more than 50,000 Pensioners and Family Pensioners as our life and annual members. AIPRPA is contributing to the growth of pensioners movement of NCCPA at India and at world level the expansion of activities of Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees).

AIPRPA is a democratic organization:

AIPRPA is not a paper-association but a living organization with full democratic traditions. We try to conduct our All India and State Conferences at the periodicity prescribed in our constitution. We try to follow democratic principles and honour them. We show tolerance towards various democratic groups formed in our movement over a long time and accommodate all groups, all Federations, all cadres in our midst and function as the largest democratic organization. We join with other Trade Union Centers and Workers Associations and Federations and even court arrest along with them at times of struggle. We are working with the principle that unity of all Pensioners Associations for a principled approach and struggle for our justified issues.

A day will come – when we may or may not see that day – when several Pensioners Associations will stand united as a big confederation of Pensioners Associations and raise the unified voice of all Pensioners against the powers. A day will come – when the Pensioners and Retirees under the revolutionary banner of TUI will agitate and win the demands of the senior citizens of several countries. Our humble task is to work for the realization of that day; and we pledge that our direction of work will be undeterred unity of all Pensioners and Family Pensioners Community.


General Secretary AIPRPA

Celebrate the day of foundation of AIPRPA

Celebrate with all enthusiasm – Most of us will be travelling towards the national capital on 19th for participating in the Rally at Jantar Mantar under the banner of NCCPA at that time [21.07.2023] . The CMC of AIPRPA also is organized at New Delhi on 20.07.2023. But the foundation day will be remembered by all of us and the remaining comrades who do not come to Delhi can celebrate the birth of AIPRPA in all places. Long live AIPRPA! Long live the aspirations!



Friday 14 July 2023

NCCPA Press Statement for Circulation in your State!


Dear Comrades - Please help in circulating the following Press Statement to all the Press and Electronic Media in your respective State - KR



(Registered under the T.U. Act)


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The respected Editors of Press / Electronic Media


Respected Sir,

The National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations (NCCPA) which is the apex body of Pensioners having affiliation from various organizations representing the pensioners belonging to Indian Railways, Posts, Telecom including BSNL, Income Tax, Audit & Accounts, Ground Water, Coffee BoardBanks and State level Central Government Pensioners Associations in many states including West Bengal, Kerala, Andhra, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc is organizing a Rally in Jantar Mantar on 21.07.2023 from 12.00 Noon to 3.00 P.M.

The purpose of the Rally is to highlight the 15 Point Charter of Demands of Pensioners as attached. The first and foremost demand being abrogation of NPS (National Pension System) so that Old Pension Scheme is implemented to all workers. The Rally is organized in support of the N-JCA (National Joint Council of Action) of Central Government Employees also to oppose the NPS Scheme which is practically depriving the CG Workers without any adequate means of livelihood when they retire after long service.

Other demands include, Constitution of 8th Central Pay Commission to revise our pension from 1.1.2026; Grant of impounded DA/DR for 18 months from 1.1.2020; Grant of higher FMA and grant of notional increment for the 30th June / 31st December retirees (1.1.2006 and 1.1.2016 respectively) as recommended by Parliament Standing Committee; Grant of Additional Pension from the age of 65; MACP upgradation from 1.1.2006 instead of 1.9.2008; Improving CGHS functioning and medical treatment facilities; Implementation of   Parliament Standing Committee recommendations; Restoration of travel concession to senior citizens in train journey again; Grant of Pension Revision to BSNL Pensioners from 1.1.2017; and Revision of pension and medical facilities to all Bank Pensioners etc.

The Rally will be presided over by Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra President of NCCPA & JCM National Council Staff Side Secretary. The inauguration will be done by Comrade Tapan Sen General Secretary of CITU and Comrade S.B.Yadhav Secretary General of Confederation of CG Employees and Workers will address the rally besides many other leaders.

A detailed memorandum on the 15 Point Charter with the Signatures of thousands of pensioners and others will be handed over to the Honourable Prime Minister also at the end of the rally with a view that the Central Government solves the issues pending for long.

We earnestly request you to give wide publicity to the Rally by the senior citizen pensioners and also, we request you to kindly cover the rally on 21.07.2023 at 12 to 3.00 P.M. We shall remain grateful to your act.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully.



Secretary General – NCCPA


NCCPA Charter of Demands

1.     Abolish NPS to all Central, State Government and PSU Employees and bring them under CCS (Pension) Rules,2021 and out of PFRDA Act.

2.     Constitute 8th CPC immediately to all CG Employees and CG Pensioners.

3.     Release the impounded DA/DR Arrears for 18 months from 1.1.2020 to all CG Employees and Pensioners and arrears of 3 IDA installments to BSNL/MTNL Pensioners.

4.     Revise the pension of BSNL/ MTNL absorbed pensioners from 01-01-2017 with 15% fitment, delinking wage revision.

5.     Allow Updating of Pension to all Bank Pensioners.

6.     Accept and implement all recommendations of Parliament Standing Committee including additional pension from 65th year of age, FMA enhancement to 3000/- per month etc.,

7.     Improve CGHS functioning at all places – Grant higher ward entitlement to all retirees prior to 1.1.2006 also - Open Wellness Centers in all Districts – Merge CGHS – ECHS – RELHS as per 7th CPC recommendation – Implement Medical Insurance Scheme to Pensioners without delay - Do not delay fixing higher rates for treatment and pathological tests and empanel more private hospitals in the CGHS list -Ensure linking of CGHS with ABHA purely optional to beneficiaries.

8.     Restore commutation after 12 years instead of 15 years.

9.     Grant Option 1 as recommended by 7th CPC and also grant higher pay scales as granted to serving employees by each CPC to pensioners also who were retired from the same post.

10.  Grant Notional Increment to all 30th June Retirees from 1.1.2006.

11.       Modify MACP date of implementation from 1.1.2006 instead of 1.9.2008 to all Civilian Employees by giving individual option to opt beneficial upgradation and refix the Pension.

12.  Grant MACP by discounting competitiveness-based examinations to all based on Court Judgments by amending the MACP Rules.

13.  Grant of MACP to MTS, MailGuard, Postmen and Postal Assistants who were retired without MACP due to non- incorporation of any Bench Mark (very good etc.) in APAR.

14.  Restore Travel Concession to Senior Citizens in Indian Railways that were removed during corona.

15.  Enact Rules of Recognition for Pensioners Associations like CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 to recognize all India and State CGPA organizations of pensioners.


Sunday 9 July 2023

Government sticks to NPS!

 NPS case - Supreme Court stays Delhi High Court order granting OPS to CRPF!

Supreme court had stayed the judgment of Delhi High Court granting OPS to all para military forces.  Supreme Court has admitted the SLP filed by Central Government and stayed the judgment of High Court. The para military jawans like BSF involve in the fight against extremists etc but the Government is adamant and refuse OPS to them. Government policy is very clear; it wants privatisation of pension to continue! Let us mobilise larger opinion against NPS - Let us assemble in Jantar Mantar on 21st July - KR SG NCCPA