Thursday 20 July 2017

Any P&T Pensioner can join CGHS hereafter!


ALL Postal Pensioners Can join CGHS without Discrimination

Government Orders Relead Yesterday on 19.07.2017

The AIPRPA has been striving hard to end the decades old discrimination against P&T Pensioners on the issue of permitting non-CGHS Pensioners into CGHS. The issue had been taken to 7th CPC in a common memorandum as well as raised in the discussions with the CPC.
The Pay Commission had given out favourable recommendations and according to Director CGHS the issue was receiving serious consideration in the concerned Departments of Government.
Now, citing the Kerala Court judgment, the Central Government through an order of Health Ministry dated 19.07.2017 taken back the objections of the Central Health Ministry Circulars prohibiting the P&T PEnsioners from joining CGHS if they were not members of CGHS while in service.

With the present orders the problem of entering CGHS is sorted out to all Pensioners of Postal Department. Without any conditions, any desiring Pensioner can join CGHS by paying respective CGHS contributions.

This is a milestone achievement for us. 


The copy of the Health Ministry Orders hereunder:

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Fixed Medical Allowance enhancement ordered!

FMA orders released by Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare!

In accordance with the decision of the Central Cabinet, the DoP&PW issued its order today vide No.4/34/2017-P&PW(D) dated 19.07.2017 enhancing FMA to 1000/- per month. As usual this order is applicable to Pensioners and Family Pensioners outside CGHS and outside other Medical Systems. The order is given effect from 1.7.2017. The order can be downloaded from www.pensioners


Sunday 16 July 2017

CHQ to DoP

AIPRPA CHQ E-Mails to Secretary (P) on formation of Implementation Cells to quickly refix pension to Pre-2016 Pensioners

AIPRPA / Pre-2016 / 1/7/2017 Dated 17.07.2017

The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Request for issue of instructions to form ‘implementation Cells’ for immediate and time-bound implementation of 12th May (12.05.2017) Orders of Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare in the Postal Department – regarding.

Ref: (1) OM No.F.No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) Dated 12.05.2017 of Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare
(2) Order No.4-3/2017-Pension Dated 23.05.2017 of Department of Posts (Pension Section)
(3) Order of MOF Department of Expenditure No. CPAO/lT&Tech/Revision (7th CPCJ/19.Vol-lll /20t6-17 / 37 Dated:25/05/2017
(3) OM No.F.No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) Dated 6.7.2017 of Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare.

This Association of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners is constrained to draw your  kind attention that certain urgent measures will be absolutely essential to implement without much delay the OM of DoP&PW dated 12.05.2017.

This Association is thankful to the instructions of the Department of Posts to all Heads of Circle, DAP etc authorities vide its Order dated 23.05.2017 as follows:

” Since there will be large number of cases for revision, concerted efforts of all authorities will be required to accomplish the task. It is requested to take immediate action for revision of pension/family pension at the earliest

However there are serious concerns amongst the Pensioners and Family Pensioners about the conditions prevailing as well as by the past experiences on similar issues that the task will never be completed for months together. There are several octogenarian and even nonagenarian Pensioners for whom the benefit shall be extended at the earliest. Our apprehensions are further strengthened by the fact that  though the DoP orders directs the Pension Sanctioning Authorities to get the Proforma prepared and forward it to get the approval by the Director of Accounts (Postal) for revised PPOs, the Head Post Offices are directed to prepare the Proforma. However, the universally prevailing fact is that there is acute shortage of staff in every Head Post Offices due to vacant posts; leave by staff etc and particularly in the Accounts Branches due to the practice of diverting the Accounts Branch Staff to urgent operative office work like the counter duties to manage the general staff shortage. Under this circumstance it is physically impossible to HPOs to attend to the work of preparing such Proforma quickly.

This Association suggests that an ‘Implementation Cell’ may be ordered to be created in each HPO Accounts Branch for the specific task of preparing the Proforma with the available records at their disposal and to draw the records available with the Pension Sanctioning Authority on war footing. If need be the services of retired APMs, Accountants, AAOs, AOs can also be ordered to be utilized on terms of ‘Short Duty Staff’ with the responsibility to sign the documents be of course given to the serving APM (Accounts). Without any such concrete step ordered the work may not be completed by the HPOs in the near future.

Next, the HPOs are only Pension Drawing and Disbursing Authority (1) for the Pensioners retired as Group B, Group A and higher officers in whose case the Pension Sanctioning Authority is RO/CO/Directorate/Circle Accounts Office; (2) RMS, MMS and other Non-Postal Units in whose cases the SRM/SSRM/MMS Units/PSDs/CSDs/Civil or Electrical Division etc happen to be the Pension Sanctioning Authority; (3) Pensioners and Family Pensioners of other Postal Divisions in whose cases the Pension Sanctioning Authority is elsewhere; and (4) for Pensioners drawing Pension through PSU Banks the HPOs have no role at all. For such Pensioners the HPOs have no role in the preparation of the above Proforma. In such cases naturally the delay can be avoided only if the appropriate Pension Sanctioning Authority is able to prepare the Proforma without delay and forward them to Circle Accounts Office for approval and issue of Revised PPOs.

In addition, this Association would like to draw your kind attention to another fact also viz., while issuing the revised PPOs for Pre-2006 pensioners after 6th CPC, the entire data should have been computerized and the soft copy should be available with the GM PAF. The PPOs in respect of post-2006 pensioners have also been computerized. Hence the entire data and date of retirement for most of the Pre-2016 Pensioners should be available with the GM PAF. Even according to official position Revised PPOs to all Pre-2006 Pensioners of Postal Department have been already issued. Therefore not only there need not be any delay in making the checks of the Proforma sent by the Pension Sanctioning Authority and approve the refixed pension and issue Revised PPOs; but also they can supply any information required by the Pension Drawing and Disbursing Authorities regarding any Pensioner / Family Pensioner.  However, as in the HPOs, there is also acute staff shortage in DAP offices. The DAP office has to check and issue revised PPOs for the entirety of Pensioners / Family Pensioners in the Circle / Circle, which may run into several thousands. Therefore an ‘Implementation Cell’ with the Staff and if necessary with the retired Senior Accountants, AAOs, AOs with the supervision authority resting with a serving Accounts Officer as exclusively the head of the 'Implementation Cell' in DAP who can be the overall Supervisor of the Cell and authorize the Revised PPOs may be very much necessary.

The work of calculation of revised pension as per 12.05.2017 orders is made quite easy by the issue of ready reckoner with the latest orders of DoP&PW dated 6.7.2017. Taking advantage of the ready reckoner the Refixation of pension to all Pre-2016 Pensioners shall be done without delay and at any cost we request that not later than 31st August, 2017.

We emphasize that the Pension Refixation of Pre-2006 Pensioners including the grant of full pension to less than 33 years served employees are yet to be completed in many cases contrary to the report available in SCOVA records that there are no pending cases in Department of Posts. Therefore the present task of fixation of pension and issue of fresh and revised PPOs to all Pre-2016 Pensioners should not follow the earlier example of inordinate delay. We therefore once again urge upon you to consider ordering ‘Implementation Cells’ in both HPOs and DAP Offices as well as in the Offices of Pension Sanctioning Authorities (O/o SSPOs SSRMs etc) if need be immediately to accomplish the task of Refixation of pension to thousands of Pensioners in each Circle. It may be kept in mind that any inordinate delay caused may lead to huge resentment amongst the Pensioners and Family Pensioners, despite the good intention of the Directorate to fulfill the task urgently.

We are hopeful that our suggestions borne out of past experience would receive appropriate consideration at the Postal Directorate.

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary

Friday 7 July 2017

Comrade D.Gnaniah legendary leader passes away!

Nonagenarian leader of P&T Employees D.Gnaniah Red Salutes!
Comrade D.Gnaniah seated in the centre flanked by Comrdade AGP Patron Tamilnadu AIPRPA and KR GS AIPRPA at the 2nd State Conference of AIPRPA Tamilnadu State at Coimbatore.
The senior most leader of P&T Employees movement as on date amongst us Comrade D.Gnaniah has passed away this day morning at about 4.30 A.M. He was one of our legendary leaders of P&T Movement and CG Employees movement. He was 96 years old and 97 running as on date. He was the only surviving leaders of NFPTE formation time of 1954 and with breathing his last, the void is complete. He was the Secretary General of NFPTE during the historic time of 1968 CG Employees Strike; He was the leader who signed as the Staff Side Secretary of P&T Departmental Council in the famous Productivity Linked Bonus to P&T Employees on the face of a strike threat given out by NFPTE. He was a leader well proficiency and ease with HIndi language in addition to English and Tamil and used to make forceful Hindi speeches in North India and National Conventions. A Revolutionary throughout his life and he had visited several Socialist Countries in his life time. A famous writer who had written several books on 'Socialist' ideals. A militant leader who had led several strikes of P&T employees. A leader remembered by all the past and present leaders of P&T trade union movement and CG Employees movement. He joined as a member of AIPRPA (All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association) when the team of AIPRPA leaders led by its General Secretaru visited on him in his house at Coimbatore two years back.He graced the 2nd State Conference of AIPRPA held at Coimbatore despite his advanced age and physical condition. His presence and inspiring speech at the above conference at his age of 95 enthused one and all present in the Conference. He was admitted in hospital and remained in treatment for four or five days before he succumbed to nature today morning at 4.30 A.M. His departure is an irreparable loss to the P&T movement and CG Employees movement and Pensioners Movement and in one sentence to the entire working class movement of India. The funeral of the legendary leader is likely to be around the afternoon of tomorrow (9.7.2017) at Coimbatore after the arrival of his daughter from USA. The further details of funeral can be ascertained from our Coimbatore AIPRPA leaders Comrades D.Sivaraj and S.Karunanidhi (9486616236 & 9443914456). The photograph shows Comrade D.Gnaniah seated next to our Patron of Tamilnadu AIPRPA Comrade AGP on his left and K.R GS of AIPRPA on his right while Comrade Gnaniah graced the 2nd Conference of State AIPRPA. The AIPRPA CHQ dips its banner in honour and memory of the great leader Comrade D.Gnaniah! 

Thursday 6 July 2017



Notice for 2nd AIC of AIPRPA had already been circulated. The Conference will be on 17-18 September, 2017. The venue at Vijayawada (Andhra) is the "M.Basavapunniah Vignana Kendram" in which there is a big air conditioned  conference hall at ground floor. A big Reception Committee under the chairmanship of Capital City M.L.A., Sri.Alla and Y.Nagabhushanam as its General Secretary is already started its work. However, the first and basic task is to mobilize sufficient finances for the successful conduct of the AIC. As a pensioners organization, unless all members join this task, it is impossible to raise funds. The Reception Committee through the CHQ is sending Donation Books (50/- denomination) to all State General Secretaries. It is their responsibility to distribute among their districts / divisions to ensure all of our members contribute. In addition Advertisement Tariff is also being sent for the Souvenir. Districts and Divisions should ensure at least a minimum of  2 advertisements without fail. The Conference will go a long way in establishing our organization of Postal & RMS Pensioners. The CHQ requests all our States and District / Divisions to play their due role in collectively raising a strong finance to AIC. Also make reservations without further delay to Vijayawada. It should be our great assembly! Get Ready!! - KR GS AIPRPA