Sunday, 3 September 2023

National Executive of NCCPA!

 National Executive of NCCPA held today!

The Executive Meeting of NCCPA is held today virtually under the presidentship of President Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra from 9.00 A.M.

23 Comrades were present from the Affiliates. The following decisions were taken unanimously:

1. Item No 1 of the agenda viz., Review of 21.07.2023 Rally at Jantar Mantar by NCCPA will be taken up in the next Executive Meeting.

2. The amount remitted for Option Number 1 court case by Six Affiliates of AIBDPA, AIPRPA, ITPF, Audit & Accounts, Assam CGPA and Nagpur P&T Pensioners shall be treated as quota for 2020-22since no legal case was filed by NCCPA on that issue.

3. The apportionment of Delegates already done for Thiruvananthapuram TUI Meet on 1.10.2023 besides TUI representatives in India and NCCPA two delegates is generally approved. Decided to make the TUI Meet a grand success. 

4. The Constitution Committee earlier appointed by the National Executive with Comrade D.K.Debnath as its Chairman will finalize the new constitution with all amendments taking all the issues at consideration and will submit them for approval in our National Executive. Before the presentation in our AIC the same will be submitted to the Registrar as per the requirement of the Act. 


Monday, 31 July 2023

Reception Committee to TUI (P&R) 2nd Asia Regional Conference formed today!

 Reception Committee formed for TUI (P&R) Asia Regional Conference!

Broad Based Reception Committee for hosting the TUI(P&R) 2nd Asia Regional Conference at Thiruvananthapuram City is elected today (31.07.2023)

A Broad based Reception Committee with Comrades V.Joy Member of the Legislative Assembly Kerala as Chairman and K.G.Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA as the General Secretary was unanimously elected today (31.07.2023) in a meeting of leaders representing all organzations of Kerala in the P&T House. Various Public figures like the Kerala State Education Minister Honourable Comrade V.Sivankutty; A.A.Rahim Member of Parliament; M.A.Baby; Kadakksmpally Surendran M.L.A.,; V.K.Prasanth M.L.A.,; Arya Rajendran Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram City; Ananthalavattam Anandan leader of CITU; VAN.Namboodiri Patron of NCCPA will be the Patrons of the Reception Committee. 

Comrade P.K.Muraleedharan State President of Confederation of CG Employees and Workers and also the Convenor of State NFPE Kerala presided over the meeting. Comrade K.Ragavendran TUI (P&R) Asia Coordinator inaugurated the meeting and explained the importance and the background of 2nd TUI Asia Conference in Thiruvananthapuram City of Kerala.

Comrades M.Vijayakumar Circle Secretary BSNLEU; T.N.Venkatiswaran General Secretary of Kerala CGPA; M.C.Nair Patron of AIPRPA Kerala; Amaravilla Ramakrishnan General Secretary of Senior Citizen Forum Kerala; Radhakrishnan leader of DRPU; Sundaresan All Bank Retirees Welfare Forum; Guruprasad General Secretary of Kerala State AIBDPA; K.Kamalasanan leader of Audit & Accounts Pensioners Association; C.N.Dhanapalan ISRO Pensioners; Mohammed Maheen Confederation of CG Employees Kerala State Secretary; and many other leaders addressed assured fullest cooperation for the successful conduct of the TUI Conference. At last Comrade V.A.Mohanan State Secretary of Kerala AIPRPA addressed and placed the Reception Committee list covering all Organizations of Kerala and the formation of various Committees in connection with the TUI Conference and the list was unanimously adopted. 

Comrade K.G.Jayaraj the General Secretary of the 2nd TUI (P&R) Regional Conference Reception Committee then placed the budget estimates of the TUI(P&R) Conference and the same was approved by the Meeting. 

Kerala and Thiruvananthapuram is thus preparing to host the Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) 2nd Regional Conference in a most spectacular way. - KR SG NCCPA

Sunday, 30 July 2023

GS P4 NFPE Superannuation Today! Greetings!

 Comrade Mohanty Retiring today from Service!

An illustrious career of General Secretary P4 is coming to an end through his superannuation. As per the famous say, all good things in life has to end some day. But his career will be always remembered for the historic task of standing with GDS masses in their indefinite strike. Comrade Mohanty's career will be remembered for the OM of upgrading the Postman scale from 1.1.1996 notionally but payment of heavy arrears to all during his time. His career will be remembered for highlighting all sectional issues and also all common issues. Ofcourse, NFPE and P3 will also prove that they are made up of iron to bear any heavy wind with his full support. Trust after his superannuation today, his guidance to P4 will be there. Also trust that Comrade Mohanty's association with AIPRPA and NCCPA will immensely strengthen the pensioners movement. Happy retirement life and continued public life comrade D.B.Mohanty! - KR CHQ President AIPRPA

Sunday, 23 July 2023

Thanks for making the NCCPA March to.Parliament most successful!

NCCPA CHQ greets all participants attended in our March to Parliament rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. We specially thank comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra for his presence and address; comrade K.N.Umesh All India CITU Secretary for inaguration; comrade John Brittas M.P of Kerala for his addressing; comrades S.B.Yadav SG Confederation and Janardan Mazumdar SG NFPE for addressing our rally.  All speakers from different affiliates, guest organisations and State CGPAs mention our special appreciation. Despite problems encountered in change of permitted timings and last minute change of location in Jantar Mantar, all attended and that was the real success! Thanks to all once again! - K.Ragavendran SG NCCPA

Friday, 21 July 2023

Successful NCCPA programme!

 Historic March to Parliament & Rally by NCCPA on 21.07.2023!

NCCPA program of Rally at Jantar Mantar, despite problem of shifting the venue of rally by Delhi Police at the last minute, was held successfully. More than 2500 pensioners coming from all parts of the country cparticipated in the Rally and March.

Comrade K.Ragavendran, SG NCCPA, welcomed all and explained the Charter of Demands to be presented to Prime Minister. Comrade V.A. N. Namboodiri addressed and conducted the proceedings. Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra, President NCCPA, addressed the gathering. Comrade K. N.Umesh, All India Secretary, CITU,  inaugurated the Rally. Comrade John Brittas,  Member of Parliament, addressed and supported the demands of the pensioners. Comrades S.B.Yadav SG Confederation; Janardhan Mazumdar,  SG NFPE, S.P.Singh,  AIRF,  S.Sreedhar President AIRRF,  K.G.Jayaraj,  GS AIBDPA,  D..K.Debnath GS AIPRPA,  Subash Chandra Pandey Audit & Accounts Pensioners Assn,  A.K.Ghosh WB COC; T.N.Venkateswaran GS CGPA Kerala, Suresh GS All Bank Retirees Forum of Kerala and many other leaders addressed.

A book on the Bank Pensioners' issue published by AKBRF was released by Com. John Brittas, M. P.   by handing over to Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, President NCCPA.

At the end of the Rally,  tens of thousands of signatures obtained on the 15 Points Charter of Demands were submitted to the Honourable Prime Minister by Comrades K.Ragavendran and V.A.N Namboodiri who were escorted by the Delhi Police in their Van from Jantar Mantar venue to Prime Minister's where the designated official  accepted the memorandum on behalf of the Prime Minister.

NCCPA congratulates and expresss its appreciation to all comrades, who made the Rally and March successful.