Sunday 31 March 2024

Greet the Success of the TUI(P&R) World Congress!


Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) 3rd World Congress


The 3rd World Congress of TUI (P&R) is being organized at Athens (Greece) from 14-18 April, 2024. Greece is an European Country and we learn that the Pension Quantum was reduced 17 times in that country and many Pensioners committed suicide also. Powerful movement by the Pensioners Associations and Working Class of that country headed by WFTU and TUI(P&R) have been launched. An appropriate country to hold the World Congress of the TUI(P&R).


From India, six Delegates and one Visitor representing NCCPA, AIBDPA and AIPRPA as well as a new Affiliate ‘All Kerala Bank Retirees Forum’ and an accompanying husband of a woman comrade from AIBDPA are to attend. So far VISA is granted to 5 Comrades by Greece and the remaining two are trying for VISA.


Comrades K.Ragavendran Secretary General NCCPA and TUI Asia Coordinator; D.K.Debnath General Secretary AIPRPA; A.K.Ghosh Working President NCCPA and Member of the Finance Commission TUI(P&R); Swastika Dasgupta AIBDPA Vice President and Member of the Women Commission TUI(P&R); her husband got the VISA so far.


Comrades K.G.Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA and Executive Committee Member TUI(P&R); M.Suresh General Secretary AKBRF and a new Member TUI(P&R) have not been given VISA so far by the Greece. The attempts are on and shortly the results will be known.


The World Congress of TUI(P&R) is expected to be large with representatives of a large number of countries of the world. The World Congress will review our past growth and plan for the movement to be launched by the world pensioners and retirees in all countries. We know well that already each year October 1st is being observed as “World Pensioners Day” by the TUI(P&R) synchronizing with the UN Call of “World Elders”. Against the medical mafia who charge different medicines with different prices with a profit motive is targeted and the world congress will plan action.


From India, we are going to emphasize an excusive action in addition to World Pensioners Day as decided in our Thiruvananthapuram Regional TUI (P&R) Conference recently. It is an occasion to understand the condition of Pension and
Social Security in all countries today and to plan for appropriate action. We will also take up the new affiliation to TUI(P&R) the ‘AKBRF’ and ‘DRPU’ as they have expressed their desire to become affiliates of TUI(P&R).


NCCPA greets the Trade Union International (Pensioners and Retirees) for its successful World Congress at Athens (Greece).

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