Friday 27 November 2020

CHQ Emails to DOP Secretary!


No need to submit Induction Certificate!

 A Victory to our Struggle!

AIPRPA CHQ gave a call for just three issues. On 03.11.2020 Postal Pensioners braved the pandemic and demonstrated. They submitted a memorandum also to Secretary (P). The CHQ followed it up with a letter email to Secretary on 12.11.2020 (letter printed in November issue of PP). 

We are thankful to the Secretary (P) for immediate consideration of the justness of the demand of grant of TBOP/BCR without insisting for production of Induction Training Certificate by Pensioners / Family Pensioners. It is ordered now that on submission of an undertaking by the Pensioner  that he had undergone induction training prior to 1.1.1986, the benefit of 75 days should be given for advancing the TBOP/BCR. Production of copy of certificate will be insisted only in cases where the number of 75 days training is disputed by the Pensioner. 

Now, all direct entry in cadre of PA/SA Pensioners who were earlier denied the benefit will be automatically given the benefit. 

This is indeed a victory to our struggle that had taken the issue to the notice of the Secretary! We ate hopeful that the other two contentious issues also processed with the same speed by the Secretary! - KR GS AIPRPA

Monday 9 November 2020

Comrade Sabu Red Salutes!

 Comrade M.S.Sabu Circle Secretary NFPE GDS Union Kerala no more!

It is highly sorrowful that we have lost comrade M.S.Sabu Circle Secretary of NFPE GDS Union, Kerala Circle. Admitted in hospital for acute stomack pain and diagnosed as liver complications, comrade Babu passed away this day early morning at about 5.20 A.M as the treatment was unable to cure him. It is an irreparable loss to Kerala and All India GDS movement as well as to NFPE movement. AIPRPA dips its banner and Red Salutes the brave GDS leader comrade M.S.Sabu!

March Ahead! March Ahead!!

 Pensioners Stand with Striking Brothers! 

AIPRPA endorsing NCCPA call expresses total Solidarity to 26th Nationwide Working Class Strike! In particular hails the decision of NFPE & FNPO for joining the strike action!  A befitting decision at a correct time to oppose series of anti-labour actions of Central Government including rabid privatization and DA/DR Freeze! - KR GS AIPRPA

Sunday 8 November 2020



The Central Managing Committee Meeting of AIPRPA CHQ is held today afternoon at 4.00 P.M under the presidentship of CHQ President Comrade D.K.Rahate. 

The Meeting reviewed the implementation of 3.11.2020 Programme of Demonstration conducted at the call of CMC Meeting of CHQ. It is ascertained that the Programme was observed throughout the country in almost all the States and in more centres of Districts or Divisions in a number of States. The CMC congratulated the members for their brave participation amidst pandemic threat. 

The Meeting endorsed the decision of NCCPA for solidarity action to 26th November Working Class Strike. It was unanimously decided that according to local conditions in different States and Districts, the solidarity programme can take different shapes and can be held on any date from 23rd to 26th as per feasibility and local conditions. 

The Special Donations directly deposited in the CHQ SB Account have already crossed more than a lakh of rupees and another one and a half lakhs rupees have been reportedly collected by different Tamilnadu Districts / Divisions. On review it is felt that the time limit earlier fixed by the CHQ needs to be refixed in order to facilitate the Districts / Divisions to complete the donation collection. Accordingly, it was decided that the last date will be 31.12.2020 instead of 15.11.2020. However, the Divisions and Districts are advised to remit the collections by 15.11.2020 and continue the task further until end of December. 

The WEBINAR on Pensioners Day on 17.12.2020 will be for two hours. Two presentations on “Significance of Nakara Judgment and its dilution by successive Governments” and “NPS and future of Pension in neo-liberal era” will be made by Comrades K.Ragavendran (General Secretary AIPRPA) and M.Krishnan (Ex-Secretary General Confederation) in the Webinar. There will be a Q&A Session followed by the Presentations. The Webinar is being arranged in Zoom App and wide publicity will be given in the Social Media like FB and Whatsapp. All Pensioners can click the link and watch the programme from 4 to 6 P.M. on 17.12.2020. Entire organisation shall involve itself to mobilize pensioners to watch the programme from their houses itself.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Secretariat Resolves to extend Solidarity to Working Class Strike on 26.11.2020




13-C Feroze Shah Road,

New Delhi.110 001




Dated: 03/11/2020

President: Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra,           9717647594

Secretary General:Com. K.K.N. Kutty       9811048303

Dear comrades,


The National Sectt. of the NCCPA met on 2nd November, 2020 through video network at 3.00PM.  The meeting was presided over by the National President, Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra. The meeting was convened to discuss the following agenda:


1.       Support and solidarity action for the one-day general strike call of the Working class;

2.       Any other issue of importance with the permission of the President.


The members who participated in the discussions were unanimous of the opinion that the NCCPA must support the strike action as the anti-worker policy of the Government was responsible for the decision to deny the dearness relief to pensioners for 18 months and the recent one to change the base year for the computation of the Consumer price index.  The meeting noted with concern that there had been no consultation with the trade unions or the employees representatives, when the government takes decision concerning the service matters of the workers.  The meeting also inter alia took note of the serious and unabated spread of corona virus covid 19 in the country and the difficulties to be encountered by the senior citizens.  The consequent decision of the Government to restrict mobility especially of senior citizens have made them to be virtually under house arrest.  Despite the intense desire to be a participant in the struggles, the meeting noted that the imposed restrictions and the non- availability of public transport in certain areas will constrict them from participating in assembly of people.  The genuine apprehension of being a victim of the deadly pandemic was also expressed at the meeting.  Taking all those into account, the meeting decided to call upon its affiliate and state units:


(a)    To organise sit in dharna or demonstration programme on 25.11.2020 with as many number of comrades as could be mobilised in all important urban agglomerations and State capitals and at the end of the programme send the following message to  Ms. Nrmala Seetaraman, Finance Minister, Government of India, North Block, New Delhi through e mail.  Her e mail address is given hereunder:-


Email ID:


Text of the message:

Dear Madam,We support the one-day general strike of the working class in the country and request you to settle the issues they had projected.       

We also request you to kindly concede the following important demands of the pensioners urgently;

(a)    Release the Dearness Relief impounded;

(b)    Implement Option No. 1 of pension fitment formula as third option.

(c)    Reimburse the medical expenses of all pensioners and clear the pending medical bills of   

         BSNL pensioners;

(d)    Implement the Pension Revision from 01.01.2017 to BSNL Pensioners;

(e)    Revise the pension of PNB employees without further delay;

(f)     Restore the rail travel facilities to senior citizens.

(g)    Sanction Festival Grant of 20,000/- to Pensioners/Family Pensioners.


Those who could not attend the dharna / demonstration programme due to difficulty of travel etc, may send the above message by email to the finance minister on 25th November.

(b)     Ensure that the wall posters, play card etc. are exhibited at the dharma venue depicting that NCCPA support for the one-day general strike on 26th November, 2020

(c)     It was also decided that the NCCPA CHQ will issue a press Statement in support of the strike.  The same will be placed on our website as also conveyed to all affiliates and State Committees through NCCPA WhatsApp Group.


The demand for festival grant or advance was raised and the President was requested to take up the issue with the Finance Secretary.  Com. President said that the workers have not appreciated the conditions imposed by the Government for the festival advance.  Demanding the advance will amount to acceptance of the same conditions, which would make it worthless. However, he agreed to take up the issue of festival grant for the pensioners as a special case in view of the pandemic. 


Com. V.A. N. Namboodiri, who had to leave the meeting halfway due to technical problems, wanted the NCCPA to ask the Railways to rescind their decision to withdraw the Senior Citizen Facilities.  The NCCPA will forward a resolution in the matter to the Railway Board Chairman. 


The copy of the Press Statement and the resolution demanding restoration of the senior citizen facilities will be sent to you separately.


              With greetings,


Yours fraternally


K.K.N Kutty

Secretary General.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Let us March Ahead!

 At the call of AIPRPA CHQ!

Let us take Pride that Postal & RMS Senior Citizens responds magnificently! 

At the call of AIPRPA CHQ as per the decision of its CMC, the Postal & RMS Pensioners showed a magnificent response! The CHQ is overwhelmed by the stupendous action of States and Districts/Divisions at a very serious COVID-19 Pandemic time! Hearty Congratulations to all that reacted positively to our call of nationwide demonstration and submission of memorandum on three issues to Authorities! 

The response was not limited to headquarters of the State only! Reports and photos so far received show that there were programmes in many Districts and Divisions in a number of States including Tamilnadu, Kerala, Madhyapradesh, Jharkhand and Andhra. States of Assam,  Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Telangana, Himachal, Uttarpradesh and Delhi have all contributed! Submission of memorandum after demonstration was received with warmness by the Authorities! Thanks to all those Authorities! 

The Postal Board shall take the demonstration seriously for two reasons. The Senior Citizens in good number braved the threat to life and agitated. Second, it cannot allow the lower authorities live unquestioned and act in a sluggish manner at their own speed in spite of Directorate's instruction to complete implementation in time! There should be  human touch by the Directorate to the problems of erstwhile employees who contributed to the services! 


आइए हम गर्व करें कि पोस्टल एंड आरएमएस सीनियर सिटीजन शानदार प्रतिक्रिया देते हैं!

 अपने CMC के निर्णय के अनुसार AIPRPA CHQ के आह्वान पर, पोस्टल एंड आरएमएस पेंशनरों ने शानदार प्रतिक्रिया दिखाई!  CHQ बहुत गंभीर COVID-19 महामारी समय पर राज्यों और जिलों / डिवीजनों की मूर्खतापूर्ण कार्रवाई से अभिभूत है!  उन सभी को हार्दिक बधाई, जिन्होंने राष्ट्रव्यापी प्रदर्शन के हमारे आह्वान पर सकारात्मक प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त की और अधिकारियों को तीन मुद्दों पर ज्ञापन सौंपा!

 प्रतिक्रिया केवल राज्य के मुख्यालय तक सीमित नहीं थी!  अब तक प्राप्त रिपोर्टों और तस्वीरों से पता चलता है कि तमिलनाडु, केरल, मध्यप्रदेश, झारखंड और आंध्र सहित कई राज्यों में कई जिलों और विभागों में कार्यक्रम हुए।  असम, महाराष्ट्र, गुजरात, छत्तीसगढ़, ओडिशा, तेलंगाना, हिमाचल, उत्तरप्रदेश और दिल्ली राज्यों ने अपना योगदान दिया है!  प्रदर्शनों के बाद ज्ञापन सौंपना अधिकारियों द्वारा गर्मजोशी के साथ प्राप्त किया गया था!  उन सभी अधिकारियों को धन्यवाद!

 पोस्टल बोर्ड दो कारणों से प्रदर्शन को गंभीरता से लेगा।  वरिष्ठ नागरिकों ने अच्छी संख्या में जान को खतरा बताया और आंदोलन किया।  दूसरा, यह कम अधिकारियों को निर्विवाद रूप से जीने की अनुमति नहीं देता है और निदेशालय के निर्देशों के बावजूद अपनी गति से सुस्त गति से कार्य करता है।  निदेशालय द्वारा मानव सेवा होनी चाहिए जो तत्कालीन कर्मचारियों की समस्याओं के लिए थी जिन्होंने सेवाओं में योगदान दिया था!

 - केआर जीएस एआईपीआरपीए-

Monday 2 November 2020

Protest but not get Panic!

 Revision of Base Year of CPI and fear of future DA/DR!

Government has unilaterally and ignoring the strong protests of Central TUs changed the base year to 2016! Along with it the basket of commodities to calculate DA/DR rise is altered!

We have strong reasons to protest! But some comrades are exhibiting panic and started saying that our present DA will be facing reduction or stagnation on 1.7.2021, when the DA freeze is likely to be lifted by the Central Government.

Please read the Press Statement of Confederation of CG Employees. It is placed in Confederation website. In our social media platforms also AIPRPA has exhibited the press statement of Confederation! All are requested that instead of floating wrong and panicky messages on DA/DR, read the above Press Statement and get clarified! 

Our DA/DR on 1.7.2021 will not be reduced. We fear that the change of basket unilaterally will adversely affect the lower strata of employees and pensioners in getting the DA/DR rise suppressed gradually in future! So, we may face a gradual reduction in neutralization of cost of rise! 

Our protest should be there! But on correct understanding! Not by panicking! We should condemn the Government for its unilateral action but not fear that no DA rise on 1.7.2021! 


Sunday 1 November 2020

Include in CGHS the NPS Pensioners with less than 10 years Service!




Respected Prime Minister!

On behalf of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association I wish to bring to your kind notice that the NPS Pensioners with less than 10 years’ service are deprived of their CGHS Medical Care as per the OM of Ministry of Heath and Family Welfare Number S.11011/10/2012-CGHS(P)/EHS Dated 28.03.2017. The benefit of CGHS membership is allowed to the families of Government Servants under NPS who die while in service even with less than 10 years of service. But the retiring NPS Government Employees with less than 10 years of service is not permitted. This precludes all the Government Employees under NPS who retire with less than 10 years of service like the Gramin Dak Sewaks who become regular Government Employees at the fag end of their service. As the membership of CGHS is given only on remittance of prescribed subscription by the Pensioners, we request that the concession given to Government Employees who die in service may kindly be extended to Government Servants under NPS retiring with less than 10 years service. A favourable decision by the Government and the Health Ministry will go a long way in bringing a good change in the lives of NPS Pensioners under 10 years of service. via 


11:28 AM (27 minutes ago)

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Dear Sir/Madam,

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