Monday, 2 November 2020

Protest but not get Panic!

 Revision of Base Year of CPI and fear of future DA/DR!

Government has unilaterally and ignoring the strong protests of Central TUs changed the base year to 2016! Along with it the basket of commodities to calculate DA/DR rise is altered!

We have strong reasons to protest! But some comrades are exhibiting panic and started saying that our present DA will be facing reduction or stagnation on 1.7.2021, when the DA freeze is likely to be lifted by the Central Government.

Please read the Press Statement of Confederation of CG Employees. It is placed in Confederation website. In our social media platforms also AIPRPA has exhibited the press statement of Confederation! All are requested that instead of floating wrong and panicky messages on DA/DR, read the above Press Statement and get clarified! 

Our DA/DR on 1.7.2021 will not be reduced. We fear that the change of basket unilaterally will adversely affect the lower strata of employees and pensioners in getting the DA/DR rise suppressed gradually in future! So, we may face a gradual reduction in neutralization of cost of rise! 

Our protest should be there! But on correct understanding! Not by panicking! We should condemn the Government for its unilateral action but not fear that no DA rise on 1.7.2021! 


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