Wednesday 28 December 2016

Postal Pensioner's onward March!

Pensioners Post December 2016!

One year of Pensioners Post publication is completed with this December issue. With the cooperation of readers, AIPRPA frontrunners and well wishers, we have managed uninterrupted publication of 12 monthly issues. Pensioners Post was started with the motto: "For the cause of Postal and RMS Pensioners"! Yes, it has tried its best to that cause! It stood for highlighting the plight of Postal & RMS Pensioners; it worked for solution of those problems;  it strived to highlight the basic need to strengthen the bond between pensioners and employees movement; it espoused the need for unity of all pensioners at national and international level for a fight-back against neo-liberal onslaught on us; it did not hesitate to voice reasonable criticism against the Government and Authorities; mainly it never compromised on the interests of workers and pensioners! Despite financial constraints as a non-commercial journal, it survived its first year! Now stepping into its 2nd year! We don't say it was perfect in each respect; but we constantly try for more and better perfection every month! We appeal to all of you to come forward to give your helping hand by organising a subscribers campaign. We want you to help crossing the last year level of subscriber base! AIPRPA has come to stay as a class conscious pensioners' organisation; & 'Pensioners Post should come to stay as a mighty weapon to defend the rights of pensioners! All at your hands! All at your hard work!
The front wrapper of December 2016 issue for your notice! - Editor PP 

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