Sunday 3 September 2023

National Executive of NCCPA!

 National Executive of NCCPA held today!

The Executive Meeting of NCCPA is held today virtually under the presidentship of President Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra from 9.00 A.M.

23 Comrades were present from the Affiliates. The following decisions were taken unanimously:

1. Item No 1 of the agenda viz., Review of 21.07.2023 Rally at Jantar Mantar by NCCPA will be taken up in the next Executive Meeting.

2. The amount remitted for Option Number 1 court case by Six Affiliates of AIBDPA, AIPRPA, ITPF, Audit & Accounts, Assam CGPA and Nagpur P&T Pensioners shall be treated as quota for 2020-22since no legal case was filed by NCCPA on that issue.

3. The apportionment of Delegates already done for Thiruvananthapuram TUI Meet on 1.10.2023 besides TUI representatives in India and NCCPA two delegates is generally approved. Decided to make the TUI Meet a grand success. 

4. The Constitution Committee earlier appointed by the National Executive with Comrade D.K.Debnath as its Chairman will finalize the new constitution with all amendments taking all the issues at consideration and will submit them for approval in our National Executive. Before the presentation in our AIC the same will be submitted to the Registrar as per the requirement of the Act.