Tuesday 31 December 2019

Happy New Year to All! 

All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association wish all a happy new year. Looking back the year that is over, we find the negative attitude of the Government on general as well as pensioners & family pensioners issues. Even the Apex Court judgments are denied to thousands of other pensioners and employees like 30th June retired pensioners increment, MACP,  Pre 2006 pensioners , Compulsorily retired pensioners etc. Many GOs issued by Government are being implemented at snail's pace and no authority is serious and sincere to realize the seriousness of advancing age of pensioners / family pensioners for early implementation. Orders like 12.05.2017 for Pre 2006 pensioners / family pensioners; 2016 order for treating the induction training period for TBOP/BCR; 23.05.2018 order for grant of higher pay scale to Postman / Mail guards; 2019 orders for grant of 4600 GP to HSG1 retirees; are some examples of administration's apathy!

Many struggles by pensioners and employees were ignored. The year 2019 had been a year of worse attack on several rights  of working people and general people. The abrogation of Article 370; the Citixenship Amendment Act etc were the direct attacks on people based on religion! The democratic opposition by people led by students and youth is widespread and strong against the ill-moves of Government. But still the Government is not ready to back drag its feet.

The new year 2020 has born. The new year is born with an impending great strike by working class on 8th January! Let us resolve to move ahead through unity of all sections of people as established for generations as a great nation built on the principle of unity in diversity!

Friday 27 December 2019

Pensioners Post December issue released yesterday!

December issue stands despatched yesterday. It covers usual features as well as an article on judgment In rem. All are requested to kindly note that subscription lapsed for almost all with this issue. New rate of subscription starts from January 2020 at the rate of 200/- per year. Requested to complete collection of new subscribers and remit the money in account with list in MS Word format in typed form to pensionerspost@gmail.com before 10.01.2020.

Pl remember that individual subscriber shall send only by EMO.

Kindly cooperate and encourage us on our stepping in 5th year!

- K.Ragavendran Editor PP

Thursday 26 December 2019

NCCPA Secretariat Decisions!


The Secretariat of NCCPA was held in the AIRF Office Library Hall New Delhi on 15.12.2019. The meeting commenced at 11.00 Hrs with the Working President Comrade S.S.Roy in chair. Soon the President Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra reached and presided over the meeting. The meeting commenced with  homage to the departed leaders. Comrade KKN Kutty Secretary General introduced the Agenda and the same was unanimously approved. 21 Office Bearers  and 7 observers from various affiliates attended and took part in the meeting.  The discussions were held as per the agenda and the following  decisions  were taken.

 Review of 4th triennial conference of NCCPA. During the debate on the secretary general’s report at the conference, the delegates had pointed out certain omissions and the Sectt. had agreed to include those.  They were: (1) Parliament Elections; (2) Role of Media; and (3) Climate Change. The  draft paragraphs  on these issues as prepared by the Secretary General were presented and circulated   and the same was approved for inclusion in the report.

The draft resooutions prepared by the Steering Committee were subjected to discussions.  Com.K.G. Jayaraj, Com. S.K.Sharma and Com. Nagabhoshanam  made certain suggestions to improve upon those resolutions.  After discussions, the following course of action was agreed upon. 

(a)    Com. K.G. Jayaraj will e mail the addition required ; The suggestion concerning the non deduction of TDS wll be discussed by the Secretary General with the  Governmental authorities and appropriate decisions taken;  the word “towns” will be added  and the demand for inclusion of DD along with on line payment on CGHS will be included.

(b)   Comrade Basudeb Sen Gupta the Auditor NCCPA  pointed out that the Railway Hospitals in Malda, Asansol and Kharagpur suffer from serious inadequacies  and the beneficiaries are affected.  Com.  President  Shiv Gopal Mishra stated that the issue will be taken up by him with the authorities on receipt of details from Basudeb Sen Gupta.

There were detailed discussions on the health insurance scheme as was circulated by the Secretary General. It was concluded that since there had been no sufficient time provided  for a wider discussion amongst the members of the decision making fora of the affiliates and state units, that the draft proposal would be subjected to wider discussions and the views would be communicated to the CHQ within 15 days.  The final draft after taking into account the views canvassed by the affiliates would be placed on the website.  It was also decided that the proposal in its final form must be conveyed to the Govt. by the end of January, 2020.

Solidarity support for the striking workers. The Secretariat decided to launch the following programme:
(i)                                          To organize demonstration or dharna under the banner of NCCPA at all State Capitals in support of the strike of the workers on 7th January, 2020 ( as per the local conditions)

(ii)                                         To take part in the demonstration, procession etc. organized by the central trade unions and employees organizations on 8th January, 2020 in support of the strike action.

It was decided that the name of Publisher and Printer will be changed to ‘Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborti’. Necessary steps will be taken to effect the changes by the West Bengal Unit.  Even though the sale price has been increased, it was found to be necessary to increase the circulation. The affiliates were requested to make efforts in this direction.   As decided by the NCCPA Conference the rate of subscription shall be 120/- from January but the change will be incorporated in the print after the due process of change of publisher. The Secretary General pointed out that the list of latest renewed subscribers will be intimated by the Kolkata Comrades and the next meeting will take up the issue and fix the quota for each affiliate.

National Executive Committee meeting.

The Secretariat decided to hold the National Executive Meeting in Ernakulam ( Kerala ), which would be hosted by the AIBDPA . The meting  will be held in the month of April 2020. Dates will be finalized and intimated later.

Composition and structure of NCCPA.

Comrade S.K.Sharma (Rajastan) reiterated the contention he raised at the National Sectt. Meeting at Jaipur and complained that the stand of the NCCPA presently amounted to encouraging the department-wise pensioners Association and weaken the composite Central Govt. Pensioners Association.  He took  strong objection over the attendance of the Secretary General in the meeting of the All India Audit and Accounts Pensioners Association at Kolkata and attending and forming the ITPF Rajastan Unit at Jaipur.  Quoting Com. Vyas he said that the stand taken by the NCCPA was against the policy of the NCCPA earlier and no decision to deviate from the earlier stand had been taken in any organizational forum by the NCCPA. Com. Secretary General informed the house that Com.Vyas who was then the Secretary General of the NCCPA had gone on record in writing of the need to form department-wise Pensioners Association in order to widen the base of the NCCPA.  He added that it was on the clear understanding that the recruitment of Pensioners as members of NCCPA would be better possible if the same is made into a federal set up rather than a unitary one.  He also said that the difficulties in the transition stage had been appreciated and the condition to compulsorily affiliate with the NCCPA is made a pre condition for all such department-wise organizations. Com.VAN Namboodiri, Patron explained the background of such decision and wanted the controversy ended by mutual discussions and deliberations.  Com. President pointed out that the NCCPA has no intention to weaken its own CGPA Units as alleged. Since the issue requires discussions, deliberations and decision to end the controversy for ever,  Com. Secretary General suggested that the issue may be properly placed on the agenda through a note and the same could be subjected to deliberation at the next NE meeting.  Accordingly, it was agreed that the Secretary General will prepare a Note and will be circulated well before the next NE meeting.  

Programme of action

It was decided that the charter of demands has to be modified by rearranging the issues and including the PNB pensioners’ demands.   In view of the ensuing workers strike slated for 8th Jan. 2020, the Secretary General, President and the Deputy General Secretaries will sit together and finalize the charter after getting the requisite feedback from the concerned organizations.   It was also decided that Option No. 1 and MACP will delinked and will make into two distinct demands. The Committee consisting of the above stated office bearers will also finalize the programme of action in pursuance of the demands.

Parliament March against NPS

President Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra pointed out that the NJCA had decided to take out a Parliament March in the budget session on the issue of NPS and that the NCCPA should join the programme. This was agreed upon.
Registration of NCCPA

The suggestion to seek registration under the T.U. Act was accepted.  Accordingly, Com.M.L. Gupta Vice President was entrusted with the responsibility of seeking such registration from Jaipur. 

On Option Number 1 . The Secretariat, on the basis of the legal opinion  obtained by the CGPA Kerala, which was not in favour of filing the case , decided to discuss with Advocates of Delhi and proceed with the case. However, the Secretariat found that the prayer made by the present litigants in the principal bench of the Tribunal was not acceptable and accordingly will revise the prayer on the lines made out by the NJCM  Staff Side to the Pension committee..

MACP:  The President and Secretary General will seek a meeting with the secretary Personnel and Expenditure to explore the possibility of extending the Supreme Court decision to all similarly placed pensioners as assured by the Cabinet Secretary. In case their attempt in this direction fails, the NCCPA wil go ahead and file the case. Such discussion with the Government must be concluded by 15th Jaunary, 2020.

                Before the meeting was formally concluded by the President, Com. Secretary General thanked the AIRF CHQ for providing facilities for conducting the meeting as also the sumptuous lunch provided to the members.  He also thanked the AIPRPA Delhi Unit in sponsoring the file folder for the members to keep the documents.  The meeting thus came to a close at 1.30 PM on 15th December, 2019.

Saturday 21 December 2019

Pensioners Post December issue gone to print yesterday!

The December issue of Pensioners Post had gone for print yesterday after layout. As usual it will be despatched on 27.12.2019. This is the last issue of current year. With this, we are completing its 4th year. We have walked successfully with all the difficulties due to cooperation of all subscribers and organisers.

• Remember that the cost of annual subscription from January 2020 is 200/- per year. For subscribers joining during the midway of year are to remit at the rate of 20/- per issue per month. Annual subscriptions are only from January to December of a calendar year.

* Request all State / District Secretaries to complete enrolling quickly and remit the amount with list of addresses in MS Word format to pensionerspost@gmail.com before 31st December. By latest not later than 10.01.2020 so that the new subscribers mailing list is handed over to press.

* Support and cooperation of all will alone help us to continue our journey non-stop!

-Editor PP-

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Health Insurance Scheme - Our proposals through NCCPA






Website: nccpahq.blogspot.in.
E mail: nccpahq@gmail.com.

13.c Feroze Shah Road,
 New Delhi. 110 001
SECy. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030)

Dated: 2nd December, 2019
All the National Secretariat members of NCCPA.
Dear Comrades,
                As discussed at the last conference held at Jaipur, we are circulating a draft health insurance proposal for discussion at the National Sectt. meeting to be held at Delhi on 15th December, 2019.  We are placing this on the website and SMS will be sent to all.  The members may cause a discussion with the experts in the field and  at the respective organisational fora before 15th
With greetings,
yours fraternally,  
KKN Kutty.
Secy, General.

The 7thCPC, in line  with all its earlier Commissions had recommended the need to have health insurance scheme for pensioners either as a supplementary benefit or as one in replacement of the existing one. The CGHS with all its ailments and deficiencies are looked upon by the beneficiaries with affection. The large number of the present beneficiaries, consider it as a scheme, beneficial and not to be replaced.   However, large number of pensioners is beyond the pale of CGHS. The insurance scheme is recommended as an alternative, for the Government as an employer can escape from its responsibility and the exchequer will be freed of financial outflow on health care related issues. In the absence of any scheme, the pensioners who are covered by CS (MA) Rules, are virtually left out of  health care. They are presently entitled for a pittance of allowance which satisfied none.   The following is a proposal that has emanated from the discussions we had with pensioners, who stay in non CGHS areas and are not covered even by the CS(MA) Rules.  In the longer run, we feel that even the CGHS beneficiaries will either opt for this or opt as an additional benefit. 
The proposed scheme covers only for in-patient treatment and the pensioner will have to eke out from his pocket for out-patient treatment. 

1.                      Govt. will float a tender for the insurance companies to part-take in the scheme.
2.                      The annual premium, a pensioner/ an employee as the case may be will be equivalent to 75% of the fixed medical allowances.
3.                      In the case of pensioners who opt for the schemes the Govt. might deduct the premium from the FMA and will remit the same to the Insurance Company.
4.                      There will not be any age bar for the policy holders.
5.                      The insurance coverage will be similar to a group Insurance scheme. The more the number in the group less will be the premium.  Therefore there will have to be a clause for reduction of premium when the group coverage increases.
6.                      In the case of pensioners who opt for the scheme shall not be treated as a defaulter for non receipt of the premium on account of administrative lapses on the part of the concerned government offices. The insurance company may think in terms of penal clauses whereby the employer will have to pay compensation to the company in case of default
7.                      The sum assured has to be Rs 15 Lakhs for a premium of Rs 9000 per annum.
8.                      The assured amount can be increased depending upon the number of pensioners registered in the group.
9.                      The insurance company while offering the tender shall indicate the name and address of the hospital in each town/city with whom they will enter into the agreement.
10.                  All policy holders shall be given identity cards by the Insurance Company showing of which must enable them to get admission and in-patient treatment in the hospital.
11.                  The scheme must have a residency period initially for 5 years and renewed thereafter on fresh terms and conditions.
12.                  The Insurance premium will get automatically increased as and when the FMA quantum is increased by the Govt.
13.                  The insurance company may offer higher coverage and higher premium for chronic diseases.
14.                  In the case of patients suffering from chronic diseases a scheme may be drawn out where by the patient might get the post hospitalization medicines at cost price.
15.                  For the working employees the scheme may be optional and for pensioners outside the ambit of CGHS mandatory.
16.                  The Govt as the employer will function as regulator and shall co-ordinate with a view to bring in larger number policy holders in the group
17.                  Since the premium is related to FMA which is constant in the case of all pensioners, the policy coverage will have to be the same for all beneficiaries.
18.                  The conference/ National Executive, as and when it is found the proposal is worth considering shall appoint a  committee to finalize the scheme with in-puts from the experts in the Insurance industry

* All affiliates are requested to respond and approve this draft together with any modifications before 31.12.2019. - KKN.

Monday 16 December 2019

Pensioners Day Today!

It was on this 17th December in 1982, D.S.Nakara and his Companion won the great legal battle in Apex Court. That Judgment given by the bench headed by Justice Chandrachud was indeed considered even today as the beckon of several future judgments. It was this judgment that ensured the concept of "Pension is a right and not a bounty". It gave a stunning blow to the attempt of Government to divide the same class of Pensioners on the basis of cut-off dates! But the struggle continues as GOI never stops to attack us!

Let us remember D.S.Nakara and this famous milestone judgment. Let us celebrate Pensioners Day without fail on 17.12.2019.


Saturday 14 December 2019

NCCPA Secretariat meeting is on now at New Delhi. 

The Secretariat of NCCPA under the chairmanship of President Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra is being held now at AIRF office Library Hall, New Delhi. All issues of importance to pensioners are being discussed including on issues we should go to court seeking adjudication.

Thursday 5 December 2019

Pre 2006 case filed by AIPRPA CHQ -update! 

Today the Pre 2006 pensioners case filed by AIPRPA CHQ came up for hearing today (5.12.2019) in CAT Chennai. The reply from Postal Directorate has been reportedly received according to Department Advocate and is being finalized by Chief PMG office for filing in court as reply to our affidavit.  It will be probably filed before next hearing. The case is adjourned to 3.1.2020 for hearing. - KR GS AIPRPA