Tuesday 31 December 2019

Happy New Year to All! 

All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association wish all a happy new year. Looking back the year that is over, we find the negative attitude of the Government on general as well as pensioners & family pensioners issues. Even the Apex Court judgments are denied to thousands of other pensioners and employees like 30th June retired pensioners increment, MACP,  Pre 2006 pensioners , Compulsorily retired pensioners etc. Many GOs issued by Government are being implemented at snail's pace and no authority is serious and sincere to realize the seriousness of advancing age of pensioners / family pensioners for early implementation. Orders like 12.05.2017 for Pre 2006 pensioners / family pensioners; 2016 order for treating the induction training period for TBOP/BCR; 23.05.2018 order for grant of higher pay scale to Postman / Mail guards; 2019 orders for grant of 4600 GP to HSG1 retirees; are some examples of administration's apathy!

Many struggles by pensioners and employees were ignored. The year 2019 had been a year of worse attack on several rights  of working people and general people. The abrogation of Article 370; the Citixenship Amendment Act etc were the direct attacks on people based on religion! The democratic opposition by people led by students and youth is widespread and strong against the ill-moves of Government. But still the Government is not ready to back drag its feet.

The new year 2020 has born. The new year is born with an impending great strike by working class on 8th January! Let us resolve to move ahead through unity of all sections of people as established for generations as a great nation built on the principle of unity in diversity!

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