Sunday 28 February 2021

A Leader - Guide - Philosopher No More!

 COVID-19 snatched away our beloved Comrade M.Krishnan!

Comrade M.Krishnan 

Amar Rahe!

I woke up this morning to hear the extremely sad news of demise of Comrade M.Krishnan! When comrade V.A.Mohanan conveyed the sorrowful news, it was totally unbelievable and shocking! Comrade M.Krishnan ex-SG of NFPE as well as Confederation and our Executive Committee Member of AIPRPA CHQ has breathed his last in the fight against COVID-19! 

We thought the fighter in comrade MK will bring him out successfully from hospital after cured of COVID-19! We believed that he was improving and shortly out of hospital bed. He was admitted along with his wife in ICU of the Corona Ward but our great guide and leader of the masses has succumbed to the killer pandemic!

Even last week he was giving valuable advises to our movement. He attended the Kerala State Working Committee meeting virtually! We could not believe the news that he is no more! We could not believe that he will be permanently absent in our meetings! 

As a long time leader of Kerala Postal and CG movement; as a towering leader and voice in all India P3 movement for long; as President and General Secretary of P3; as Secretary General of NFPE and Confederation where many militant moves were initiated by him; as introducer of novel moves at pan Indian level to organize women in our movement; as a very powerful orator in all our conferences, classes, managing bodies and any gathering - his contributions are never ending and no one can bring them all in a list! 

His parting the mortal life is irreparable in our entire movement. We cannot fathom the future without his metallic voice and shrewd Guidance's out of any crisis! His untimely demise at the age of 67 only is a loss caused immeasurably to the Movement of CG, Postal and Pensioners all over India and to the people of Kerala as he started contributing to left movement of Kerala too! 

AIPRPA CHQ dips its banner and flag in the fond memory and honour of comrade M.Krishnan a real friend, leader, guide and philosopher to me and also to all. Let us all give a tearful send off to one of the greatest leaders of modern times! - KR GS AIPRPA

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Remember the legend!

 Legendary leader S.K.Vyas 6th Anniversary! 

Observe the Day and honour the memory of this tall leader! 

On 13.02.2021, the entirety of CG Employees and Pensioners remember and hold a befitting function on the 6th anniversary of demise of Comrade S.K.Vyas, the 'Pithamah' of Confederation Movement and Pensioners Movement in India! He played a unique and vital role from 2nd to 7th CPC on behalf of Staff Side! 

Comrade Vyas was a walking university of all issues of Employees and Pensioners. An encyclopedia with unparalleled memory! Always ready to absorb new and novel ideas for the growth of movement. It is enthralling to remenber him as a democrat in leading the movement and never stepped outside the parameters to suit temporary gains. A human to extend help to any one in need of any help. A fighter with militancy against the erroneous policies of Government unminding undue criticism levelled against him as a practitioner of 'politics'! A versatile personality with very humble and simple way of life! 

AIPRPA always remember comrade Vyas as a staunch supporter of our postal and RMS Pensioners movement. He attended all our important conferences by undertaking even arduous journeys and guided us. He unhesitatingly advocated the formation of departmental wise pan Indian associations of pensioners and believed that it is an inevitable step to strengthen NCCPA. It was comrade Vyas who influenced the Chairman 7th CPC to end the decades old discrimination against P&T Pensioners in joining CGHS. 

His passing away had caused a wide vaccum that could not be filled up even today! 

Let us all remember comrade Vyas and hold befitting memorial functions in his honour and memory on 13.02.2021 - the day of 6th anniversary! - KR GS AIPRPA

Monday 8 February 2021

Comrade TN Passes Away!

Senior VP AIPRPA comrade T.Narasimhan Amar Rahe!

It is really shocking and devastating to hear the sudden passing away of our leader comrade T.Narasimhan today evening! He suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest, taken to hospital, treated, returned to his daughter's house in same city of Hyderabad but collapsed after some time. He was former leader of NFPTE; after retirement he was leading the working class in his capacity of National Vice President of AITUC and State President of Telangana; Vice President of Confederation of CG Employees; and Senior Vice President of AIPRPA CHQ! He used to guide us on all important issues and the initial proposal to NJCA for holding 1.2.2021 as Call Attention Day was given by him only. 

He guided us in all our steps. He participated in TN AIPRPA foundation conference; he attended the foundation AIC of AIPRPA at Vellore; he attended the 2nd AIC of AIPRPA at Vijayawada! His demise is totally unexpected and untimely! We wished for many more years of his leadership to our pensioners movement also.

CHQ got the sad news from Comrade CH.Ramarao the President of AIPRPA Tekangana just now. We dip our banner and flag in honour of comrade TN! Long live the fond memory of comrade TN! - KR GS AIPRPA