Friday 16 December 2016

Pensioners Day!

17.12.2016 - Pensioners Day! 

It is the Pensioners Day on 17th December. The struggle to win pension and social security to government employees is historical. These struggles started under British Raj! Through long struggles pension was won during British rule. But many improvements are made to pension rules by our consistent battles under independent India. However observing 17th December as Pensioners Day has come about by the milestone judgment given out by Chief Justice Chandrachud in 17.12.1982 in the great legal battle fought by D.S.Nakara! Pensioners should not be divided into separate classes for any discriminate benefits was the crux of the judgment that ensured the pensioners their rights!

Hold special meetings!
Hold Seminars!
Remember the historical struggles of forefathers!
Remember D.S.Nakara!
Hail Kerala Pensioners movement and Inasu!
Take resolve to fight and clinch Option Number 1 recommended by 7th CPC!
Take resolve to build a strong AIPRPA!
Take resolve to strengthen NCCPA, BC PC and united pensioners movement in India and also internationally!

No District or Division should fail in observing Pensioners Day this year! It is our bounden duty to respect comrades who fought for our rights!


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