Sunday 26 July 2020

NCCPA Calls for Email to Secretary to Forest and Climate Change!


NCCPA has issued the undermentioned call to send email to Government of India Secretary to Forest and Climate Change against the move to amend the Act in Parliament to favour Corporates! The move will adversely affect us and our environment! Let us act by sending email to the Secretary by all our States / Districts / Divisions/ and also by members - KR GS AIPRPA 

Indian People and Environment is dispensable to the economic interests of International Corporates!

The proposed amendment to Environment Rules by Central Government is dangerous to us! The lives and environment is more precious than the unquestioned entry of FDI!

Let us voice our opinion to the Government to stop the intended Act in Parliament!

All our Affiliates and Individuals are requested to send the following email to the Secretary of Forest  and Climate Change, Government of India in the Email ID:



The Secretary,
Forest and Climate Change,
Union Government of India,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

The Central Ministry has proposed a change in existing Environment Impact Assessment processes (EIA Notification, 2006) through a draft EIA Notification, 2020. The proposed notification will destroy the process of environmental protection and affecting the environment irreversibly, also making it easier for the corporates to get environmental clearances for their projects. Hence, We the people oppose the draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2020, and request you to withdraw the same.

Amidst the pandemic situation, it is improper to take decisions that will have an irreversible impact on the environment. However, the Union Ministry is keen on making changes in Environment rules and granting clearances. It is evident from the fact that over 30 projects, located in some of India's most biodiverse forests have been urgently cleared or taken up for clearance in online meetings during the lockdown (April 23). Site inspections are a crucial component of project evaluation and are difficult during a pandemic. Ministry appears to be relying only on digital documents uploaded by the project developers. Even more surprisingly these projects have been cleared at a time when Covid-19 has revealed dramatically how seriously the loss of forest land and biodiversity can increase zoonotic diseases.

Environmentalists also have raised their voice and wrote to Environment Minister regarding how forest and environment clearances were being granted across India during the lockdown. On that note, shockingly, the Ministry has put out a draft notification for public comments amidst global economic and public health emergency when there is restricted public movement.

Major Issues:

• The new amendment poses a serious threat to the environment and there are some areas of concern like granting post-facto clearances to Industries and leaving aside them with Fine alone in case of any violations. For several projects, the whole process of EIA is made simpler and fails to meet the standards of basic environmental protections. However, in an order on April 1, the Supreme Court held that "ex post facto environmental clearances" are contrary to law. It said: "Environment law cannot countenance the notion of an ex post facto clearance. This would be contrary to both the precautionary principle as well as the need for sustainable development".

• A public hearing has been exempted to many industries (those producing acids, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) located in Notified Industrial Zone, this will create serious problems in areas that depend entirely on ground and river water for agricultural usage. Public consultation has also been exempted from a list of linear projects. Projects such as roads and pipelines in border areas will not require any public hearing. The 'border area' is defined as "area falling within 100 kilometers aerial distance from the Line of Actual Control with bordering countries of India." That would cover much of the Northeast, the region with the country's richest biodiversity. Exemption from public hearing goes against International environmental law and agreements.

• Increased validity of the environment clearance for mining projects and river valley projects from 30 years currently to 50 years and, 10 years currently to 15 years respectively, thus increasing the risk of irreversible environmental, social, and health consequences on account of the project remaining unnoticed for long.

• Through the draft, it is enough for the industries to provide an annual environmental compliance report rather than half-yearly reports. Past experiences show that industries have continued to provide data that are false and inaccurate. Seeking an annual report provides an opportunity for the industries to further underestimate any socio-environmental issues arising in their projects.

• The Public consultation process is diluted. The period for the public to submit their views and responses during a public hearing for any application seeking Environment clearance has been reduced from 30 days to 20 days. It is aimed at denying the proper opportunity to record the objections of the people of the region.
The various provisions of the draft are aimed at facilitating the government's doctrine of "ease of doing business". Hence, we would like to reiterate that it is our generation that will be a victim of the devastating effects of these twisted and diluted laws like the new EIA draft. In this age of high pollution levels in our cities, we need to strengthen the EIA 2006 instead of allowing amendments that will dilute the rules and encourage environmental violations.

The current draft lacks understanding of the adverse effects of activities like disturbances in eco-sensitive zones, extensive minings. The notification was released on 23rd March 2020, surprisingly right before the day of nationwide lockdown. There has been no wide publicity given to the same except being uploaded on the website. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a time to stay safe and protect oneself. Hence, the government must understand it is not the right time to make amendments in EIA Notification for its aspiration of doing business. We sincerely hope that the Environment Ministry will encourage informed public participation as committed through Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration and the principle of Natural Justice. The EIA can be used to bring India out of the Covid-19 pandemic as an environmentally aware country through a green recovery that strengthens the role of environmental and social protection of all people and nature instead of justifying the present forms of harmful development.
So, we request you to kindly withdraw the Draft EIA Notification – 2020, right now.

Thanking you,




District/ State: 

Wednesday 22 July 2020


All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association


(Registered No: 83/2015 under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 1975)

Chennai HQ: 2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007

New Delhi HQ: First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001

No.AIPRPA / Pension / 2020 /1 Dated 23rd July 2020


The Director General

Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan

New Delhi – 110001



Sub: Request for causing to develop a Pensionseva website for Pensioners under POSB System – regarding.

This All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association happily notes that the State Bank of India has developed a Pensionseva exclusive website for Pensioners drawing pension in SBI. This website which is available in the link is developed to cater to the Pensioners in knowing and downloading their arrear calculation sheets, Pension Slip, Profiles, Investment related details, status of their life certificate, Account transaction particulars etc. This type of Pensionseva website will be highly useful to the Pensioners.

This Association submits that it is not beyond the capacity of the Postal Department to develop an identical website for the Pensioners and Family Pensioners drawing pension through POSB System. This will enable all Pensioners to sign in and check all their pension related details without troubling the authorities. Such action will receive the all round appreciation of the thousands of Pensioners and Family Pensioners. We therefore request your goodself to consider and cause to develop an exclusive website for the benefit of Pensioners and Family Pensioners.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



General Secretary

CGHS Payment of Subscriptions

For CGHS Cards hereafter online payment in the "Bharatkosh" Portal only! 

Newly joining Pensioners CGHS beneficiaries and the existing beneficiaries who are not holding life membership cards have to remit subscription only through "Bharatkosh Portal" online. 

The method or procedure is a bit complicated and therefore follow the instructions in the enclosed Health Ministry Order step by step very carefully!
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Monday 20 July 2020

Conduct Email Campaign to Secretary (P)




21.07.2020 To 31.07.2020

AIPRPA Central Managing Committee held on 12.07.2020 in video conference decided to organize an Email Campaign to Secretary (P) on urgent Postal &RMS Pensioenrs issues. Some State Associations have interacted with the CHQ by email and pointed out important issues to be taken up with the administration in addition to CGHS and Medical related issues. Certain issues of CGHS have been taken up with the Health Ministry by the CHQ recently and many other issues were submitted to NCCPA Secretary General and JCM Staff Side Secretary for taking up with the Health Secretary. Therefore three major issues pertaining to Postal & RMS Pensioners that are taking very long to implement the orders of the Postal Department and certain major issues confronting the Postal & RMS Pensioners in CGHS are covered in this Email Campaign to Secretary Department of Posts.

All State Associations and the District / Divisional Associations of AIPRPA are requested to organize the Email Campaign very effectively from today to the end of this month. They are requested to also encourage individual members to send emails to the Secretary (P). Confirmation of sending the email may be sent to CHQ in or in whatsapp groups for information. The exact draft of Email is given below the letter submitted to the Secretary (P) by the CHQ. All are requested only to send the Email with the exact contents provided. There is no need to send the letter sent by the CHQ, which is only for the information of all.

-K.Ragavendran General Secretary AIPRPA -

All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association


(Registered No: 83/2015 under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 1975)

Chennai HQ: 2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007

New Delhi HQ: First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001

No.AIPRPA/Campaign/2020/1                                                               Dated 21st July, 2020




The Secretary,

Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan

New Delhi – 110 001.


Respected sir,


Sub: Email Campaign on urgent Postal & RMS Pensioners issues for settlement – regarding.


The Central Managing Committee of this All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association had met in its video conference session on 12.07.2020 and decided to organize a Email Campaign on the following urgent and long pending issues of Postal & RMS Pensioners:


1.       Higher Pay Scale of 3050-4590 to Postman /Mail Guard cadre from 1.1.1996: Department had issued orders for refixing the salary from 1.1.1996 and the pension refixation accordingly. This orders was issued as early as on 23rd May, 2018 itself. Many Postal Circles delayed the issue by asking a lot of clarifications earlier. Despite all clarifications have been issued by the Directorate, the implementation part is unduly delayed in almost all Postal Circles. Many suggestions have been given by this CHQ and our State Associations but in nut shell the majority of retired Postman and Mailguard are yet to be refixed their pension and arrears paid for both the service time and from retirement. Hardly 30 cases are cleared by the Director of Postal Accounts offices and at this rate next pay commission may be constituted before the implementation to all eligible Pensioners. This Association urged in the past also to set a time frame for implementation but not heeded. Therefore we urge for immediate implementation.


2.       Counting of induction training period for TBOP / BCR: The Department had ordered as back as on 5th May, 2016 that for direct recruited Pas/SAs, their induction training period shall be treated as duty for the grant of TBOP/BCR. Unfortunately several Postal Divisions have taken an unreasonable stand that this order will be implemented only for those pensioners who submit their copy of order for their initial training at the time of appointment! Ironically many decades have lapsed since eligible pensioners have undergone training and the SSPOs/SPOs/SSRMs/SRMs don’t consider asking the pensioners to produce the copies of their initial training is too much after the lapse of many decades. The order is very clear that those PAs/SAs who were trained before 1.1.1986 are only eligible and therefore it is to be assumed that all PAs/SAs directly recruited before that date were sent for 3 months training before appointment. If necessary there are many other records available with the Department including the copies of training classes organized at PTC level or at other levels. All Pensioners who were direct recruits to PA/SA cadre should be granted this benefit and if eligible should be ordered refixation of pension as well as payment of any arrears. This issue is overdue and we request that there shall not be any more delay under any other grounds.



3.        Refixation of Pension from 1.1.2006 to HSG-1 on the basis of 4600 GP: The Department and the Government had ordered on 4th January 2019 for payment and refixation of pension at the level of 4600 Grade Pay instead of 4200 Grade Pay to all Pre-2006 HSG-1 cadre on a top priority basis. Unfortunately there are still some pensioners of this cadre not refixed with their pension accordingly. This Association urges for time bound implementation.


4.        Medical related issues: The Pensioners are considered as the weakest section to be affected by corona pandemic unless they take all precautions including taking medicines for all their pre-existing diseases. Unfortunately the Postal Pensioners are exposed to high risk nowadays because of several factors. (1) The Postal Pensioners living in non-CGHS areas are recently allowed to join CGHS. More over 33 existing Postal Dispensaries also converted into CGHS wellness centres. But ironically there are no empanelled hospitals or diagnostic centres in major part of the country except in countable CGHS centres. Not only hundreds of districts but even the many revenue States of North East and some other parts do not have either the CGHS wellness centres or empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres. In addition the Postal Dispensaries converted into CGHS centres don’t have adequate Doctors, Para Medical Staff and Medicines. Government had permitted the CGHS beneficiaries only to go to empanelled hospitals earmarked for covid-19 but there are many centres where the empanelled hospitals are not authorised for covid-19 treatment by the State Governments. Even where an empanelled hospital is earmarked for covid-19, the number of beds there are too insufficient in comparison with the number of beneficiaries affected by covid-19. The beneficiaries in non-CGHS centres shall be permitted to approach nearby hospitals and claim reimbursement at CGHS approved charges until empanelled hospitals are identified in all the centres. All other problems also are to be attended to on war footing. The Department of Posts has a role in sorting out the problems with the Health Ministry and cannot take a stand that Health Department affairs are out of its purview.



This All India Association of Postal & RMS Pensioners would urge upon you to personally intervene so that the first three issues at the command of the DoP shall be disposed of within a short time frame. We also urge upon your good offices to intervene with the Government and the Health Ministry so that the aged pensioners are safe guarded from the trouble of taking treatment for all diseases and to the covid-19 in particular. As the families of Pensioners are not going to get any financial insurance as like the serving employees, the Department shall come forward to protect their lives by suitable trouble free treatment during this risky times.

Yours sincerely,



General Secretary






The Secretary

Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan

New Delhi – 110001



Kindly refer to the email sent by the CHQ of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association on 21.07.2020 on the subject of “Email campaign on urgent Postal & RMS Pensioners issues for settlement”. We urge for immediate settlement of (1) Time-bound Implementation of Department order by the DPA Offices for grant of higher scale of 3050-4590 with arrears to all eligible Pensioners of Postman/Mail Guard cadre; (2) Immediate implementation of Department orders for grant of benefit of counting the period of induction training for TBOP/BCR to direct recruits including all eligible Pensioners by the Divisional Offices based on their own available records without troubling the pensioners to bring records; (3) Immediate clearing of the pending cases of Pre-2006 Pensioners from HSG-1 for grant of 4600 Grade Pay as per the orders of the Government and the Department of Posts; and (4) Ensuring personal intervention in health and medical related  issues including the CGHS for protecting the lives and health of Postal & RMS Pensioners.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,

Signature: ______________________________________

Name:            ______________________________________

Designation: ____________________________________

State / District /Division: ___________________________

Missing GPF Credits!

A Pension Ministry order favourable to officials and officers on foreign service / deputation before retirement!

Saturday 18 July 2020

Celebrate the AIPRPA Foundation Day from Homes!

AIPRPA Foundation Day 19th July!


Comrades! Corona has made us to think only about it during the past four months! We have actually forgotten that it was 19th July in 2014 we founded formally the AIPRPA in the first formation All India Conference in Vellore Tamilnadu which was inaugurated by the late lamented leader comrade S.K.Vyas!

AIPRPA formed as the first pan Indian organization to unify all Postal & RMS pensioners and family pensioners. We have been born to fill up a void in the pensioners movement. Today along with AIBDPA, ITPF and many class conscious CGPA organizations under NCCPA, we are playing an important role in the unification and fight for the rights of pensioners. If AIPRPA was not founded, many erstwhile trade union leaders would have gone astray after their retirement in course of time. Today AIPRPA stands as an attracting force for all of us.

AIPRPA has affiliated with international pensioners movement headed by Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) of WFTU. We could play our small but historic role in fighting hand in hand with our pensioners community of the world that is under increasing attack by governments in an era of liberalization!

Let us remember the Golden Day! We cannot celebrate in usual manner this year but let us pride in our hearts from our houses that AIPRPA is born on this day to play an irrefutable historic role in India and World! 


All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association


(Registered No: 83/2015 under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 1975)

Chennai HQ: 2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007

New Delhi HQ: First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001

AIPRPA /CGHS / Medical /2020                                                               Dated 18.07.2020


1.      Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra

President NCCPA & JCM Staff Side Secretary

New Delhi 110001


2.      Comrade KKN Kutty

Secretary General NCCPA & JCM Standing Committee Member

New Delhi


Dear Comrades!


Sub: CGHS/Medical related urgent issues – regarding.


Kindly recall the discussions we had in the NCCPA Executive video conference on 16.07.2020 and to the minutes of the Health Secretary’s meeting with the JCM National Council Staff Side leaders on 09.07.2020.


We appreciate the initiative taken by the Staff Side JCM to discuss important issues related to CGHS with the Health Secretary. Some orders have been issued recently with regard to treatment by the CGHS beneficiaries for covid 19 as well as for purchase of medicines for general diseases in shops by the beneficiaries for reimbursement etc. However, there are some important issues that need to be addressed with the Health Secretary related to covid-19 and general treatment especially for pensioners.


1.      The P&T Pensioners living in non-CGHS areas also are now permitted to join CGHS since December, 2018. But they have to travel to CGHS cities for any treatment because there are no empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres in those non-CGHS centres. A policy decision has to be taken for allowing at least one empanelled renowned hospital and a diagnostic centre in all districts of the country to cater to the medical needs of pensioners living in those non-CGHS centres on a cashless basis.


2.      The CGHS administration should employ specialists once in two weeks such as Cardiologist, Urologist,Nephrologist, Opthalmologist , Paediatrician, Gynaecologist etc in all CGHS Centres. Presently there is no such system in many Postal Dispensaries converted into CGHS Centres. Further the CGHS beneficiaries may be allowed to get the consultations from the consulting rooms of the Government specialists instead of government hospitals which are mostly crowded and available only on specific days of the week in hospitals.


3.      Some CGHS Centres don’t have any empanelled hospitals. As a temporary measure the CGHS Pensioners shall be allowed to get the treatment from other than empanelled hospitals at the CGHS rates and claim reimbursement. The CGHS beneficiaries may be permitted to approach the CSMA hospitals and claim reimbursement at the CGHS approved rates. However efforts should be on for empanelling reputed hospitals in those centres to permanently alleviate the problem. Similarly there are Centres which were earlier P&T Dispensaries but now amalgamated into CGHS without any referral hospitals or diagnostic centres. Until empanelment is done, the CGHS beneficiaries shall be allowed to take treatment in any other CSMA hospitals and claim reimbursement.


4.      In some CGHS Centres (e.g., Ranchi in Jharkhand) there are no empanelled hospitals approved for covid 19 treatment by the State Government. Therefore it is necessary to permit the CGHS beneficiaries to approach those private hospitals approved by the State Government for covid 19 treatment even though they are not the empanelled hospitals for covid 19 treatments.


5.      The Medical reimbursement should be effected to the beneficiaries within 30 days on submission of bills as per the direction of Supreme Court judgment and penal interest shall be sanctioned in case of non-adherence of the above direction.


6.      There is no Gynecologist Doctor in many CGHS wellness centres causing women pensioners face trouble with their treatment. (e.g. Indore and Guwahati CGHS Centre)


7.      Recently 33 Postal Dispensaries were amalgamated with CGHS as per the recommendations of the 7th CPC. But unfortunately these converted CGHS dispensaries are not augmented with necessary Doctors and Para medical staff despite lapse of many months since amalgamation. We request that till making regular appointments unemployed persons should be appointed as casual staff.


8.      The Central Cabinet Minister Shri. Narendra Singh Tomar had inaugurated with all fanfare a CGHS centre in the city of Gwalior. But unfortunately no follow up had been taken and whatever little arrangement was made for the Minister’s function are totally removed. Similarly there were expectations on the basis of the move of the Government that in many important centres like Panchkula, Mohali, Gwalior, Kannur, Kozhikode, Nasik, Aurangabad, Ichhapur, Ludhiana, Rohtak, Wadi, Mysuru,  Mandi, Haldwani, Madurai, Coimbatore, Warrangal, Katni, Chandrapur and Leh that CGHS wellness centres will be opened.


The hopes of employees and pensioners were hiked because of collecting figures etc from these centres by the CGHS authorities. But we do not know of the progress in this direction. We desire that the efforts be expedited to open CGHS centres early in all these centres.


9.      At present except Guwahati (Assam) none of the remaining six North Eastern States have any referral hospitals in the entire revenue states. This is causing innumerable strain as any treatment involves very long travel to Guwahati from Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura in the godforsaken terrain of the entire area. Therefore at least one referral hospital and diagnostic centre shall be authorised in each headquarter of the revenue state in North East.


10.  Ayurveda, Homeopathy like alternative treatment are to be generally encouraged under CGHS. Recently there were some efforts to open up these wings in addition to dental wing in centres like Indore. But unfortunately the progress is very sluggish. We desire that speedy action is taken in this direction to open up these alternative wings under CGHS.


11.  In most centres only one centre of Ayush Centre is available which is not possible to reach under lock down conditions. Hence the immunity boosting  Sidha  and Homepathy medicines like Kabasura Kudineer, Nilvembu Kudineer (Siddha) and Arsenicum Album 30 (Homeopathy) formulations to all the CGHS Wellness Centres for the benefit of the beneficiaries.


12.  As a matter of policy it should be decided that the Additional Director CGHS office shall be situated in the respective states only. For example the newly formed state of Andhra, there is no Additional Director CGHS office in that state and the office in Telangana state is looking after. The Additional Director office in Kanpur in Uttarpradesh State is looking after the CGHS Centre in Gwalior of Madhyapradesh State. It is not out of place to mention that Kanpur is not in direct line with Gwalior and that the travel involves many difficulties. We desire that as a matter of policy the Additional Director office shall be in the particular state only.


We wish the JCM Staff Side and the NCCPA shall take up these issues also for remedial measures at the hands of the Government and the Health Ministry. The Government shall be reminded that while the serving employees are covered with insurance for deaths out of covid 19, the senior citizen pensioners shall at least be provided with adequate medical facilities in this pandemic time.


Thanking you,

Fraternally Yours,



General Secretary AIPRPA

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Health Secretary meets JCM NC Leaders

Minutes of meeting taken by Health Secretary with JCM National Council Standing Committee Members is as follows. Study it and immediately point out omissions so that we can discuss in tomorrow afternoon NCCPA executive meeting in video conference:


Tuesday 14 July 2020

Audit ex-Secretary General M.S.Raja Amar Rahe!

Comrade M.S.Raja Former Secretary General Audit Employees Association passed away!


It is unbelievable but yet it is a fact that our friend and former SG Audit Employees Association comrade M.S.Raja has breathed his last some hours ago around 7.30 P.M (14.07.2020 night). He was reportedly taken to Aswani Hospital Thrissur after a severe cardiac arrest and died immediately after reaching the hospital. 

He was retired recently and was a militant leader of the All India Audit Employees Association. He led many struggles and faced with bravery some tuff bureaucrats in Audit. He was also the Secretary of Confederation and functioned when i was the Working President and Comrade S.K.Vyas was the President and Comrade KKN.Kutty was the SG. In fact when comrade M.Krishnan became SG Confederation, he became Working President while i relinquished. He had toured extensively for Confederation also to organize CG Employees.

His help to our Postal Pensioners for getting sanction of huge sum from Health Ministry in Delhi was unforgettable. During my stay in Delhi, we had a very good relationship. He was having a smiling face but when issues hot up he actually turned very much involved in the issues with strong views. An outspoken leader! 

His passing away is saddening us all. It is an irreparable loss to the entire movement. We dip our banner and flag in respect of the departed leader comrade M.S.Raja!

Monday 13 July 2020

Email on CGHS Issues to Health Secretary by AIPRPA CHQ

AIPRPA CHQ Email to Health Secretary & the Response of Health Secretary and other officers

All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association


(Registered No: 83/2015 under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 1975)

Chennai HQ: 2/44, Muthial Chetty Street, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600007

New Delhi HQ: First Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001

No.AIPRPA / CGHS / 2020 /1                                                                                                     Dated 10.07.2020


The Secretary

Health & Family Welfare

Government of India

New Delhi - 110011



Sub: Persisting problems of CGHS and issues emanating in the new atmosphere – regarding

This All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is constrained to send this email to you because of the prime reason that the emails of Director General CGHS and the Director CGHS are bouncing due to the fact that they have been reportedly deactivated.

This All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is aware of the arrangement the Health Secretary is taking for a discussion on CGHS related issues with the Standing Committee of JCM National Council. However, we wish to bring the following persistent as well as some new problems emanating in the new atmosphere to your personal attention for finding remedial action.

1.    CHGS empanelled hospitals are duty bound to treat the patients without any cash demand. But unfortunately the complaint is that many such empanelled hospitals either refuse to do so or drop out of the empanelment for the reason that the medical bills are not reimbursed by the Government for many months. This problem is surfacing frequently and a permanent remedy has to be found by the Government. Smooth transfer of funds to empanelled hospitals towards the claimed bills must be ensured to avoid this problem.


2.    The P&T Pensioners are now allowed in CGHS even though they are residing in non-CGHS centres. As the P&T Pensioners reside all over the country and not only near the CGHS centres, their treatment facility is very less despite joining CGHS. We plead that at least one important hospital in every district headquarters or in every district shall be empanelled in the list by amending the existing rule that empanelled hospitals are allowed only in CGHS centres.


3.    We welcome the order of the Government for directly getting treated from empanelled hospitals instead of going to CGHS Wellness centres first. However, it will be appreciated highly if it is ordered for any kind of treatment in addition to covid-19 directly from empanelled hospitals.


4.    The Postal Dispensaries converted into CGHS dispensaries are facing many problems. The major problems are lack of medical and para medical staff and lack of adequate supply of essential medicines etc. We request special attention to improve the converted dispensaries recently.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



General Secretary

Dr. G.D. Paliya

3:07 PM (4 hours ago)
to DRme
Please look into the matter.

From: "Sanjay Jain" <>
To: "Dr. G.D. Paliya" <>
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2020 2:30:27 PM
Subject: Fwd: CGHS Issues

From: "Smt. Arti Ahuja" <>
To: "alok saxena" <>, "Sanjay Jain" <>
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2020 12:52:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: CGHS Issues

For n/a please.

Ms. Arti Ahuja
Additional Secretary
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Government of India,
Room No. 254-A, Nirman Bhawan,
New Delhi - 110 011
Tele: +91-11-23061066, Telefax: +91-11-23063809

From: "Ms Preeti Sudan" <>
To: "Smt. Arti Ahuja" <>
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2020 11:02:17 AM
Subject: Fwd: CGHS Issues

For n/a.


Preeti Sudan
Secretary (Health & Family Welfare)
Tel: +91-11-23061863, 23063221

To: "Ms Preeti Sudan" <>
Sent: Saturday, July 11, 2020 7:18:24 PM
Subject: CGHS Issues