Friday 27 November 2020

No need to submit Induction Certificate!

 A Victory to our Struggle!

AIPRPA CHQ gave a call for just three issues. On 03.11.2020 Postal Pensioners braved the pandemic and demonstrated. They submitted a memorandum also to Secretary (P). The CHQ followed it up with a letter email to Secretary on 12.11.2020 (letter printed in November issue of PP). 

We are thankful to the Secretary (P) for immediate consideration of the justness of the demand of grant of TBOP/BCR without insisting for production of Induction Training Certificate by Pensioners / Family Pensioners. It is ordered now that on submission of an undertaking by the Pensioner  that he had undergone induction training prior to 1.1.1986, the benefit of 75 days should be given for advancing the TBOP/BCR. Production of copy of certificate will be insisted only in cases where the number of 75 days training is disputed by the Pensioner. 

Now, all direct entry in cadre of PA/SA Pensioners who were earlier denied the benefit will be automatically given the benefit. 

This is indeed a victory to our struggle that had taken the issue to the notice of the Secretary! We ate hopeful that the other two contentious issues also processed with the same speed by the Secretary! - KR GS AIPRPA

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