Friday 7 July 2017

Comrade D.Gnaniah legendary leader passes away!

Nonagenarian leader of P&T Employees D.Gnaniah Red Salutes!
Comrade D.Gnaniah seated in the centre flanked by Comrdade AGP Patron Tamilnadu AIPRPA and KR GS AIPRPA at the 2nd State Conference of AIPRPA Tamilnadu State at Coimbatore.
The senior most leader of P&T Employees movement as on date amongst us Comrade D.Gnaniah has passed away this day morning at about 4.30 A.M. He was one of our legendary leaders of P&T Movement and CG Employees movement. He was 96 years old and 97 running as on date. He was the only surviving leaders of NFPTE formation time of 1954 and with breathing his last, the void is complete. He was the Secretary General of NFPTE during the historic time of 1968 CG Employees Strike; He was the leader who signed as the Staff Side Secretary of P&T Departmental Council in the famous Productivity Linked Bonus to P&T Employees on the face of a strike threat given out by NFPTE. He was a leader well proficiency and ease with HIndi language in addition to English and Tamil and used to make forceful Hindi speeches in North India and National Conventions. A Revolutionary throughout his life and he had visited several Socialist Countries in his life time. A famous writer who had written several books on 'Socialist' ideals. A militant leader who had led several strikes of P&T employees. A leader remembered by all the past and present leaders of P&T trade union movement and CG Employees movement. He joined as a member of AIPRPA (All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association) when the team of AIPRPA leaders led by its General Secretaru visited on him in his house at Coimbatore two years back.He graced the 2nd State Conference of AIPRPA held at Coimbatore despite his advanced age and physical condition. His presence and inspiring speech at the above conference at his age of 95 enthused one and all present in the Conference. He was admitted in hospital and remained in treatment for four or five days before he succumbed to nature today morning at 4.30 A.M. His departure is an irreparable loss to the P&T movement and CG Employees movement and Pensioners Movement and in one sentence to the entire working class movement of India. The funeral of the legendary leader is likely to be around the afternoon of tomorrow (9.7.2017) at Coimbatore after the arrival of his daughter from USA. The further details of funeral can be ascertained from our Coimbatore AIPRPA leaders Comrades D.Sivaraj and S.Karunanidhi (9486616236 & 9443914456). The photograph shows Comrade D.Gnaniah seated next to our Patron of Tamilnadu AIPRPA Comrade AGP on his left and K.R GS of AIPRPA on his right while Comrade Gnaniah graced the 2nd Conference of State AIPRPA. The AIPRPA CHQ dips its banner in honour and memory of the great leader Comrade D.Gnaniah! 

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