Thursday 20 July 2017

Any P&T Pensioner can join CGHS hereafter!


ALL Postal Pensioners Can join CGHS without Discrimination

Government Orders Relead Yesterday on 19.07.2017

The AIPRPA has been striving hard to end the decades old discrimination against P&T Pensioners on the issue of permitting non-CGHS Pensioners into CGHS. The issue had been taken to 7th CPC in a common memorandum as well as raised in the discussions with the CPC.
The Pay Commission had given out favourable recommendations and according to Director CGHS the issue was receiving serious consideration in the concerned Departments of Government.
Now, citing the Kerala Court judgment, the Central Government through an order of Health Ministry dated 19.07.2017 taken back the objections of the Central Health Ministry Circulars prohibiting the P&T PEnsioners from joining CGHS if they were not members of CGHS while in service.

With the present orders the problem of entering CGHS is sorted out to all Pensioners of Postal Department. Without any conditions, any desiring Pensioner can join CGHS by paying respective CGHS contributions.

This is a milestone achievement for us. 


The copy of the Health Ministry Orders hereunder:

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