Sunday 30 July 2023

GS P4 NFPE Superannuation Today! Greetings!

 Comrade Mohanty Retiring today from Service!

An illustrious career of General Secretary P4 is coming to an end through his superannuation. As per the famous say, all good things in life has to end some day. But his career will be always remembered for the historic task of standing with GDS masses in their indefinite strike. Comrade Mohanty's career will be remembered for the OM of upgrading the Postman scale from 1.1.1996 notionally but payment of heavy arrears to all during his time. His career will be remembered for highlighting all sectional issues and also all common issues. Ofcourse, NFPE and P3 will also prove that they are made up of iron to bear any heavy wind with his full support. Trust after his superannuation today, his guidance to P4 will be there. Also trust that Comrade Mohanty's association with AIPRPA and NCCPA will immensely strengthen the pensioners movement. Happy retirement life and continued public life comrade D.B.Mohanty! - KR CHQ President AIPRPA

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