Sunday 10 April 2016

As against nonperforming assets and black money!

News: Empowered Committee of Secretaries is considering to recommend a scheme to deposit 50% of arrears of 7th CPC  in Govt.Bonds by higher Officers:

We have no issue as far as any such schemes are limited to higher ranking officers that too only on willing officials. But see the irony! It is the Government Officials who are to  shoulder financial burden of nationalised banks that have recklessly loaned to people like kingfisher bikini calendar owner Vijay Mallya and accumulated nonperforming assets (shameful it is called still an asset instead of huge liability!). Why not an Act in Parliament to declare such corporates as guilty and anti-national (instead of charging students like kanaiah) and arrest them under non-bailable sections to initiate recovery of more than 3 trillion crores?

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