Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Model Membership Form

Membership Form for Enrolment

Dear Comrades / Friends,

The specimen Membership Form is placed hereunder. All are requested to download the same and use for enrolling membership in our All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association.
In Chennai it has been decided to fix annual membership from April to March of every year Rs.240/- with the understanding that the CHQ and State Association will get the quota of 50/- each and the balance 140/- will be retained by the District or Divisional Association as the case may be. This will be finally decided through our bye-law to be approved in our All India Special Conference in February 2014; Meanwhile you are at liberty to decide at your State level about the quantum of membership subscription per year.
The full list of All India Steering Committee of our Association will be placed in our website in a day or two, so that all comrades can contact the respective State Representative and plan for building the Association in their branches and States.

Comradely Yours
General Convenor

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