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T.K.Rangarajan M.P inaugurating the AIC 

NFPE Secretary General M.Krishnan special address 

A Section of delegates in the AIC

Leaders and Retired top officers of DoP on Dais

Chief PMG TN Circle T.Murthy and Leaders on the Dais
S.K.Vyas NCCPA Secretary General 

Dr.U.Srinivasaraghavan former Chairman Postal Board 

Chief Postmaster General Tamilnadu T.Murthy greeting the AIC

Full view of the Dais

Former Chief PMG TN Circle S.Brahmanandam addressing

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PRP/2/1                                                                                                                            Dated 21st July, 2014
All CHQ Office Bearers &
Central Managing Committee Members

Successful 1st AGM & Foundation AIC
The foundation All India Conference as well as the 1st Annual General Body Meeting of AIPRPA that was held under the Chairmanship of Comrade D.K.Rahate, the Chairman of the All India Steering Committee is a thundering success. The AIC was held in Nathan Mahal Vellore (TN) that was named as Babu Tarapada Mukharjee Nagar. The entrance of the Conference Hall was named as Comrade A.Piramanathan entrance and the Conference hall was named as Comrade C.S.Panchapakesan Arangam. More than 400 Delegates and more than 500 Visitors representing different States across the nation from the Himachal Pradesh to the host state Tamilnadu declared the emergence of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association as a monolithic all India organisation of Postal Pensioners.

The AGM / AIC commenced with the hoisting of our National Flag by the veteran senior most leader Comrade A.G.Pasupathy; AIPRPA Flag by the All India Chairman Comrade D.K.Rahate; and the NCCPA flag by Comrade S.K.Vyas Secretary General NCCPA amidst slogans renting the air.

The session was started with folk songs by Saroj Cultural Group organised by AIIEA of Vellore. All leaders were invited on the dais by the General Convenor. A warm welcome address was delivered by the Chairman of the Reception Committee Shri. G.V.Selvam (Vice President VIT (University). Com.T.K.Rangarajan Member of Parliament inaugurated the AIC with his punctuating speech. Dr.U.Srinivasaraghavan (former DG DoP); Shri.T.Murthy (Chief PMG TN Circle); Shri.S.Brahmanandam (former Chief PMG TN Circle); Com.S.K.Vyas (Secretary General NCCPA); K.G.Jayaraj (General Secretary All India BSNL-DOT Pensioners Association); and Com.N.L.Sridharan President of Tamilnadu State Government Pensioners addressed the inaugural session in that order. Com.M.Krishnan (SG NFPE); Com.C.C.Pillai (Ex-SG NFPE); Com.K.V.Sridharan (Ex-GS P3 NFPE); Com.R.Chandraprakash (Ex-CHQ President BPEA Group ‘C’); Com.T.Jagadeesan (General Secretary TNEB Retired Pensioners Welfare Association); Com.A.Sundaram (General Secretary TN COC of Central, State Govt & Public Sector Pensioners Organisations); and Com.T.Narasimhan (Vice Chairman AIPRPA) have graced the dais at the time of inaugural session but delivered their special address during the subsequent subjects committee sessions on 19th A/N and 20th F/N.

Subjects Committee session of the AIC

The subjects committee was held on the afternoon of the 19th and on the forenoon of the 20th July, 2014. The Report on the activities of All India Steering Committee and the Audited accounts for the period from the inception of the Steering Committee to the eve of the AIC were placed by Comrade K.Ragavendran General Convenor for the consideration of the house. Both the Report and the Accounts were unanimously adopted with some amendments to the Report.

The AIC was attended by delegates from 14 States viz., Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttarpradesh, Assam, North East, Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Telengana, Andhra and Tamilnadu. Delegates from Madhyapradesh were unfortunately unable to reach the AIC due to unexpected accident to Com.Kanak Delegate at Gudur Railway Station necessitating his urgent hospitalization at Nellore Govt Hospital. The comrade was later declared out of danger and discharged after three days hospitalization.

Many Delegates including the Members of the All India Steering Committee and State General Secretaries participated in the debate on the Report of the General Secretary and on organisational review. Delegates during the course of the debate wanted several amendments and modifications to be made to the draft bylaw of APRPA. The Chairman provided time for proposing any amendment to the Report, Bylaw as well as to seek clarifications on the Accounts etc. Accordingly many amendments were proposed in writing by delegates. This showed the involvement of the delegates in the process of shaping the AIPRPA organisation.

Com.K.Ragavendran General Convenor summed up the debate by answering some questions raised by delegates during the debate. After his summing up the Report and the Accounts were adopted by the house with some amendments accepted by the CHQ in the Report.

The General Convenor explained about various amendments received to the draft bylaw explained the amendments accepted as well as the rationale for not accepting certain other amendments. Finally the draft bylaw was placed before the house by the Chairman with the agreed amendments and the same was unanimously adopted by the subjects committee.  

The AIC decided to invite suggestions from all comrades about the name of the monthly journal for the CHQ and to create a unique logo to the AIPRPA organisation. All such suggestions received by the CHQ will be placed for discussion in the next session of CMC (Central Managing Committee) to take appropriate decision.

Special Address by Com.M.Krishnan SG NFPE

An important highlight of the AIC was the special address by Comrade M.Krishnan (SG Confederation) in the Seminar on New Pension Scheme and its impact. He elaborately covered the subject and also on the various organisational issues confronting the AIPRPA as well as on the need to overcome them to build a strong organisation for AIPRPA. He declared that the building of the AIPRPA will be given total support by the NFPE and its affiliated unions and associations at all levels.

Election of Office Bearers to CHQ

The  AIC has elected Comrades C.C.Pillai (Ex-SG NFPE) and K.V.Sridharan (Ex- GS P3 NFPE) as Advisors and the following Comrades as the office bearers of the CHQ for the ensuing term:

Chairman:                           Com.D.K.Rahate (Maharashtra)
Vice Chairman:                  Com.T.Narasimhan (Telengana)
                                                Com.T.P.Mishra (Uttarpradesh)
                                                Com.G.C.Joshi (Madhyapradesh)
General Secretary:          Com.K.Ragavendran (Tamilnadu)
Deputy General Secy:    Com.Surinderpal (Punjab)
Asst.Gen Secretaries:    Com.N.C.Pillai (Kerala)
                                                Com.R.N.Dhal (Odisha)
                                                Com.S.K.Humayun (Andhra)
Finance Secretary:           Com.Sankarpal Singh (Delhi)
Asst.Finance Secretary: Com.N.D.Sharma (Himachal Pradesh)
Org Gen.Secretaries:      Com.Amaresh Thakur (Bihar)
                                                Com.Y.Nagabhushanam (Andhra)
                                                Com.CH.V.Ramarao (Telengana)
                                                Com.Rajendra Prasad Verma (Delhi)
                                                Com.H.V.Kurup (Kerala)
                                                Com.V.Janakiraman (Karnataka)
                                                Com.Shanmuga Sundar Raja (Tamilnadu)
CMC Members:                                All State General Secretaries are CMC Members.

A Resolution empowering the CMC to co-opt Office Bearers and CMC Members to the CHQ taking into account the expansion of the AIPRPA organisation that demands such co-option was unanimously adopted by the AIC.

Highlights of the AIC

  • Com.T.K.Rangarajan speech underlined the challenge thrown by the Corporates to the survival of pensioners, employees, youth and common people and explained the nature of attack on trade union rights as well as on the social security.

  • NFPE & Confederation Secretary General Comrade M.Krishnan’s seminar special address exposed the hollowness of the claims of the Government towards NPS and emphasised the policy offensive of the Central Government on the employees and pensioners in the name of neo-liberalism.

  • Com.S.K.Vyas NCCPA Secretary General highlighted all important issues raised in the Common Memorandum submitted to the 7th CPC like Parity between the past and present pensioners; Minimum Pension not less than the minimum of the scale in Government services; Starting pension @ 67% instead of 50% of last pay drawn; Rationalisation of Additional Pension; Full Medicare facilities to all pensioners without discrimination and issue of Smart Card to all Pensioners for cashless and hassle less medical treatment in Government and Government Aided Private Hospitals etc.

  • Com.K.G.Jayaraj AI BDPA General Secretary touched many important issues before the Pay Commission and emphasised the need to unify all pensioners’ organisations to defend the Social Security of pensioners.

  • Dr.U.Srinivasaraghavan former Secretary to Government India gave several ideas including for advising the retiring people to undergo thorough medical chekup before retirement as well as to counsel them about financial management and health.

  • Shri.T.Murthy Chief PMG Tamilnadu Circle explained about the changes taking place in the Department of Posts.

  • Shri.S.Brahmanandam former Chief PMG spoke on the need for full medical facility after retiremet and advised that all retiring employees should be guided two years before and criticised the delay in payment of DA for pensioners.

  • Speeches of all other leaders in the Conference viz., Comrades C.C.Pillai, K.V.Sridharan, T.Narasimhan, and R.Chandraprakash were very much educative and their speeches have enthused the delegates.

  • Leaders of various Pensioners Organisations in Tamilnadu viz., Comrades N.L.Sridharan (TN Govt Pensioners Association), T.Jagadeesan (Electricity Board Pensioners Association) and A.Sundaram (COC of all Pensioners Organisations) highlighted the movement being built up jointly by all in the state and expressed such a unity to be built up at all India level.

  • The Report of the General Secretary on behalf of the Steering Committee in addition to dealing with the issues of general nature and postal specific nature placed before the Pay Commission, laid the path to build a strong postal pensioners movement as well as the united movement of all CG Pensioners organisations on the one hand and the entirety of Pensioners belonging to Central, State Government, Public Sector organisations. The Report also pointed out the emerging united movement of Pensioners internationally.

  • The AIC adopted a bylaw for the smooth functioning of the AIPRPA.

  • Various resolutions on pensioner’s issues and a Policy & Programme resolution were unanimously adopted.

  • Office bearers were unanimously elected to lead the organisation and to take all efforts to build the organisation at all India level.

  • The participation by retired senior officers of the Postal Department like the former DG Posts Dr.U.Srinivasaraghavan and the retired Chief Postmaster General Tamilnadu Circle Shri.S.Brahmanandam and their speeches with involvement on the pensioners’ issues received appreciation from all sections.

  • The participation by the Chief Postmaster General of Tamilnadu Circle Shri.T.Murthy and his valuable address on current developing road map of Postal Department was educative to all.

Some important Resolutions adopted in AIC
1.       On Policy & Programme of AIPRPA
2.       On scrapping of NPS and PFRDA
3.       On endorsing the stand taken by all Pensioners Organisations in the common memorandum before the 7th Pay Commission on all basic issues of Pensioners.
4.       On improvement of CGHS scheme and extension of the CGHS to all without discrimination in the country especially to Postal Pensioners living at any place irrespective of the fact as to whether they were beneficiaries of CGHS while in service or not.
5.       Grant of Festival bonus and Festival Advance to Pensioners.
6.       Implementation of Jodhpur CAT judgment on MACP to promotee employees to all similarly placed including the eligible  retired employees
Role of the Reception Committee
The Reception Committee to 1st AIC had played a spectacular role in organising the AIC in a befitting manner. All appreciations to the entire members of the Reception Committee headed by Honourable Vice President of VIT University Shri.G.V.Selvam who gladly accepted to be the Chairman of the Reception Committee and extended solid support to the conduct of AIC at Vellore. The General Secretary of the Reception Committee Comrade S.Santhanaraman who is also the District Secretary of AIPRPA Vellore District boldly undertook the responsibility to host the AIC and accomplished with his sheer hard work and dedication. If we are not mentioning the names of each and every comrade whether he or she belongs to AIPRPA Vellore or from any Sister Pensioners Organisations or Service Unions and Associations belonging to different departments of Central, State Government or PSU organisations, it is  purely for lack of space in our circular only. All played their due role in achieving the success of the AIC and the newly elected CHQ salutes all those comrades and thanks them immensely for their physical as well as liberal financial contributions.  The CHQ as well as the Reception Committee thanks from the hearts the fullest cooperation extended by various district organisations of AIPRPA in Tamilnadu who stood up to the task of holding the AIC and taking up the task as seriously as if they themselves are hoisting the conference in their district and mobilised both funds and participation by pensioners in the AIC.  The CHQ and Reception Committee thanks immensely the support extended by the Comrades of Kerala, Uttarpradesh, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh and Andhra through donations and advertisements to the souvenir. The success is due to the collective sharing of responsibility at the call of the All India Steering Committee.
Future Task
Now that we have completed the democratic formalities of formation of our All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association by holding our AIC successfully and a team of CHQ Office Bearers is in place, it is time to concentrate the huge task of building our AIPRPA in all Districts and States. It is once again to be reiterated that we are not rivals to any of the existing Pensioners Organisations but a cementing force of all Pensioners Organisations while building our strong Postal & RMS Pensioners Association to approach and organize nearly two lakhs of unorganised Postal Pensioners in the country. The unity is paramount because it is the only defence we could have to protect the social security including pension in the neo-liberal economy. The unity of Postal & RMS Pensioners as a monolithic organisation with strength is also essential in the background that it is mainly because of our weakness that the Postal Pensioners are discriminated by the Central Government on some important issues like medical treatment etc. Let us emerge as one of the strong organisations of Pensioners in the country through our systematic and dedicated work amongst the postal pensioners in the days to come. The CHQ appeals to one and all to come forward and engage in the gigantic task of building our All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association.
With Greetings,
Comradely Yours,
General Secretary

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