Monday, 19 October 2015

Delegates and Visitors to NCCPA AIC finalised by the CHQ AGM in New Delhi

6-7, November, 2015

List of Delegates and Visitors from AIPRPA finalized
by the AGM of AIPRPA CHQ

20 Delegates to NCCPA AIC at Kolkata as elected at the AGM of AIPRPA CHQ
The following 20 Delegates were elected unanimously in the AGM of AIPRPA CHQ held at 15th and 16th of October, 2015 in New Delhi to represent AIPRPA in the AIC of NCCPA to be held at Kolkata  on 6th and 7th of November, 2015:

  1. Com.D.K.Rahate – CHQ President
  2. Y.Nagabhushanam – Andhra State General Secretary
  3. CH.Ramarao – Telengana State President
  4. M.Kannaiyan – Tamilnadu State President
  5. S.Santhanaraman – Tamilnadu State Treasurer
  6. Shanmugha Sundara Raj – CHQ Organising Secretary
  7. C.P.Shobhana – Kerala (
  8. N.C.Pillai – CHQ Vice President
  9. R.N.Dhal – Odisha State General Secretary
  10. Sankarpal Singh – CHQ Treasurer
  11. Rajinder Prasad Verma – Delhi State President
  12. Deepchand – Delhi State General Secretary
  13. B.M.Sunda – CHQ Assistant General Secretary
  14. T.P.Mishra – U.P State General Convener
  15. B.Veerannashetty – Karnataka (AIPRPA Raichur)
  16. Ghedam – Maharashtra Officiating State GS
  17. N.D.Sharma – H.P State General Secretary
  18. Ganak – M.P State General Secretary
  19. Janarthan Debnath – Tripura State General Convener
  20. Nawal Kishore – Jharkhand (Jamshedpur AIPRPA)

In addition to the 20 Delegates, we are requested to keep the number of visitors within 20 so that a total of 20 Delegates + 20 Visitors viz., 40 representatives from AIPRPA can participate in the AIC. The Visitors are apportioned as follows by the AGM:

  1. Delhi State – 1
  2. Tamilnadu – 5
  3. Andhra – 2
  4. Telengana – 1
  5. Odisha – 1
  6. Karnataka – 1
  7. Maharashtra – 1
  8. U.P State – 4
  9. Jharkhand – 2
  10. Rajasthan – 1
  11. Chhattisgarh – 1

As the total number of participants from AIPRPA has been fixed by the NCCPA CHQ taking into consideration of the arrangements made for accommodating delegates in Kolkata by the Reception Committee, the AGM has decided to restrict the number within 40.

Therefore if any of the elected Delegate or allotted visitors are not in a position to attend the AIC of NCCPA in Kolkata, respective comrades are requested to immediately inform the CHQ to replace with alternative comrade as Delegate or Visitor. Therefore the Delegates are requested to immediately reserve to and fro journey to Kolkata and inform the General Secretary to confirm the attendance. The State General Secretaries or State Conveners are requested to finalize the names of the Visitors within the number earmarked by the AGM and confirm the situation immediately to the General Secretary.

Cooperation is expected from all States and CHQ Office Bearers.

General Secretary

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