Tuesday 31 March 2020

Fight against Corona!

Let us liberally donate to Government to fight Corona

CHQ donating 25000/- to Prime Minister's appeal!

The spread of Corona has already threatened our life and economy. The Central and State Governments as well as the Warriors against Corona are fighting the war. Appeals have been given by the Honourable Prime Minister and many Chief Ministers. Some States have expressed fear about their financial condition.

It is our duty to respond to the call. We have a basic responsibility to the society. When the nation is waging a war for our survival, we the senior citizens cannot remain mute spectators.

AIPRPA CHQ is calling upon all our organisational leaders and State/District Associations to organize effective 'online' remittances to the Government Funds. Without disturbing the lock down instructions we have to act. So the best method will be to online transfer the donations by members and District/State Associations. The CHQ will donate to Prime Minister Fund in pmcares@sbi and the State/Districts/Divisions/Members either to PM Fund to respective State Chief Ministers Relief Funds.

CHQ will contribute a sum of Rupees 25,000 to pmcares@sbi in response to the call by Prime Minister. This transfer will be done by CHQ Treasurer from Delhi from the CHQ funds.

All States and Districts are called upon to organize donations accordingly. They may call the members to directly online transfer their donations also if the technology is known to members. If they decide, they can decide their methods. But every State and District / Divisions should play their due role in this time of national and international crisis.

Our donations are part of our share of fight against corona along with Governments.

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