Thursday, 30 April 2020


May Day – 2020

AIPRPA expresses its revolutionary greetings to all on this revolutionary May Day of 2020. The world is gripped by the dangerous corona and we are all involved in the survival struggle. The economies of almost all countries are under serious crisis. It is assessed that it may take many months for returning to economic stability. The crisis has forced us to continuous lock outs and shut down of all economic activity.
But we look around that the Government of India is busy in extending marginal benefits only so far to the weaker sections of our society. But the tip of the iceberg shows that offers to the affluent corporate houses which had been enjoying larger share of the cake by way of heavy tax concessions in budget after budget will be extended with heavy bailout packages much more than what had been offered to crores of toiling sections. The Government will gag the mouth of workers by forcing them to work for longer working hours instead of implementing the 8 hour per day work as symbolized by the May Day. Several lakhs of migrant workers who have no permanent roof but working for longer hours in almost all States will be exploited to the hilt but there will be no regularization of their labour. Already there are indications that their meager wages will be reduced on par with MNRGEA level! In short almost all the big houses will try to throw the burden on to the shoulders of the workers and people and escape unscathed. Even the CG Workers and Pensioners are not spared; heavy economic burden has been inflicted on them by way of 18 months DA/DR cut!
The future is very hard for us. On one side the attacks on us will be mounted in the name of Corona and economic crisis. The existing trade union rights and labour welfare measures will be confiscated. In addition several democratic rights of people may be trampled under the foot in the name of saving the economy. The work hours will be increased. The salary will be reduced. The job loss will be thrust. But the Corporate Houses will only be marginally affected or totally out of any scratch due to bailout packages extended bt the Government. Already big organizations of Corporates like FICCI and CII have placed demands for bail outs for millions! It will be a real surprise if the Government not yields to the organizations of Corporates!
But let us not undermine our strength of unity. Only through the unity and dogged battles we the working class and Pensioners class can save the day. Let us pledge on this year May Day that we shall not lower our guard but remain vigilant and fight to preserve our interests in the near future.

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