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PRESIDENT:                COM.SHIV GOPAL MISHRA.(97176 47594)

SECRETARY GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 48303)

Dated:22ND February, 2022.

Dear Comrades,

In order to strengthen the campaign programme for the preparation of the ensuing general strike slated for 28th and 29th March, 2022, the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers met in their National Sectt. meeting on 20th inst.  The meeting inter alia decided to mount campaign both physically and on virtual platform and associate with the affiliates and units of NCCPA. Comrades, you will recall that in our last National Sectt meeting one of the decisions we had taken was to organise a National Webinar on the strike issues. The Confederation has similar decision and they will fix the date convenient to all of us.  The webinar will present three issues before the participants:

1.       General demands and issues of the workers; and the reason as to why the strike had to be deferred to 28th and 29th March, 2022.

2.       The Central Government Employees Demands;

3.       The New Pension scheme and the issues and demands of the Pensioners as formulated by the NCCPA

On hearing from the Confederation about the arrangements made to broadcast the webinar, we shall get in touch with experts as to how to simultaneously reach out to our members.  It is decided, that while participation of minimum 5000 employees and 1000 pensioners must be ensured by the respective organisations,  they must embark upon a venture to exceed the minimum.  In the annexure to this letter we have made an allocation state-wise.  The affiliates will get in touch with their state units and request that the members are linked in to the webinar.  The COCs and CGPAs will also take care to ensure that as many number of pensioners participate in this webinar. 28th and 29th are Monday and Tuesday.  As per our earlier decision, we must organise a dharma programme prior to the strike.  Since the preceding two days are holidays, the proposed dharna must be organised on 25th March, 2022. (Friday). In between the National webinar, the affiliates and State Units might organise webinars especially using the vernacular medium to convey the strike message to as many number of members as possible.  The Pensioners organisations representing the Bank retirees will organise the dharna in front of any bank as they decide.  They might also get in touch with the Bank employees Associations and extend solidarity and support to the strike action.  Similarly, the pensioners of the autonomous bodies may either choose to be with the CG pensioners or organise dharna in front of any of the autonomous organisation of the Govt. of India. So may be the case with the members of AIBDPA

We are hopeful that our members will remember the endeavour chalked out by the TUI (P &R) of the WFTU of the need to align our activities with the working class.  In India, as you are aware, the joint platform of Central Trade Unions barring the BJP led BMS is spearheading the struggle against the neo- liberal policies, the intensification of which peaked during the present regime.  Not only the standard of living of the working class has fallen considerably, the entirety of the common people suffers from its pernicious impact.  The Oxfam report (India supplement), which was released recently tells the sordid story of the Indian people that has come about in the last 6-7 years.  The number of people who were driven to below the poverty line, (despite the engineering done by the Government in computing the poverty) had been huge.  The Corporates had been the biggest beneficiaries of the dispensation of this Government.  Not only they received tax concessions, they could also enjoy the largest chunk of bail out packages doled out by the Government to combat the covid related recession.  Nothing was done to increase the purchasing power of the common people, which was the most important intervention expected of from a government, who is concerned of the misery of the people in pandemic period.  The denial of dearness relief to the Pensioners for 18 months is a fitting example as to how the policy perceptions of the Government works even on retired personnel.  The pensioners and retirees suffered most during the covid period due to their propensity to be affected by the virus infection; but nothing was done to help them out.  But for the intervention of the people and courts in the country, the vaccination would have also been a marketing commodity available only for those who can afford.  In a democracy public opinion matters and galvanising that in the right direction is the responsibility of the middle class who are benefited by the education they have received.  Apart from this, our country is fast emerging as one of the most intolerant society in the world The way in which the government abets, engineers and helps those who indulge in disruption of the social fabric is unprecedented.  Since such actions in the past have given them rich electoral dividends, they continue with it merrily at the cost of the working people.  In the situation in which we are placed, the need for an intensive and effective campaign need not be emphasised.  I, therefore, appeal to all of you to do everything possible to campaign amongst the people, make the workers and retirees realise the need for struggle and make the general strike action slated for 28th and 29th March a grand success. 

In a few days time, we will prepare a pamphlet explaining the demands, we have agreed upon in our last meeting. 

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


KKN Kutty

Secretary General

Annexure : Allocation amongst state for participation in the National webinar.

Kerala.                                             100                      MP                      40

Tamilnadu                                      100                      Jharkhand              10                       

Karnataka                                       50                        Chattisgarh        10

AP &Telengana                .             50                        Vidharba              20

Maharashtra.                                 50                        Pune                   10

Gujarat                              ...           25

Punjab.                             .             25

Haryana.                           .             20

Rajasthan                                        60

Delhi.                                               60

UP                                                     50

Uttarakand.&HP                            35

Bihar                                                50

W Bengal                                        150

Odissa                                             40

Assam                                              60

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