Thursday 12 October 2023

NCCPA total solidarity to Confederation & AISGEF

 Confederation & AISGEF joint rally in Ramlila Grounds on 03.11.2023!

NCCPA solidarity!

Confederation of CG Employees and Workers & All India State Government Employees Federation are jointly holding a massive rally in Delhi Ramlila Grounds on 03.11.2023. The rally is called to demand abrogation of NPS as well as for other important demands. NCCPA extends total solidarity and calls upon its affiliates to join the rally on 3.11.2023, especially from Delhi and all surrounding States. 

The rally is in continuation of AIDEF, NCCPA, JFROPS (NJCA), National movement for OPS rallies in Delhi and reverting back to OPS by several State Governments. The struggle against NPS is gaining momentum! - KR SG NCCPA

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