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Odisha State Steering Committee formation of AIPRPA complete on 28.12.2013

ON 28.12.2013
A well-attended meeting of Pensioners from Postal and RMS of various divisions in Odisha State was organised by the All India Steering Committee Member Comrade S.C.Dash at Cuttack City on 28.12.2013. The meeting organised in the hall named after Comrade S.N.Sircar Memorial in the AIIEA Union Office  was presided over by the senior most leader Comrade Banshidhar Mohanty. The NFPE Circle Leaders Comrade R.N.Dhal [R3 Circle Secretary]; R.C.Mishra [P3 Circle Secretary];  H.K.Mohanty [R4 Circle Secretary] and Nirmal Ch.Singh [GDS-NFPE] directly aided the formation of AIPRPA Odisha State through their participation and guidance. Circle Secretary P4 could not directly come due to his preoccupations with the Silver Jubilee AIC of P4 Union.
The meeting was inaugurated by Comrade K.Ragavendran General Convenor AIPRPA [CHQ]. Comrade S.Ragupathy [Assistant Secretary General NFPE]; P.Panduranga Rao [General Secretary AIPEU GDS[NFPE]; Niranjan Rout [former Circle Secretary P3]; R.N.Mallik [Leader of All Odisha LIC Pensioners Association]; B.B.Das [former Circle Secretary P4]; K.B.Rath [Retired DDM-PLI and former Circle Secretary of Officers Association]; R.N.Dhal [AGS & Circle Secretary R3]; and R.C.Mishra [Vice President & Circle Secretary P3] addressed the meeting.
A State Steering Committee has been constituted with the following Comrades:
Patron:            Com. Banshidhar Mohanty – Cuttack [former Circle Secretary R3 & R4]
Chairman:    Com. Niranjan Rout – Balasore [former Circle Secretary P3]
Vice Chairman: 1) Com. K.B.Rath – Ret-DDM PLI & Ex- Circle Secretary, Officers Association.
                                         2) Com. B.B.Das – Cuttack [former Circle Secretary P4]
State Convenor: Com. S.C.Dash  – Bhubaneswar [former Circle President R3]
Members of the State Steering Committee:
1.      Dayanidhi Sahoo – Cuttack
2.      Susanta Kumar Behera – Cuttack
3.      B.K.Pati – Rourkela
4.      Bira Kishore Das – Salipur
5.      B.C.Samantara – Berhampur
6.      Gopal Ch. Samantaray – Puri
7.      B.K.Jena – Cuttack
8.      B.K.Pradhan – Balasore
9.      B.G.Swain – Cuttack
10.  Balaram Sarangi – Biribati [Jagatsinghpur]
11.  Bidyadhar Patnaik – Nua Bazar [Cuttack- 4]
 The State Steering Committee members will undertake all efforts to constitute Divisional level Steering Committees in all divisions of Postal / RMS in the State and membership enrolment will be done in full swing in order to form Divisional Associations of AIPRPA with elected office-bearers. After the completion of formation of divisional branches, State Conference will be convened for forming a State organisation for the AIPRPA.
The All India Steering Committee of AIPRPA congratulates all comrades who have undertaken the responsibility to build the AIPRPA in Odisha State.
Some photographs of the above meeting are placed hereunder:
Banner of the meeting for constitution of AIPRPA Steering Committee in Odisha State


K.Ragavendran General Convenor inaugurating the formation of Steering Committee meeting

Senior leader Banshidar Mohanty presiding the meeting and other leaders on dais

R.C.Mishra - S.C.Dash - Niranjan Rout from left to right by the side of President B.D.Mohanty

P.Pandurangarao - S.Ragupathy - B.B.Das from right to left with the President

                                                          A View of Dais of the Meeting

A view of members attending the meeting from different divisions

Members in the meeting from various Postal & RMS divisions

Niranjan Rout [Ex-Circle Secretary P3] addressing

R.N.Dhal AGS & Circle Secretary R3 addressing

B.B.Das [Ex-Circle Secretary P4] addressing
Rabi Narayan Mallik GS of LIC Pensioners Association addressing

S.Ragupathy Assistant Secretary General NFPE addressing

K.B.Rath former DDM-PLI & Ex-Circle Secretary Officers Association addressing

P.Pandurangarao General Secretary AIPEU GDS[NFPE] addressing

R.C.Mishra CHQ Vice President & Circle Secretary P3 addressing

S.C.Dash All India Steering Committee Member & State Convenor AIPRPA Odisha addressing

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