Friday 31 July 2015




The Central Government has ultimately bowed before the verdict of the Apex Court on the matter of fixation of pension for Pre-2006 Pensioners as recommended by the 6th CPC from 1.1.2006. after dilly dallying on this matter for six long years and dragging the pensioners to various courts again and again under different petitions, the orders of the Pension & Pensioners Welfare Ministry has released the orders on 30th July. 

As per this order, those pre-2006 pensioners whose pension fixed as on 1.1.2006 shall be as per the recommendation of the 6th CPC and as ordered originally by the Government on 1.9.2008. viz., not less than 50% of the Pay in the pay band plus appropriate Grade Pay. The interpretation given by the Under Secretaries of Government of India later to change the above contention of Pay in Pay Band into Minimum of the Pay Band only had been quashed by the Principal Bench CAT of Delhi but the Government unnecessarily dragged the matter for six long years in the higher  courts of law. At some point of time during the legal battle, sensing the defeat before the Courts, the Governemnt had issued order to correct its mistake from 24-09-2012 instead of from 1.1.2006. After some time the Government issued orders implementing it from 1.1.2006 only for S-29 Scale Pensioners, and not giving it for other pensioners. Now, ultimately, the justice has prevailed on this matter with the release of the following orders of MOP&PW dated 30th July. However, we can see that the decision of the Supreme Court on another issue viz., grant of the same benefit of full pension for Pre-2006 Pensioners retired with less than 33 years of full qualifying service has not been incorporated in this order, leaving further need of legal battles by the  Pre-2006 Pensioners retired with less than 33 years of service. Battle is not yet over for the Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service.

The latest orders are reproduced here:

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