Thursday, 23 July 2015




The entirety of Indian Working Class under the united banner of All Central Trade Unions as well as the independent Federations and Trade Unions of Central Government including the Confederation of CG Employees and Postal Federations of NFPE and FNPO, Public Sector Trade Unions like the Banks, Insurance, BSNL etc as well as the State Government Employees are launching an all India Strike on 2nd September, 2015.

This Strike is against the neo-liberal policies pursued vigorously by the Modi led Central Government to the total detriment of workers and employees. Public Sector institutions are being dismantled. Railways and Defence are being privatised. Postal is being corporatized to lead the way for privatisation. FDI is increased to 49% in Insurance, Banking, Pension Fund etc.  The peasantry is under severe attack through the ordinances to facilitate land grab by the Corporate Houses without any hindrance. Corporates are given a red-carpet welcome in the name of Make In India and to woo the Corporate Houses, the Central Government has aimed to destroy all labour friendly laws including the right to association and collective bargaining.

The Social Security including the Pensionary rights are under serious attack. More than 12 lakhs of new entrants in Central Government Services alone are brought under PFRDA and thus under the ambit of National Pension Scheme controlled by Private Fund Managers. Their social security and pension are under the threat of unknown future. PFRDA further aims to take away the pensionary rights of the employees recruited even earlier to 1.1.2004 and also the existing Pensioners. The neo-liberal policies are attacking and slashing the pension several times in different countries under the austerity measures as in Greece, where the pension was froze at 2009 level without any further increase. The work force in Greece is being axed in tens of thousands as in many other countries. India is not insulated against such dangers as long as the Governments pursue the nefarious neo-liberal policies. The demand of the pensioners of the armed forces for ‘One Rank One Pension’ and the demand of the Civilian Pensioners for a Pension Parity between the past and future pensioners will definitely be a far cry under neo-liberalism.

It is under these circumstances, the entirety of Indian Working Cllass have come together and called for a nationwide one-day strike action on 2nd September, 2015. We, the Pensioners, are part of the common movement against the neo-liberal policies. Therefore pending a final decision of solidarity in the ensuing National Convention of CG Pensioners under the banner of NCCPA to be held at Hyderabad City on 31st July, 2015, the AIPRPA calls for a nationwide mobilisation of Postal and RMS Pensioners at all places in support of the striking working class and the CG Employees. The solidarity can be in the shape of a human chain, or a dharna, or a demonstration, or any other form suitable to local conditions including issue of press releases and pamphlets. Forging hands with other Pensioners Organisations as well as the Confederation and Postal Federations and other organisations of middle class employees will be a step in right direction.

Our AIPRPA leadership at all levels are requested to take necessary initiative to unify all Pensioners Organisations in this direction. The final decision of NCCPA Convention at Hyderabad will guide us more in all our activities towards mobilizing pensioners in solidarity to the striking workers and employees.



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