Saturday 16 July 2016

AIPRPA expands in Madhyapradesh!

AGM of Indore Postal & RMS Pensioners resolve to join AIPRPA!

More than 300 pensioners of Postal & RMS pensioners Association of Indore in their AGM today under the chairmanship of President comrade Lale Prasad Sunhare adopted a resolution to merge with AIPRPA. The association will continue to function as Indore District AIPRPA. The AGM gave a patient hearing to the need for building a stronger all India postal and RMS pensioners association and strengthen NCCPA and problems faced by Postal Pensioners after 6th and 7th CPCs as well as the attitude of the Government as elaborated by K.Ragavendran GS AIPRPA. Comrades G.C.Joshi AGS CHQ and B P Shastri Ganak also addressed. Earlier comrade K.K.Marotkar Secretary of Indore Association presented the Annual Report in the AGM and got it adopted. Many senior pensioners leaders including comrade Shanta Ram Mahadik were on the dais. Comrade Nagjiram Malviy R4 CHQ President and Circle Secretary also graced the dais. Comrade Lekhre leader of AIBDPA Indore attended and garlanded GS AIPRPA.The enthusiasm of the Indore Pensioners to the call of forming into an all India association was high. The AGM honoured many senior members attained the age of 80 and 70. The leadership also gave a warm reception to the GS AIPRPA and other CHQ leaders and State General Convenor. It was evident that Indore will play a vital role in building Madhyapradesh State AIPRPA as well as a stronger All India Organization!
B.P.Ganak State General Convenor

Indore Office Bearers with CHQ leaders

G.C.Joshi Vice President CHQ

K.Ragavendran GS

Shanta Ram Mahadik Convenor of AGM

AGM Participants

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