Sunday, 20 August 2017

National Anomaly Committee

Issues submitted to 

National Anomaly Committee

The following items have been referred to the National Anomaly Committee by the NJCM Staff Side. The time limit to refer anomalies to NAC is fixed as 31.08.2017. Kindly go through the items listed below that covers Pensioners Option Number 1 also. If there are any other anomalies to be taken that may be immediately intimated with details and justification to CHQ by email 

The following important anomalies are placed for discussion in the National Anomaly Committee by the NJCM Staff Side:
1.       Wrong fixation of Minimum Wages and Fitment Factor and revised computation of the same.
2.       Ensuring annual increment @ 3% at all stages.
3.       Removal of condition of 3% stipulated to grant bunching benefit.
4.       Fixation of pay on promotion by ensuring financial benefit.
5.       Removal of Anomaly in Pay Matrix to avoid fixing of same stage for different Grade Pay.
6.       Anomaly due to Index Rationalization and correction by application of same fitment factor of 2.81 for all levels.
7.       Anomaly arising from the decision to reject Option Number 1 in Pension Fixation.
8.       Anomaly of fixing lesser pay in higher level of Pay Matrix.
9.       Anomaly of Bunching of steps in the Revised Pay structure.
10.   Minimum Pension @ 2/3 rd of Minimum Pay.
11.   Date of effect of Allowances w.e.f. 1.1.2016.
12.   Implementation of recommendation of Parity in Pay Scale between Senior Auditor / Senior Accountants of all departments.
13.   Parity in Pay Scales between Assistants / Stenographers in field / subordinate offices and Assistant Section Officer / Stenographers in CSS.
14.   Grant of GP 5400 to Senior Section Officer of Railways & AAOS of IA&AD and organised Accounts.

15.   Parity between Railway and Defence Technical Supervisors.

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