Sunday 30 September 2018


NCCPA Court Case on MACP date of implementation

Individual Representation from eligible Pensioners Required before filing the case

NCCPA Circular on the model Representation is hereunder; All our members are requested to send their individual representation to the respective SSPOs / SSRMs for the benefit of MACP with effect from 1.1.2006: 

National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations
New Delhi
Dear comrades,

As you must have read in our last issue of News Letter, the NCCPA National executive has decided to seek Judicial intervention in the matter of making MACP effective from 1.01.2006. Those who are willing to be participants of the litigation may kindly give the following details to the CHQ. This is needed for the preparation of the attendant and prayer
1.    Name
2.    Date of Birth
3.    Date of entry into Govt Service
4.    Name of the department
5.    Date of Joining the cadre/ Grade from which retired.
6.    Whether MACP is entitled to be awarded and if so the dates from which each promotion was due. Ist, 2nd and 3rd
7.    Date of retirement
8.    Whether MACP benefit was conferred or not and if so how many financial upgradations were given
9.    When was the 3rd MACP due and
10. Whether on 1.01.2006 3rd MACP had become due or not
11. Whether reverting the date of effect of MACP to 1.01.2006 will benefit and if so how: explain briefly

We are appending a petition to be addressed to the Heads of the department from which you retired asking them to act upon the judgement of the Supreme court. Kindly fill the petition immediately with due acknowledgement procedure:






I was recruited to the Department on…….. and joined the office at……. as    ……….(cadre). As per the MACP scheme I am entitled for the financial upgradation 3 times in my service career. I give hereunder the dates on which I should have been conferred  MACP as on those dates I had completed 10, 20 and 30 years of service.

 I also give hereunder the dates on which regular promotions were granted to me.

I solicit your kind attention to the Judgement delivered by the honourable Supreme Court in the case of UOI Vs Shri Balbir Singh dated 08.12.2017. By Virtue of the order in 14(1)/99-D(AG).dated 25.07.2018 the GOI has made it applicable to all Defence personnel. Since MACP is based on the same ratio both for Civilian employees and defence personnel, the said order ought to have covered all similarly placed personnel. By not doing so, the said order of DOPT is discriminating. The honourable Supreme Court Order makes it abundantly clear that the MACP ought to have been effective from 1,1,2006. Accordingly I am entitled for MACP upgradation with effect from
                        1st promotion
                        2nd Promotion
                        3rd promotion

I shall be grateful if the ratio land down by the Supreme Court it made applicable in my case and I am granted the financial benefit from the dates from which I am entitled to be promoted on MACP basis. As I retired from service, on………… pension entitled may also be accordingly revised and the consequent arrears granted to me.
I request you to kindly consider my petition and grant financial upgradation on the following dates and arrears of salary pension.

Thanking you

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